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  1. Hi guys I’m back. Haven’t been here for so long about a year and half, but I’m glad there are still people here. I miss this thread! Haven’t been writing about YZ but I wanna get back into it again. 


    And welcome @fat_starfish! There’s a link in the first page (it was when I was here, not sure about now since I haven’t checked it yet) You can learn about YZ and the boys through those links. If they don’t work let us know and we’ll fill you in. 

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  2. A candy I supposed concerning ZZ’s Studio’s Weibo post of his Bangkok concert. 


    So at the beginning it was Understanding Dreams but switches to TMRMH. It’s also the same singer who sang IOCAY. (Sorry on my phone and names too long. You know the names if you’ve been in this fandom for too long.)


    When ZZ started to sing the first verse: Ni wen wo ai ni you duo shen, the left pans to concert checking the tickets. The checking of tickets starts at 2. Then second verse:  Wo ai ni you jifen, starts and shows concert starting. Concert starts at 6. 


    Now this his song is supposed to “represent” a song for fans but it doubles as a way to convey ZZ’s heart to someone else. Someone who was in a rush to get back to his hotel. 


    I think this ZZ’s Studio Weibo update post is the proof of this. So guys those who are still iffy about YuZhou it’s fine as long as you acknowledge that the men acknowledging and associating themselves with Shangyin and anything related to it and each other. Again, it’s easier to come outright and say they want nothing else to do with each other anymore, since gaining only fans is easier than gaining cpfs. Genuine fans will stick with you no matter what. So why would they (YZ) do all these things? For what? That’s what we should all ask ourselves. There’s nothing to gain as China’s business entertainment industry is cutthroat. One measly scandal whether it be true or not, is suicidal to ones career. I get that they’re distancing themselves from Shangyin, and even deleting them, but memories and their associations to it will never go away. And the two haven’t stopped it. 


    Stick with the boys boys or not it’s everyone’s choice. But I like to stay by their side along the way, even if it’s walking slowly, shoulder to shoulder. I’m happy for JY and ZZ that they’re getting more and more busy with work. I hope they are well and I wish they could make a concert here in the US also. (I want JY to visit NYC too.)

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  3. 6 hours ago, tuzicr said:

    Guys, anybody knows if there are any ZZ concerts planned for China this year? I just moved to China and was hoping I can attend some. As far as I know he did the gig in Shanghai during the Strawberry Music festival, but that's it. Thank you for any info.

    Welcome to the thread. Usually, @bearology, @Angrybird62, and sometimes @crystalclear18 post updates concerning the boys about where they would pop up next and what events they need to attend or attending and concerts/birthday fanmeets they're having. 


    Edit: Gashupingo, Ryokise, Harukoyoshi, and older members used to post, but they're inactive. Although they still post from time to time and help bearo out. Just keep on a lookout here.  



    I agree with @crystalclear18 about this as a necessary way in order for his career to flourish. I feel like ZZ has said his piece of mind about addicted during Bangkok's concert. The last song was The Moon Represent My Heart right? (Not sure if it was since that's the last one I saw after bearo's live Instagram [follow her in IG since she does post stuffs a lot there], and I can't believe ZZ did that! He's voice was amazing despite being sick that day.) If TMRMH was the last song, then he really did mean it. Remember, he's always hands on with his concerts, so in him doing this. I interpret it as the last song is always unforgettable. 

    I guess I'm still gonna support them after all what happened. 

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  4. First of I'd like to give all the thanks to @bearology You are the best! Livestreaming is no joke. I happened to see most of it and I'm so glad. 

    @crystalclear18 I've been meaning to reply to you about your post concerning ZZ's image in his variety show guesting. Yeah they tried to paint him into a bad boy image. And I felt they tried to edit him out as much as they can. Ugh, I hate evil cuts and edits. 


    @nyota thank you for the links. I've dled the two song videos from miaopai already. ZZ's voice has gotten better from bearo's livestreaming. It's very soothing to the ear, although JY's voice is softer and more manlier. But I love both of their singing voice. They both meshed together in a way it doesn't sound intrusive or mess, but rather cohesive. 

