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  1. C drama pros - How is Well Intended Love ? I saw it on Netflix .. 848 Lol, this kind of question, you gotta ask Angie . She’s been here Long time . I never questioned its logic @Lmangla i agree with the too many pics bit . People don’t realise why we have to put many pics in spoilers , cuz they don’t experience slow internet speed like some of us here .
  2. Agreed , agreed , agreed . Congrats on immortality! Hmmm that thread . Nightmare ! Keep posting here , we help you reach 2000! @Lawyerh ahh it was extended ! No wonder . But I will finish it . By the way I saw his first stills / BTS for his new drama in August . 842
  3. Wae? They need some inspiration from k dramas ! But what about hers ? Isn’t it as distracting ? @sushilicious yup I not only fall asleep while watching dramas but even typing this , lol! Gosh my days are Long ... waves @mouse007 how was your vacay? how did the kids do on holiday? I hope you had lots of fun @Lawyerh so I’m now done with eps 15 . This drama actually quite cheesy especially OTP . But quite cute too . Haha , so now he’s got to convince her that marriage is a good thing . Quite funny considering they both specialise in divorces 802
  4. @Lmangla I honestly will not put my hands under anyone’s armpit . The person’s BO is likely to overpower any romantic feelings this is suppose to ignite Maybe in the dead of winter & he’s Kim Young Kwang.... @thistle dear , Jang Ki Young heard you .. sent a food truck to support JKJ OST 6
  5. What fish did you have in mind ? 764
  6. This was so good ! I screamed ...his conclusion about her after researching what she likes ...mine too Tonight’s preview: @RPM hello dear !! I am actually hoping for good redemption for MWJ . I enjoy ogling at our robot no doubt , but he ain’t human . There’s really a lot of potential here for a WJ - DD reconciliation!
  7. Don’t worry dear . You are wise beyond your years . In fact most of the time the only thing I’m keen to talk about is abs and my oppas. In that respect I may be less of an adult than you ! @Sejabin I think I might be having a mini crush on your oppa . In Absolute BF , I think he’s got the most potential for the storyline . And I caught myself watching all his cuts on KBS world for his current weekender - ok I can’t really feel the chemie btwn him & the FL ( I actually like the actress ) , the age gap does feel big & visually it’s not quite there for me ( Miss Shallow here ) , but he’s adorable. @Ameera Ali waves . I think I wanna make a gif of KYK for my DP using the scene which @nohamahamoud2002 just posted above . Gahhh I love the man . The blind Brother is such a sweetheart too ...but the lil sis needs a smacking. @Lawyerh eps 14 - strangle me now ...WAH they are going all out melodrama is it ??? 746
  8. Hellooo .., welcome . Ooo are you talking about this one ? I read it and wanted to see what everyone here thought about this - he thinks he’s in love with 2 women... ahhh if only I can tell him - it’s the same girl ! .
  9. I want to hear your out the box analysis . I know you well enough to know you won’t give me the usual heart squealing type analysis. 696
  10. @stargazer187 @ktcjdrama I’m really excited for mr dimples drama with Moon Ga Yeung . He’s a cop - as you know I love uniforms . From initial drama description , there will be some interesting mystery regarding her loss twin sis & she plays a young overzealous cop , which I suppose will be a foil to his extremely cautious nature. Waikiki 2 didn’t do much for his career progression as much as I just enjoy watching it mindlessly - his storyline there was the most underdeveloped. So this new drama will really test his ability to lead . @Lawyerh I liked SDM though it was underrated . That is the show where I discovered him . He was the second lead - there was a small love triangle but it was not dragged Long as he had his own love line with Go Won Hee . I also discovered her there & love her . Seen a few of her works . An actress with charisma . 692
  11. But even in Voice 1 , there were a minority shipping her with Jang Hyuk & with Mo Tae Gu . But I said no ...not all dramas need romance . @LmanglaI love what you wrote on Secretary thread . Can’t wait for your analysis of a scene in eps 5 ( kkkkkk , you’ll know when you get there ) @nohamahamoud2002thanks dear for your kind words . Just a heads up regarding the Angel thread cc @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh 684
  12. You know what I’m bad at ...names ! I always tell my students if you want me to write you a reference letter , email me your photo as well Now I hv no time . I’m more busy on public hols . I need to watch eps 14 of DL. The separation is annoying me . What YWJ drama should I watch next ? 654
  13. Monday’s episode was really good . I was getting quite worried that Park Hoo Ja would have the upper hand & get MY suspended again. But amazing plot twist that JG would use his skills to frame Hoo Ja & save MY! I didn’t see that one coming . But of course that lil smile that Hoo Ja gave at the end of the episode makes me wonder if it really is the end of her I know people are wondering how many episodes there will be - it’s supposed to be 36 ( 18 hours ) , which means it ends next week . So I’m still surprised, that up to Monday they hv not shown any possibility of MY finding out about JG’s past . I’m wondering if she will even ever find out . I still think she should know though . I like how they are making JG a legit politician - he’s really doing what he was elected for & he’s doing his homework. I like that he’s determined to be useful , in his own words , and to make good of himself . He sure is better than half the assemblymen that are being elected - who are just wasting time politicking & wasting tax payers money . I believe this drama is poking fun & highlighting what is really wrong with the system . Best scene from Monday Ratings for Tuesday hv gone up . Hope to catch the episode once it comes on Viu
  14. Lmao! Ya writer knows how to make me suffer . I’m grateful for the fan service . But ok she’s cute . I’m not like her but I like her sort of personality.- caring & loyal. And I like min ik’s character as well. Actually very sweet & thoughtful - just that he was very guarded before this due to all the betrayal He is in love . He ( Min Ik , we can call him Dominique ) thinks he likes VP but his heart lies with Gal Hee. ————- k nets coming round in recent episodes to like / support the show . They were dissing it quite a bit earlier on [Secret Life of My Secretary] Eps 11 & 12 spoilers, Kim Young Kwang x Jin Ki Joo Article: Naver 'Secret Life of My Secretary' Kim Young Kwang X Jin Ki Joo, got over the crisis of getting dismissed... in crisis of getting discovered by Kim Jae Kyung for impersonating her 1. [+98,-3] The drama is childish... But it keeps me watching. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+59,-10] To be honest, it's been a while since I've watched a romcom that's like a romcom. It kind of depends on how charismatic the leads are and their good acting skills. But the script is good. I hope the ratings go up. 3. [+39,-3] As expected of romcoms, it's most interesting to watch when they play push-and-pull. 4. [+23,-1] It's fun~ 5. [+14,-2] This is more interesting than I thought. ㅋㅋㅋ 6. [+13,-2] This drama is slowly getting more known through word of mouth!! But why is the development so fast??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really like it. 7. [+9,-0] I like Veronica Park too. ♡♡ 8. [+7,-3] It's a drama that I'm enjoying on Mondays and Tuesdays~^^ The leads are fresh, I like the both of them~~ I hope the ratings go up https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/05/secret-life-of-my-secretary-eps-11-12.html?m=1
  15. I love it a lot . It gets better with each episode for me . It’s got that classic rom com feel with familiar tropes but at the same time has a fresh storyline, or at least not one I hv seen before . 648
  16. Ok I think may be good idea he finds out the truth asap but I think it won’t happen so soon —— He’s confused with her sudden change in mood So sad here But preview makes me feel better ...I think he realise she likes him right ?( The vid in posts below ) For a non couple , they seriously have a lot of physical contact & skin ship ...how am I gonna wait another week ? !
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