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  1. oooo ok ...maybe I will watch then...I am so not used to weekend drama pacing but I kind of like the pairing here... @staygold since you're here ...no one has hair like Ye Hua ...I miss this .... 650
  2. I enjoyed the episode very much. It was fun and LSY and JNR are both same generation so they are both calm and cool. LSY is not fazed at all by the crazy rides. The vibe I get is that he and Nara are like an old married couple who know each other well. I think it will be great for the drama. I am impatiently waiting for VIP to start. @Heidi Seow did you watch it yet? Is the drama really delayed though? Asian Wiki still puts in at 7 Oct... @larus Have no time to make the first post pretty...So it will have to wait. Are you planning to watch the weekender he is in? How much screen time will he get though? I saw the poster and the cast is huge. The actress I quite like though - saw her in SWDBS and School 2017 . She was in a daily that i think @stroppyse @nohamahamoud2002 were watching - Sunny Again . I followed the thread ( because those posting cracked me up) and watch some of the cuts. I think I will have a Kim Jae Young overdose by the end of it all But is he anything like Ye Hua though? I mean Ye Hua is like up there for me. I find it hard to watch other long haired men post Ye Hua 650
  3. Hello dear . How are things ? Are you not watching LSG’s latest drama ? 646
  4. I think you mean Woo Do Han right ? Yes - I was also shipping him with SYJ . Sorry to Taecyon. I think @stroppyse and I had SLS on that thread 642
  5. @lightbringer06 from what I understand, the “ghost” here is a criminal that they hv been looking for . Not sure if there’s horror involve . . I hope not , cuz I’m too scared if it’s outright ghost stories .
  6. If I can find time , i will open , don’t think he has a thread . But graphics & making things pretty isn’t my thing. So I’ll hv to see . My main purpose of opening is to post pictures . Look at those Long legs @stroppyse i only wanna watch My Country for your bae . He looks great..YSJ does not carry the same charisma that he does. Ok , I think I like these bad boys type 640
  7. @Lawyerh wahh Kim Min Jae can really dance . Iiked him in this movie called Love Sling. Very cute . No number
  8. @Ameera Ali time for bed for me ....maybe @larus will need the above for speedy recovery I’m tempted to open a thread for him ..... 628
  9. Ooooooo @Lawyerh pls pm me if you got eng sub. Jang Nara is ageless ! I hv been waiting for this eps while waiting for VIP
  10. Ooooo I love doing that a lot. Especially if I know the posters there are a fun bunch ...I more or less know what is happening given that I read so much of it here and there. Also, I don't normally watch dailies and weekenders but I enjoy going thru the threads because sometimes the members who post are fun and have the best reactions. And you don't get ship or fan wars like we often do on rom-coms with big names. . So for the KBS weekender , will there be episodes on both Sat and Sun? Or just only on Saturday? SB - KJY fan service - Yes, I was waiting for it as well . I think maybe next eps when he is brooding over Jenny's marriage. 576
  11. Crap ...somehow deleted an entire post I was writing Anyway @Ameera Ali all your Vagabond gifs are cracking me up . I hv so many dramas coming up , ahh tempted to pick it up too . But let’s see how Melting Me goes . JCW military comeback that I don’t wanna miss. Also @Lawyerh and I are going on train trip with Bio teacher soon kkkkkk @refuse2sink are you referring to Kim Jae Young ( the younger guy ) in Secret Boutique? He’s the 1st lead . But this drama won’t follow the usual romance formula being a revenge melodrama . He may not end up with Jenny . Don’t mind if he ends up with the Go player , the younger girl . Also he’ll be appearing in a family weekend drama starting 28 sept also as lead. Lol! @larus it’s like they are feeding my KJY obsession. Tempted to watch this too since I read the eps are short 568
  12. Oppa for Oct issue of Singles https://www.soompi.com/article/1353890wpp/kim-ji-suk-talks-about-his-role-in-when-the-camellia-blooms-love-for-acting-and-more Kim Ji Suk recently posed for the October issue of Singles magazine! After the photo shoot, Kim Ji Suk participated in an interview to talk about his recent drama “When the Camellia Blooms.” “When the Camellia Blooms” tells the stories of three couples in different stages of love. Moreover, the drama focuses on the romance that blossoms between Dong Baek (Gong Hyo Jin), a woman who is trapped in a certain perception about love, and Yong Shik (Kang Ha Neul), who shows undying support and love for her. Kim Ji Suk, who lost over 15 pounds and grew a beard for the drama, plays Kang Jong Ryul, a professional baseball player who is married to social media star Jessica (played by Ji Yi Soo). When asked why he chose the drama, Kim Ji Suk stated, “I treasure all the projects I’ve acted in so far, but I can confidently tell you that objectively, [‘When the Camellia Blooms’] is really fun. First of all, the script is amazing. Even if I didn’t star in the drama, I probably would’ve made sure to tune in. Aren’t dramas a genre that satisfies fantasies? In that sense, you won’t be able to take your eyes off [‘When the Camellia Blooms’] the entire time.” The actor has appeared in over 27 dramas, 10 films, and various variety shows throughout his 18-year-long career. During this time, he transformed into completely different characters, including a lovable lawyer, a mad king, and an idol group leader. He commented, “If you’re human before you’re an actor, then of course you wouldn’t like to fall behind. Rather than a one-dimensional shape, I’d prefer showing different sides of myself. When you twist or transform the image you already have, hearing things like, ‘That was you? You’re good. It fits you well’ makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s a catharsis that you wouldn’t be able to experience without acting.” The actor approaches every role with the mindset of “What would I have done?” but there are certain things he learns from each character he plays. He stated, “As my character grows, I think I grow with him. It affects my life, and I feel greatly comforted by it.” “When the Camellia Blooms” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. KST. Source (1)
  13. @Sarang21 happy birthday dear... I loved Tunnel...and I know dhakra has watched it because I put my neck on the line and told him he had to check it out. What genre are you into? If crime or thrillers- some I love include: 526
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