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  1. Nothing is set in stone . Like DS 60 , the writer has paved the way for a second season. I personally don’t mind for Watcher ..being a procedural of sorts & a cast that had great chemistry , I would watch it . The actress KJH was very good in Watcher . @Lawyerh this is @sushilicious now ... 976 hugs @Sejabin
  2. @peyutnduy thanks dear for your kind words . I have not watched A Wife’s Credentials, so am not sure if their endings are similar . But I’m glad the writer decided to give everyone here a happy end -/—- Final BTS photos From the fan meet I am gonna miss this drama
  3. Ok , sorted ! Wahhaaha ....will you now be sugarlicious? 962
  4. @titania1000 thanks for the recaps & all the updates . ———— It’s been a crazy week for me & I am barely catching up on my dramas . I apologise I won’t be able to live cap tonight as I won’t be home. I managed to watch maybe 2/3 of last night & I felt so sad for YG . 15 years of his life grieving for his mother & wrongly hating his father because the adults then decided to mete out their own form of justice & punishment because the system could no longer be trusted. Unfortunately people like DC Park do not see that he & the folks of Jang society are no better than the criminals they get rid off . Is that sort of justice acceptable when there’s collateral damage in the form of innocent lives like YG & his mum? Also , I thought that perhaps JHR could be redeemed, but I guess not given that he decided to get rid of YG after the 1st confrontation.
  5. I hv no idea , but that’s what it’s called here . It is referring to the biscuit portion , I think. Lol! @ktcjdrama it’s the curse of mass production. @sushilicious are you planning to watch CWPFN? 936
  6. The ones now are not so nice . They tasted much better in my childhood . But I used to call them belly button biscuits ( in Cantonese). So this biscuit reminds people of all sorts of body parts ? 924
  7. The pairing of Lee Sang Yeob and Park Ha Sun as Jung Woo and Ji Eun respectively goes to the top of my favourite OTP list . Undeniable chemistry. Some lucky fans got to meet them last night where I think they got to watch the finale live together .
  8. Thanks @ktcjdrama I’m so happy with how beautifully everything wrapped up , writer nim decided to give her own ending that felt very satisfying . Everyone got closure & most importantly JW & JE have a chance at love without the guilt of an affair . The writer gave the time jump so that viewers know that the love btwn JE & JW has always been the real deal Final scene! The guy who played MY’s Husband posted
  9. They finally meet when JE went to the grandfather’s house to check on the bird cage !!!!! They smile at each other !!! Happy ending ! ——— am gonna miss this drama & the OTP
  10. JE takes a walk in the park after the hospital visit.. looks at the flowers . Slowly & deeply . Think of JW & their early interactions. (They better not give some open ending ) i think SA & hubs are no longer married but they maintain a good friendship for the daughter’s sake . Her girls are well adjusted, hv accepted the parents divorce & live with dad . But they still do things together. SA has her own place now .
  11. Aww jE visits her ex MIL . CK walks in with intern , now Wife . And baby ! So looks like no JW babies
  12. Omg ...JE at market sees MY with baby in stroller . She quickly hid. But baby looks mixed . Then SHS sees MY’s hubs . He’s Caucasian! So looks like JW & MY separated ! And MY had remarried Oh yeah !!!!
  13. Oooo JW is in Korea , in a park studying somr flowers . His student bumps into him. . (Are you happy saem? He says of course ) . Is he really ? His eyes say something else omo! Looks like JE is also in the same park . But they hv not met nice to see SA teaching ballet to adults, doing something she loves
  14. I love how much stronger & how liberated JE is . Her tying her own shoe lace , setting the bird free . I feel happy for her . Looks like there’s a 3 year time jump & she’s looking happy running a bed & breakfast. And she’s gone back to her writing .
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