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  1. @elan1 it’s too homophobic a society for them to openly endorse it in a drama . You can read more here ( off topic so in spoiler) Yikes ! No episode again tonight- baseball . Urghhh!
  2. triplem

    BB creams

    Oh yes ...these threads used to be under "selling and trading " or "skincare" until they merged them all under Soompi Hangout ... I think our bb cream oppa will fit in here...where are his bb cream endorsements?
  3. That is why one is never enough... @ktcjdrama @Ameera Ali @Sarang21 I watched SB live ...a lot happened today....but HJ- SW ship nicely sailing... 204
  4. I am going to try to recap from my memory what I saw live...just some highlights 1. Jenny goes back at the end of the last eps and cries in her bathtub. JH sees her from the slightly open door. SW waits outside the house in his car, knowing Jenny is feeling down. 2. HJ cries in bed. But she does at the end of the day knows what Jenny was trying to get at by reprimanding her earlier. The next day she decides to start afresh. She fixes her watch - she had kept it broken because it reminded her of her mum and the time when mum went missing. Then she send a new clock to Jenny . Jenny too has an old broken clock that she never fixed because it reminded of the terrible time her parents died. Jenny and HJ have more in common then they realise. 3. Ye Nam and mum ( fake Chairwoman Kim) goes for massage - as usual Mum is scolding and chiding her for something. Then at one point , she shows Ye Nam pictures of Ye Nam and her cop lover entering his apartment. Ye Nam went ballistic cause mum has been tracking her every move. 4. But lo and behold Ye Nam discovers who has been mum's spy - Butler Wang . She saw them in the garden talking privately and then mum was grabbing his hand. ..she was shocked. 5. Ye Nam realises that she can't trust mum anymore - she decided to go and see the competition - the man from the Jogwang group. Looks like she wants to cut a deal with him. 6. More scheming btwn Mayor, gangster Jo and the Jogwang man. 7. So there was a very critical scene where Jenny, with KYO etc was paying a visit to the hospital for some event. Omo, an old man recognised KYO and called her by her real name. She of course feigned ignorance. The old man's daughter quickly pulled him away. 8. Then later on Sun Woo investigated and long story short ( if I am not mistaken) the DNA test shows Ye Nam is the old man daughter. 9. Jenny confronts Ye Nam about it ...shows her the results...setting a trap here...of course YN got mad...burned the results. 10. But YN knows it is the truth...she looks for her cop lover...asking him to help her. I think she wants to get rid of the old man. Cop lover was mad she wanted to use him again . He refused ...she was trying to use her tears again...( also forgot to mention , in an earlier part, YN's husband had confronted cop lover asking him to stay away from YN) 11.Meanwhile the old man was walking home...he was about to be attacked by a masked man...but Sun woo intercepted. SW and the guy fought ...turned out to SW's surprise that it was Butler Hwang. ( I think Jenny and SW expected YN's cop lover) .While the fight scene was going on, Jenny and KYO had a very interesting talk - both indirectly threatening the other.... 12. JH and mum (KYO) had an argument. I think she found out about his lover and told him off ....he left home feeling bitter... 13. Jenny came back home feeling quite down..she looked at the photo of the Wi family in her bedroom..she opened the back part where she had her parent's photo. Manager Wang came in at that moment to serve her tea. Jenny quickly closed the back of the frame. 14. KYO looks for Hyun Ji. Invited HJ into her car. SW saw them from afar. KYO offered to help HJ find her mum and come work for her instead...HJ refused and got out of the car shortly much to SW's relief. 15. Jenny had earlier on asked SW to book a nice restaurant for them to have lunch . He waited happily but just as she was coming into the restaurant, JH called . He was clearly depressed. Jenny decided to go see him as she was worried. SW was disappointed , jenny says sorry. Jenny really does love JH and would do anything for him. 16. later in the evening, SW was waiting outside the office block playing with a kitten...HJ came out. It was awkward at first , as they greeted each other. He somehow asked her for dinner. ..so we get the scene as per preview. She teased him about his love for Jenny...the two talked. Later on when dinner was over, they decided to go to some place( cafe?) but it was closed. They ended up at her place where she taught him to play baduk. Later on the friend and son came back...made him stay on - cooked and they had drinks...a slightly drunk and sleepy HJ fell asleep on his shoulder. 