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  1. I guess for us non-Korean, we have to learn more about their culture. I just wonder why despite their denial of the rumor, people still do not believe them when in fact, based on different accounts, SYJ had been consistently saying that honesty is important to her. It would be unfair to say that she is lying now (by denying the rumor with HB- twice, even!) And shippers hearts are fragile... some would easily jump off the ship despite there being no concrete evidence that the ship has sunk. Let's still have hope . I just keep on thinking why there was no rumor about our OTP when they hold hands in public appearances in the past, talk animatedly during awards like there were no other people with them... Hmmm.... Well, just my thoughts, though.
  2. I hope Miss Son Ye Jin have the happiest Birthday! Although her agency said she's travelling alone, I hope she has her closest BFFs and loved ones on her birthday. With the rumors that came out, I think she and her agency gave us a precious hint: they deny that rumor at the earliest possible time. While her holding hands in awards with Hae In and him attending her movie after-party (with photo of them very happy with the SITR staff and co-stars) was treated like something that just happens like it's just a normal thing for them. I just want to believe that this ship sails for a reason, right, shippers?
  3. Hi everyone! Been following this thread since it started and I'm totally into this ship Thanks everyone for keeping this thread alive as we wait in anticipation for any tidbids our OTP throws at us. @randomthotz I didn't watch those links yet. But is there indication whether she meant she wants to be married twice but to the same person, right? If so, then she really is soooo in love but then if it wasn't clear, then let it be my delulu of what she meant by those words (pardon me, I don't speak Korean so i heavily rely on those what I read here, so thanks so much to those who give their time in translating you are the best link for us in the international community who are addicted to our Korean stars)
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