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  1. This episode made me think why Kim yoo jung picked up this drama. I am finding it boring now. The storyline richard simmons me. Kim yoo jung could have chosen better script.
  2. Specially the imagination of oh sol doing oppa oppa :D. That's hilarious. I love her expressions. She doesn't seem that she was child actress. No wonder she was chosen favorite of director in her previous drama. Yes as it is comedy, little overboard is okay. Well it is at the point I must say. I agree her choices of roles are jjjang. I don't know from where it comes at such young age. Kudos to the born star. About new roles, even i wish to see her in school drama(hopefully with ji soo) or seaguk(yoo ah in) . I hope she gets paired with lee jong suk. But I think it's not possible as he is going to military. (also i will stop discussing about her in this clean with passion for now drama page :D). But I am looking for more friendship bonds in cleaning fairy teammates than love between lead actors. The story has started engaging. Waiting for 5th episode. Is it just me who thinks there are many BTS when it's yoo jung. Or it's in other drama too but not noticed or highlighted. Maybe it's her happy go lucky personality. Loving BTS too.
  3. Does anyone feel the same? While watching the drama I was completely fixed at kim yoo jung and to my beyond expectation YKS too. I didn't expected him to be good in comedy but yes he is good. The expressions!!!! and kim yoo jung is simply superb. I have watched all 4 episodes almost 5_6 times. Every time I watch her i feel this drama is going to open yoo jung a huge door for adult roles. I feel bit like park shin hye. Like you are beautiful opened park huge to dramaland. I am seeing same for yoo jung. The first time I saw the episode I thought she is giving me jun ji hyun vibes, or like nam ji hyun in suspecious partner. But the more I see it, I get that,no.. Yoo jung has her own vibes. And oh my goodness those eyes. I hope all dramagods, writers, PD are seeing yoo jung role and pull her in for A-list works. Though I know she is still young and much to grow. I wish it happens soon. And at the end. Am I seeing another you are beautiful type bonds. Oh sol and her teammates bond. The friendship between them. I wish story explores it more. Totally into oh sol, germophobic boss and cleaning fairy team..and oh yes. Oh dol is cute too
  4. I hope yoo jung be special guest in one of his fan meet.
  5. Why so beautiful, you girl. You make fall in love with every picture of your
  6. But why? Is it because they were so much highlighted during mdbc? Now nothing?? I didn't hear anyone cheering yoo jung while she was ill.
  7. Is it possible that kim yoo jung has cameo in bo gum's drama encounter ??? Like suzy had in my love from another star??
  8. I wasn't YKS fan nor did I expected him doing character so well. He is doing well. I am liking his character. Both sun kyul and oh sol are ❤️❤️❤️.waiting for there chemistry to start.
  9. Bogum's voice gives me goosebumps. Aah After long time waited for bo gum.
  10. Seriously. Kim yoo jung has transformed really well. I am so loving it. I am really wishing that she should be next park ji eun or kim eun sook actress. Please dramagods cast her with jjang scripts. She is ready to slayyyyyyyyyyyy.
  11. Yeaaaah.. just now saw episode 1 Kim yoo jung is no more child actress now. What a transformation as actress. I wish she could work with park ji eun and kim eun sook in future. Kim yoo jung is totally slaying 0
  12. Hi. Just saw first episode and kim yoo jung is totally slaying. What a transformation as an adult actress. She doesn't seem a child actress now. Totally transformed herself into actor. With this she is going to surely grab many good scripts, directors ahead. I didn't expected much because of cast, as I thought YKS looks elder. But in drama it doesn't seem much as yoo jung doesn't seem child actress anymore.. You go girl!! Kim yoo jung rock it
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