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  1. @Sarang21 is overestimating my oppa acquisition abilities @Lawyerh giving me an extra 9000 oppas . I won’t sleep at this rate . Who knows maybe I hv family members here on Soompi, a lot of them watch k drama .. but I’ll take my Soompi life here with me to the grave . ...if they knew how much rubbish I post here ....all my oppa abs photos 742 @Ameera Ali I like how different his roles are in SB & in the weekender . But they r both quiet , calm characters
  2. Howdy @stargazer187 . Long time no see . Hope all is well. Viu Msia has yet to upload but I think there are subs floating somewhere, so I’ll check out later. Their off air and on air chemistry seems pretty good , so really looking forward to it.
  3. Drama premiered to pretty strong ratings ! This is a very good start . And they were trending no one on naver last night But what bothers me is no subs in the Asian market yet ...cries . TVn was also stingy with their cuts So i had to search iG to watch some cuts raw . It was hilarious...this scene cracked me up . It captures very well the opposite personalities of the leads
  4. Honestly, I cannot agree more...there are moments when the scenes of CA being verbally abused and put down by gold digging sister and her good-for-nothing father drives me nuts. But for some reason , I still look forward to watching. The lead OTP and the second male lead are keeping here I suppose. Hmmm and maybe I am determined to have me some Kim Jae Young right till March 2020, when I can finally say - oppa, let's take a break .. Me too. After watching with subs, I find myself liking his character even more. He is aloof and distant for now , but at least he's got principles and is fair. I loved him standing up to his double-X aunt and his idiotic manager over the cost of the camera. I am looking forward to the day that they find out he is one of the shareholders. I can forsee double-X MIL 's downfall- her instructing her legal affairs manager to illegally transfer her son's stake to her will come back and bite her. yes yes agreed. I do think CA is a lot stronger than when we first saw her. It takes a very determined person to take an exam 8 times ( I hope she passes this time) and to withstand those awful words from her father each time she goes home. It seems like JG is watching her from above, sending her signs of encouragement - if one was to believe in such things.
  5. I know what you mean . I hv one eps of the Lies within & 2 for Leverage . I just finished last night’s Weekend drama while eating my dinner . Multi tasking ! 722
  6. How come it sounds so perverted when you say it like this? But ahhh to hv one’s face next to oppas abs ...so what else is on your expose list ? @Lawyerh tonight ! Chemistry is there , hopes it transfers to screen 718
  7. Yes , I recommend it but you need to persevere the 1st 5 or so eps as it can be confusing & a little slow . Oppa LJH was one slimy smarmy fella 710
  8. I’m with you . Best OTP for me . That IG account you posted has a lot of their moments 708
  9. She is the worst . But the girls’ mother isn’t any better ..making her second daughter cover things up all the time . The older sister is insufferable. I am watching only because of the lead OTP . @Ameera Ali did you see the one where she was smelling him ? That was like dream come true for me 706 It could be me that shipper account .....joking joking ! But oh my got crazy ppl just like me out there shipping a doomed ship . ( But I cracked up at that scene you posted - it was freaky but funny )
  10. So apparently they found a video ( from a car black box ) of SH getting into someone’s car So is it SH’s feet ? I think not right ...anyone who’s more fluent in Korean perhaps can understand what was said Seo Hui went to see the party leader. But he seemed angry & burnt a handwritten note which SH tried to salvage Finally some back story of our ML. So flashback scene to when he was young & his sis got abducted . Years later as an adult they discovered her body buried in the fields. That’s why he was gagging Preview
  11. Hello @faye1030 ! Welcome to the thread. Definitely feels hard to watch his character being a 1st class jerk from time to time , and then reading it on the thread . That’s why I hv stayed away being active plus I hv not really been watching the drama fully , just skimming through and seeing his cuts . But I do think If people dislike the character, it is a testament to his acting chops . I really miss him playing the lead especially after 20th Century and TSYB. Hopefully next role , we will hv him back as the main man . To be honest some of the oppas I love tend to play villains & 2nd fiddle, so I’m kind of used to it. his IG update . I love this little actor who plays Pil Gu . Talented child actor - he was also in another drama I like very much - My Wife is Having an Affair this Week . An article of what they did with the rice wreath donation during the press con agency update