    @lucy372839 Hmmm, the pics of ZZ's bicep tattoos does look like whale, but Idk. Some say its a mic stand. Not sure. But time will tell. 


    As for newcomers welcome and hello! Hope we all get a long. Try to post YuZhou/Zhouyu topics or anything related to these two. The sweeter the candy the better! Lol, have a nice day everyone!


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  5. Hey!m guys. Long time no see. 


    @KyleaddictedHey me too. I wonder what made them do this again. I have a hunch and it has to do with the recent variety survival show called Produce 101 (Chinese copy of the same name from Korean show.) The winner of the show is acting in a drama web series and he’s popular. His name is Cai XuKun or something. His character is bi (or straight they only started airing first episode and I don’t know yet but he acts so feminine and gay. In real life to.) 


    maybe this his is one of the reason why. Plus there has been more gay Chinese dramas coming albeit still limited but still producing content. There’s the Two actors from Love Now who’s starting in another Meng Meng gay drama. The same person who directed Falling In Love with my enemy. 


    Honestly I wouldn’t put past anything for now because they (Sina and Chinese Gov’t) can still come back and push their agendas one more time. 

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  6. On 2/9/2018 at 6:48 AM, jauapp08 said:

    It's a reply to some comments who wanted female leads for his MV during "It's You " MV 

    ZZ’s first girl in one of his MV should be significant since it’s giving him a “Herero or straight” image instead of his previous MV with ambiguous partner. The thing is the girl is foreigner. No need to further comment on that because I’m fine with it. 



    Also, just saw this. At 00:11 is that JY? Everyone am I seeing things or is that Red Sea movie?


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  7. Spoiler

    Fun fact about Ryota who is now Weibo friends with ZZ. Ryota is a member of Generations and one of the main singer of the group. The group consist of vocals and performers. Two vocal and the rests are performers/dancers (sometimes they choreographed their own dances). Now about why Ryota finally made a Weibo. He was being compared as a similar looking to Luhan who is a famous former member of EXO group and that he’s been getting lots of roles and hype for him. Ryota acted in a role last year that garnered attention of being Luhan look a like. It exploded around there, so LDH took this opportunity to link with China. 

    ^ bout Ryota. 



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  8. 14 hours ago, kyrie777 said:

    Happy 1800th page guys!


    I’m not around every day anymore (stupid life gets in the way :D) but it’s good to see the forum is still alive and kicking! 


    Has it been 8 years yetttttt? B)

    I wish! 


    ZZ’s new songs! I hope he releases it again in iTunes. Loving the screaming part in Rio, and the chill laidback melody of Orange Sky is great. Wonder what the third song is. Congrats ZZ! And Happy 1800 guys.


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  9. 12 hours ago, bearology said:

    Trailer for that variety show, JY is ZhouYu here. Looks like they will be a different hero in each episode lmao


    Cr rmarkcp

    JY is sometimes ZhouYu :lol: Fate people, FATE :lol:


      Hide contents









    JY looks good here. Look at that wig. I now want to see him in a periodical drama or at least a Wuxia or XianXia drama. Yesssss


    edit: just realized he was in demon girl 2 but that doesn’t really count. I want him as MC. 

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  10. Despite not being able to watch the whole thing because I’m stuck at work, I felt ZZ had grown a lot In this two years. His stage last year was amateurish with his background dancers have their own clothes (probably but not as stylish as this year) theyve gotten better. Even his performance. I’m so happy for ZZ to be able to push his way of singing two ost from Shangyin. You guys I might not have been here from the start, but I’ll forever support these two boys. 


    I hope JY and ZZ grows even more. I’ve never stanned someone like this. In the future, I’d love to see you two on stage together without worries and animosity. We CPFs need to keep hanging on and support them. Thank you ZZ for today/last night. Good luck two you too. 


    (After note: JY looks handsome! Same with ZZ!)

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