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  1. It's a big news for me, to read this couple struggle with their married problem. Like song2 couple before, I stand with the woman side, here I also stand with GHS. For me, what AJH doing is not good for both of side. If he is truly gentlemen, it would be better if he keeps on low, until everything has settle down. So both of party could minimize of the impact. He also be better settling up with every family member, coz when he married a woman, he also be a part of his wife family. I can understand what it feels to be GHS, or other woman in the world when the man that she loves, the man that made a promises to her and all of her family to be her life partner, in a bad and good condition, is the who filled the divorce. I hope GHS can endure all of her pain, and with the time she could regain her strength to rise again.
  2. I never state anything about love relationship here anyway, I also state I cannot confirmed, and I use “partner” not “lover” instead.
  3. Okay!! Sorry, i just reactivated my account, and it's been so long I didn't write or communicate in this forum. I will delete it instead..
  4. Actually, I've heard about them way before this tread exist.. It was after goblin ending.. but, I was shocked when a confirmation between LDK and Suzy dating before.. I really love LDK and YIN on the screen.. Hopefully, what I heard before is really true about LDK and YIN..
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