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  1. So...I'm feeling very reinvigorated right now! Closure for our collective heartbreak is within grasp but I'm reading conflicting accounts if the special election is airing tonight or not. Do we have substantiated sources that it will in fact air tonight or is it conjecture gathered from the internet and maybe a modicum of wishful thinking? 

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  2. I am highly grateful that HJE was not cast as Hae Soo, her acting is..too erratic and exuberant to depict the quiet resilience of Hae Soo in later episodes, although I will concede that she would have been suitable for younger and optimistic Hae Soo. 

    IU diminutive stature and the fragile quality to her beauty wonderfully obscured Hae Soo's strength and fortitude. She was the perfect feminine harmony to the surprising but all consuming masculinity that LGK exuded as Wang So. 

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  3. I think it's not too presumptuous to state that it is the throne and the acquisition of power that exacerbates Wang So's darkness. The plight for throne possesses all the characters and when in close proximity, their greed and their deceit or whatever negative trait is amplified. Even Hae Soo, the closer she is to the man who sits on the thrown, the less optimistic and the less resilient she becomes. 

    To sit on that thrown is to be faced with the scars on their souls and psyche; the scars of their sacrifices and conspiracies in order to be worthy of sitting there. It's too much for Hae Soo and evidently So must find his fortitude to endure or Goryeo will flounder. Through Hae Soo's inevitable demise, So will finally be what his father wants; his heart beating for goryeo and not his woman. 

    The moon must past into the darkness so the sun can rise again. 

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  4. Well I think we are unequivocally ending the drama with the reincarnation conclusion, from my perspective the writer is going to use that as catharsis for the tumultuous journey we have endured along side Soo. She is the vechicle of our journey, not So. 

    I'm finding king So to be incongruous with fundamental So characteristics from prior episodes but I suppose its plausibly explained through the burden of his kingship. 

    The healing that LGK talks about is to be interpreted from the ending of the drama and by extension, the ending of characters suffering and our own.

    Perhaps I'm too pessimistic but I'm indignant about the happy ending that was implied and alluded to!  XD 

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  5. Something did not resonate with me in this episode...I was almost insouciant watching the intrigue, the conspiracies and even the love story that usually is so compelling. The editing is disrupting and diverting my emotional investment, the time skip left me ambivalent about the authenticity of WS and HS relationship; it felt too compressed to range so widely from reluctant, budding friendship to romantic love and now another regression with distrust. 

    I will persevere with the drama for IU and LJK as I commend their character depictions and competent acting...I don't know, something's not right...maybe I expect too much...

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  6. Wook encapsulates everything dangerous about a man of perceived morality and the ambitious that lies beneath; he eventually creates his own perception of what is right and wrong, he indulges in his darker thoughts and justifies each one. All this exacerbated by jealousy and the tantalizing prospect of possessing Hae soo and the throne simultaneously, we haven't seen anything yet!

    I'm kinda...anticipating Wook's true self reveal, we're only just encroaching upon who he really is. 

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  7. The reception of Hae Soo seems to have improved this week, the general consensus is evidently more lenient and sympathetic towards her. 

    I'm glad after reading some rather unflattering posts on tumblr about her. The writer made the character more palatable and introduced scenes that conjure sympathy and not just empathy. 

    It was a little disconcerting to see Wang So taking precedence among my roommates when we watched, they all were preoccupied with his traumatic experience and forgot our resilient and cynical heroine! No doubt a testament to LJK's enthralling depiction. I'm just happy IU and Hae Soo received some commendations and fan fervour this week. :)

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  8. I think it's quite naive to anticipate a traditional happy ending with this drama, one of its core fundamental themes is that it's the journey and not the destination that justifies all the suffering the characters endure. Very few charcters will find the plight for the throne worth it, characters like Wook and Yh cling to the assertion that power solves every problem. They forget that all power requires more sacrifice in order to maintain, just look at lady oh and the king.

     The beauty of Wang So and Soo is the fragile, tentative affections that become so passionate and profound that it can only sustain itself for a short period.