  12. He works for Sang Hun’s dad . Somewhat like his right hand man . But SH’s dad does not fully trust him. Mr In did not complete the job properly of catching KPY , the union leader the 1st time . So I think it was Mr In who hung him in the container later on . Mr In will have a bigger role to play since he is part of the main cast . @bedifferent @nrllee Thanks for taking the trouble to workout the time lines . I am still thinking that Sang Hun & his FIL were trying to expose the real purpose of what the land was for or perhaps the condition of the land that may pose problems for what it will be used for - that’s what JQ group was trying to hide . Don’t think it’s just an issue of slush fund / insider trading . @bebebisous33 I agree that they underestimated Seo Hui . The last part of her speech showed that even though right now she seems emotionally unstable , I think she adapted pretty quickly. @Lawyerh I saw that pic . Must be flashback photos of them in happier times Also a note about that bad photo of the reeds hung in SH’s study in Songju . In last night’s eps , when Seo Hui had her laptop with her , she had a photo of them in the reeds , Netflix actually translated that . So I stand by my theory that it is something that Sang Hun is trying to tell Seo Hui
  13. I roughly went through some of the cuts & my blood is boiling because it had too many scenes of CA being berated again . First by the sis in the hospital, then later when she got home . Also mainly scenes of SA and her MIL But this last scene of her meeting JH in the office to settle the camera problem was quite heart stopping . She came face to face with SA’s crazy MiL . Fortunately she was wearing mask but the latter stopped her anyway ...it was a cliffhanger ending . Not sure if she’d be recognised especially when JH is there ... But what annoyed me further is the preview . I think CA got proof or pictures to clear Baek Rim but the stupid mother ask her to choose between saving the sister or her friend. So it’s like she wants CA not to reveal the truth about the accident. What is wrong with this mother ? Always telling CA to cover things up . Seriously SA is behaving like trash just see how she treats her mum
  14. Lol! I just replied you above ! no numbers
  15. @ktcjdrama I won’t spoil it for you , but MyWife is Having an Affair is definitely a drama worth watching. in fact @mouse007 @Ameera Alii think you may appreciate it. It reminds me of Go Back Couple . 672
  16. Because this is a 100 eps ( 50 hours ) drama , I hv managed my expectations about the pacing . All things considered, the episode last night had some significant developments ( I especially wanted Moon cop ahjussi to find out the daughter is in a coma ) with decent screen time for the lead OTP including some unintended skinship . I cracked up at the part when Baek Rim got all green-eyed seeing Joon Hwi lock her in an embrace to prevent her from escaping . So far I pretty like JH - CA interactions - there’s some cute bickering without it being overdone . @celebrianna @reddragon I like CA very much . Having seen her struggle & being bullied , she’s turned out strong & kind . She and SA are like day and night . CA turned down the opportunity for winning some cash by being nominated for her good deed. On the other hand , SA was busy trying to salvage & hide her bags & luxury purchases lest it’s stolen away from her . I felt some pity , not because I like her but how pathetic it looked . But I think this is going to be the character development she needs . Preview for tonight I pity Tae Rang - he’s gonna be wrongly blamed . Crazy MIL will use of the video someone took to accuse SA of cheating on her hubs
  17. @Damsauce Karats do you know when the press con is ? Posted by KSH’s Agency - his BTS He looks awesome in a cop uniform
  18. @AC95@keyta too bad we only had a short scene of him last night —— Looks like he’s still close with the cast of DS60
  19. @irilight holicsunho ! Very cute . So they had his BTS on v live yesterday https://www.vlive.tv/video/15551 Same as this Looking really good
  20. He does ....I like him too. But I don't like the second FL he is paired up with. .....that one will need like 180 degrees character change. What eps are you now at? 648 @Lawyerh what eps are you now at? I can't wait for you to find out about Sang Yeob's story. His character was so good. And he really paired up nicely with Boa. And oh that cheating lawyer...kkkkk wait till you see what happens to him
  21. Nooo . You’ll be surprised who is tuna mayo. . I won’t spoil it for you ... : D 646
  22. From what I understand, the Father in law has a hand in getting her to run for the seat. Or at least he is cahoots with the party leader who wants her to run. But are they the same people who are using Sang Hoon’s body parts to scare her into submission? The 1st scene assuming is true , seems to indicate that Sang Hoon & Seo Hui’s father were trying to work together to expose something which I am assuming is the new renewable energy factory site . Why were they against that unless it is a front for something more sinister?
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