17. Jenny meanwhile comforted JH. They went bar hopping , eating at the stalls...he finally fell asleep in the hotel room with Jenny next to him. Poor Jenny, the way she touched his cheek and looked at him was so sad. Urghh she really loves him unconditionally. 18. Next day...JH went home first. Manager Wang went and opened the frame to see the secret photos...but she quickly put it back when JH came into the room. After she left, JH checked the frame out. He was shocked to see those hidden photos - eps ends-
  5. What to do...no money to collect real jewellery. So collect oppas - it’s free 198
  6. My current oppa obsession Kim Jae Young . That was the BTS of his fan service scene in Secret Boutique 196
  7. If you have time , I would recommend this - 1st two eps was pretty good . I was wondering if I should have tagged you because LJH has a very big cameo @liltash85 I share your sadness . That is probably as much romance we will get from LJH given his penchant to play dubious characters. I was under the impression he was chasing someone..the union leader ... So based on all the theories about the bad photo , I think it’s a message he is sending to someone who knows him well ( likely SH) . It could be somewhere that he & SH have been together.
  8. It is a travel variety with Kim Nam Gil , Lee Sang Yeob etc. 5 friends go on a trip together on board the siberian train. @Lawyerh Yes your reminder will be appreciated. @Lmangla Signal - yes drama gels better later half and I found myself emotionally invested in the old cop's character. I have also watched the J adaptation of this drama. Not bad- shorter episodes . They don't build the relationships as well as the k version but all the cases are there. 230
  9. aiya...I was replying to them cause they ask me to watch...I have not enough time ... 230 ok ok I will make sure to watch the Siberian Train....have you been watching ?@sushimi
  10. when when??? This week ? what day? Lol....I can't keep track...I will board once Sang Yeob comes on 226
  11. @ktcjdrama @Ameera Ali I would love to check out Nokdu...but I have 4 dramas as it is ( Secret Boutique, LIBLIW, The Lies Within and Leverage ) and Camellia is lagging behind. Next week Mr Dimples new drama will start ...Catch The Ghost . I am looking forward to that. ...ahhh if only I had like 36 hours a day 228
  12. Yes they did. But it depends on which country. Viu Sg has it. So there will be subs floating. @stroppyse Thanks for your recaps. Overall it was an entertaining 1st two hours but it does seem like TV chosun is not as polished as say OCN in setting the story. There were some messy parts in terms of editing as well as the sound. Also quite surprised that the team worked so well together in the very 1st job without any clashes of ego. It took me a while to understand why JHB's character would have so quickly agreed to help Tae Joon given that he got her into trouble 3 years ago. Nevertheless , I do think she has a soft spot for TJ ( have not watched the original, so purely basing my impressions on this adaptation ) and she was moved by his desperation to save his son. @40somethingahjumma I like her character best...I thought the drama "came alive" when her scenes came on. She was very good in all the scenes where she was acting as the CEO of the pharmaceutical firm. It was so sad at the end that Tae Joon' s son died after all the trouble he had to go through . But I suppose this lays the foundation for what's to come. TJ was understandably too emotional that he almost messed up the plans of the team and put them in danger. I was a little annoyed but then I can't blame him . He isn't a trained con artist like some of them are and when it is your child's life at stake , it can be difficult to remain calm. I suppose his time in prison and desire for revenge will harden him and teach him to think strategically. So is the mastermind the faceless CEO of Mirae? I am confused - so he basically used TJ's desperation to steal the formula from his own company so that he can artificially inflate the share price of another pharmaceutical? How does that work? @nrllee While I do prefer OCN's The Lies Within a bit more, think I will keep this for now .
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