    Their time together is ephemeral. Hae Soo's purpose was to love Wang So just enough that he does not descend into mindless cruelty and ruthless eradication. But for Hae Soo, in my opinion, this was her stipulation to fall through time and when those conditions have been satisfied, she must go back to her time.

    Just a thought and I could be making an erroneous assumption but this drama is so evocative and thought provoking. XD

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  9. I could dance effusively and rejoice in the beauty of the preview all day long. Mutual reciprocation and Hae Soo taking initiative and instigating a kiss! Wang So receieving the intimacy, love and affection he has craved his whole life! Finally a modicum of happiness before the writer decides to recommence with our torture and suffering....

    commendable performances by LJK and IU. Plus KHN is disconcerting when Wook's demeanour inverts to reveal his cold expressions and hunger for power! What a competent, expressive cast! :D

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  10. I think my favourite part of this episode is how reinvigorated Soo is in the presence of Wang So, her body is physically receptive to the strength of his love. Mercifully, Wang So is tenacious and resilient in his pursuit of her and those altruistic rejections. The writer has incorporated the noble idiocy troupe but as a subversion that manifests in the female protagonist than the male. Fortunately, Wang So is sufficiently perceptive to combat this with sheer sincerity and persistence. Her dormant feelings must be awakening if she cannot forget him...

    And I confess, I was not immune to the proposal and reunion scene. I swooned...


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  11. Interesting little bit I noticed during the Queen Y and YH scene when WY picks up the yellow cloth, yellow is symbolic of many positive attributes but it also signifies betrayal and deceit. It indicates to WW and YH double betrayal of WY as we have the scene of Wook and YH colluding to stay in WY shadow and YH seeking marriage to Wang So.

    So many conspiring and I suppose it is inevitable that the conniving and devious characters also experience what they have sownm.

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  12. I think many viewers are conflating the notion that Wang So deserves our empathy with Hae Soo must reciprocate his love immediately. 

    Hae soo is experiencing quite the emotional turmoil and I'm of the opinion that she loved Wook, it was not just a mere infatuation. It persevered thoughout the year, compounded with her desperate need to know why he betrayed her. I've said before that she could be experiencing some self delusion as an explaination of the shattering of Wook's gentleman and courteous illusion.

    Now we have the wavering of her heart and I find her reaction to Wang So plausible if I examine the episode from the perspective that she loved Wook deeper than I anticipated. 

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  13. Hae soo, I think from the synopsis of the next episode, is entering a short period of self delusion and she requires explicit clarification from Wook. From the rain scene, I thoughts she finally perceived Wook in his truest form, stripped from illusion and deception but her feelings are still there and they make her susceptible to his duplicity. It would be rather fickle for her emotions to just disperse with a flippant "ON TO THE NEXT PRINCE, CONQUEST CITY HERE I GO." XD 

    I'd even argue that Hae soo is so perplexed at Wook's betrayal that she is amenable to any plausible explanation and more importantly, she is desperate for one. Ironic how Wang So was desperate for Hae Soo to amend her behaviour to him during the forced kiss scene, I think we are just going to experience her version of 'desperate for clarification and rectify the betrayal.' Wang so physically forced her to confront her betrayal, Hae Soo cannot do that to Wook because he is not sincere in his conviction of his love for her. 

    The conclusion with be swift, HS's naivety is evaporating and so are her feelings for Wook. The morning sun is inducing a drought in the heart of the girl he purportedly loves and Wang So shall bring her the rain as he did for his kingdom. :) This is a time of lamenting and grief, self denial and delusion are often utilized as a form of self protection as a deterrent against the relentless anguish but I have confidence that through Wang So's persistence she will be rejuvenated and they will find fertile ground for their love to..finally bloom.

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  14. I think the writer needs to be commended for creating such a provocative drama! All the character nuances and the delving into the complexities of human emotions, I haven't watched a drama this intricately written in years. I'm especially intrigued by the concept of desires of the mind, ambitions and craving of power, Vs desires of the heart, love and friendships. 

