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  1. Hey I'm writing a letter to my boyfriend and I tried to write in korean but I don want to do anything wrong...so I want to ask

    how do I ask if he likes his x-mas gift?

    I kinda have the words but i can't make a good sentence ><

    Oh and also when I write a letter how do I start it? like "dear tom...or dear love"

  2. I put a drop of tear in the ocean last night for you and I won't stop loving you until you find that tear drop.

    - a bit cheesy but cute though

    U might a be just one person in the world, but u r the world to one person which is me!

    - my bf

    U and i are always together, we might not be in distance but we r always together in my heart!

    - my bf

    (donno if he made that up himself or got it from somewhere)

    Thank you

    For making me smile

    For giving me a reason to get up in the morning

    For listening to me

    For correcting me

    For making fun with me

    For laughing with me

    For taking care of me

    For making me cry happy and sad tears

    For being a friend

    For giving me advices

    For letting me be me

    For being crazy with me

    For talking to me

    For worrying about me

    For cheering me up

    For letting me have space for myself

    For complimenting me

    For accepting me

    Thank you for loving me

    - by me

    If presents ever turns to past

    And all we have left are memories

    When "we" becomes "u" and "I" again

    Let's continue keeping all that in our hearts

    and remember it as "Happy times"

    - by me

    This is so cool! I hope I can copie some of the things you posted since I right now fill a notebook for my bf with lots of love poems letters quotes and lyrics! You help me alot ^^

  3. angel mercurius, i LOVE you hair extensionss (=


    Does anyone know how much it costs to get hair extensions done in a salon?

    Also, what does it feel like? Can I still wash my hair o_o?

    Are we allowed to curl extensions?

    it's rather expensive to get extensions in a salon based on how many you need and how much (I just did the neck part 50 extensions in a salon around 270$ here) normaly you need at least 100 to 200 extensions

    It feels heavy xD because you actually add extra weight to your head and it feels strange frist but after 2 days u get used to it.

    sure u can still wash your hair but you shouldn lean over the bathtube and let your hair hang down so just take a shower and wash it that way.

    When you get human hair you can curl/straighten it as you like but extensions need much extra care to keep them soft and shiny

    hope this helps ^^

  4. Do skin whitening products affect your skin in a really bad way beside making it dry?

    because my mother saw me checking out products and made a big deal out of it

    she said I was crazy and we'd have a family talk if she ever finds products in my room or something because they are so bad and she still keeps blablaing about it!

    but all I want is for my skin to be as white as it was before last summer holidays in savannah!

    So how do those products affect your skin?




    wow, this site is really depressing, i mean i must admit i was intrigued to come into the site to see pictures but wow


    it made me realize how much we're into "good looking people" AND they're becoming celebs JUST PLAINLY BASED ON THEIR LOOKS!!!!! WHO KNOWS IF THEY HAVE ANY TALENT!!!!!


    GOSH, we have become so obsessed with beauty and vanity that its so depressing...and the sad thing is i'm part of the ever growing part of the society that is so interested in beautiful people...



    I think the same often too


    but its not that bad as long as you don't get depressed like hell and feel ugly and may also thing bout getting something done you know


    anyway I really enjoy looking at those beautiful ppl it makes me happy somehow



  6. Hi guys ^^. I've been looking through here alot lately, some of you guys have superly nice hair! Mmh i'm thinking about doing highlights but i have no idea what color >_< last time i tried i guess i picked the wrong color cuz i couldn't tell.. And also, could give me some ideas what to do with my bangs.. cuz they're really annoying me. Thanks !!


    for an idea how long my bangs are..

    how about 2 diff. highlights? platin blond (but that would my mess up ya hair cause you know its not healty at all) and some drak brown (not black!) I think that would look great my friend has the same and its just awesome!

    for your bangs just dry em a bit diff I mean put some volume in and (get) make em look like sidebangs maybe

  7. ^

    2nd cut and hilight from the 1st pic i think i would be nice on you

    I need help with my hair too :(

    I messed it up by overcoloring it and now its just messy and ugly not even soft anymore

    bzw. I don look like this all the time Its just after I took a shower and dried it so you see how messy it is!

    i want some cute cute I think (at the moment I thought about getting a cut like lee junki first but I donno how ok I'd be with that)


  8. Wow, lucky you!

    I'm still waiting for confirmation that Hyde will come to Germany this year, too. *sighs*

    I'm really confused is he coming to germany or not? why isn't it clear? :___: if hes coming no matter what I'll go! I'd do everything!

    Do you think the concert would be crowded? I donno are there many laruku/hyde lovers here?

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