    And even the conceptualized 'soulmates' has been weaved into the drama with Hae soo and So. Is this writers a genius or just fortunate that some many components of the story fit? XD

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  15. I loved Wang so's stoic expression and the dignified stance in contrast to Soo's emotional turmoil. He's not only shelter her from rain but he's extending the same compassion she has shown him through his trails and tribulations, he just does it in the only way he knows how with actions rather than empty platitudes like Wook. "I will shield you when you are unable, as you have done for me." I like how these can communicate with subtle, almost imperceptible looks and gestures and each one tells us something profound.  

    This drama turns even the most pragmatic of people into hopeless romantics.l!

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  16. I think IU really surpassed her prior performances during the rain scene. I could see the palpable moment that her infatuation for Wook was extinguished! The forlorn stare at his retreating form and the moment she gathers her resolve, her resignation to the inevitable. Intuitively she knew he was incapable of helping her, I could discern that from the lack of startled disappoint in her expression. 

    I thought it was more of a look of disenchantment; she finally sees though the gentleman facade and courteous attentiveness, disintegrating in the rain right before her very eyes. 

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  17. I'm going to miss Lady Oh and Soo's budding mentor relationship, it was one of the few positive female relationships depicted in a drama of conspiracies and betrayals. No duplicity, no malice; just two kindred women bonding over similarity of circumstance. I admire Lady Oh, what an altruistic thing to do for Soo in the next episode!  

    Perhaps she perceives her death as liberation from an unrequited love with the king and the prison of opulence that is the palace....Every character in this drama is quite tragic now that I think about it...

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  18. I think we have a dissonance or clash in how we perceive So and Hae Soo. The audience's is very easily guided into sympathy for So, he's such an evocative character without the tragic back story and we even rationalise our empathy for him as we examine who he is.

    But sympathy for Hae Soo is more difficult to conceive because well...people are treating her very well in comparison to So and even other females of the time. We can empathize with her, share her distress and horror but do we really sympathize with her? She's falling in love with too beautiful princes, the other princes adore her and well...she's survived death to become a person how can change history.


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  19. It's a little incredulous that people are applying  a feminist lens to a historical drama....I understand it's important to extend the same empathy that we feel for So to Hae Soo in her moments of consternation and distress but viewers have to also acknowledge the this drama is not, for all its intents and purposes, a  great feminist period piece...

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  20. Another thing to consider when examining the forced kiss is that men of that era were...well much more domineering than their 21st century counterparts, regardless of the complexities of Wang So's character. Our perceptions of consent are much more dubious in the Goryeo setting, it's not really applicable or justifiable to malign the writer when they are in fact contextually correct. 

    Historically dramas require the suspension of modern views on integrity and principles, it's a much more immersive experience if you do. I don't watch pride and prejudice expecting Elizabeth to declare she's an independent woman who doesn't require Darcy's money because I know the social restrictions she was encumbered by. 

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  21. 16 minutes ago, MoOnLoVeRz said:
    They chose to trust each other, they chose to lean on each other in times of need, they chose to protect each other, and in the end they chose each other. They are my end all be all and I refuse to believe in anything else otherwise.


    I agree with this sentiment but to elaborate alittle further in my opinion, they chose each other despite being predestined. I think they are caught in a perpetual 'dance' that no matter the era, they are destined to chose each other each and every time; regardless of insurmountable obstacles or how much devastation they must endure. For me, that is why Hae soo is able to slip though time, she's been here before (this may also be demonstrated by the overlapping visions. They are not premonition but memories. But I'm not so certain, just a thought.) and I do believe the drama will incorporate a reincarnation conclusion. 

    Wang so and Hae soo, they are established as the sun and the moon. They only meet during an eclipse, the drama even starts with a solar eclipse! It's predetermined that they meet and inevitably part throughout the ages, just like our two tragic scar couple. Well, that's just my opinion, of course. :)

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