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  1. @Zhiwei as Empress Convo (Too many points to quote everyone. lol) Although realistically, it might not be a good idea, I still feel like had Zhiwei become Empress, most viewers will just accept it. There will be hard times ahead of course, but as long as they are together they might still push through and be happy. Or maybe it will end up badly, but as I have learned from a long time ago, there is really no happy ending, it all just depends on when you end your story. Most romances end on a high note where people get married and are happy, but after the credits roll something bad could have happened and they get divorced. Or the other one dies, or maybe even the entire world exploded. No one knows. The important thing is when they chose to end the story. After saying that, I will also say, that there is something significant about Zhiwei not becoming Empress of Tiansheng. Even in the novel, Ning Yi was the one who had to step down to marry her and not her marrying him and becoming Empress. Zhiwei is basically the symbol of the old ways (despite her modern personality). Even when she rose up, she was the symbol of bringing back the old Kingdom instead of establishing a new one. And it seems the story is not trying to marry the old to the new, or to get back the old Dynasty, but to establish a new rule. The old dynasty has to end. Ning Yi wanted change, not just change from the past but even changes from the present. A lot of changes he will make might even make enemies to those that once supported him. It is sad, because Zhiwei's personality makes her the best person to help in creating this change, however her identity does the complete opposite, and sad to say, her identity is more important to the people rather than her personality. In the end, the book made the best choice of placing Ning Ji on the throne with Ning Yi and Zhiwei as his confidants. Although in the drama, Ning Yi already gave up on the throne once, so it doesn't make me feel good to see him do it again.
  2. Yeah I meant eventually realizing it... certainly not at that point but you know, the evidence piling up or something like that. And although it was for Ning Yi's own agenda, he still could have used the revelation of their secret to further his agenda against the crown prince, but instead he completely kept it hidden. Even if not for the love of Zhiwei, it still tells of the kind of man Ning Yi is. But I think she still never saw that. I feel like, whatever Ning Yi did, she turned a blind eye to it. Yes, this is exactly what I meant. I am not saying that her character didn't have realistic motivations or views, I'm just saying that she chose only to look at the darker side of Ning Yi because it would not do well for her to actually see him as a good person. She has her own reasons for it, but I feel that gratefulness would never come into her mind no matter what Ning Yi would do. I mean, I don't think the thought that Ning Yi really likes her daughter came to her mind, because she doesn't even see Ning Yi as a person. Only an enemy. She is not intentionally being ungrateful. She just could not credit him for anything. But yeah, maybe 10-20 years can make her finally really see him as a person. She does? Oh I didn't notice it. The style looks different on her so I didn't notice it. Oh yes! Definitely I do not wat them to have chemistry and fall in love or anything like that. I want them to be in a relationship like how Ning Yi was to Zhuyin. But of course they still have to propagate. lol. I totally agree to all of what you said. The reason I like Yangci is because I don't think she is the type of person who would get attracted to Ning Yi at all. She seems to be very logical and level-headed. I think she would make a great ally.
  3. Yes they were attracted to each other. I mean Zhiwei could have left to explore the world as what she wanted but she stayed when she heard that Ning Yi might die. So she decided to help him. Although of course, she did owe him, so it might be part repaying a favor, but they definitely were attracted to each other from the start. It just wasn't love yet. Ning Yi wasn't being frank when he said he liked Zhiwei though (at the beginning). He was deliberately avoiding Zhiwei's question by using "like" as an excuse. Zhiwei also calmly thought about his answer, because she wasn't affected that much. She simply called his lie by completely ignoring his excuse. I mean their feelings at the time were not that strong. But Zhiwei was intrigued at how deceptive Ning Yi was, and Ning Yi was intrigued at how perceptive Zhiwei was. In the end, most characters in the story weren't black and white. I too quite disliked her. But she wasn't all bad. In the end, she did ask Master Zong to let Zhiwei choose for herself and she had no knowledge of the 4th Dacheng Prince so it wasn't because of his existence. In her own way, she did love her children. Yet, she was also bound to a deep loyalty to the previous dynasty. However, I can't quite understand how she can easily sacrifice Feng Hao for Zhiwei which makes one think that maybe her love for Zhiwei also stemmed from her loyalty. And yet, she did mention that she cared about what happens to Zhiwei now unlike before because now she sees Zhiwei as a daughter. I guess maybe Zhiwei was both daughter and princess to her so she weighed more than Feng Hao who was just a son... But the fact that she actually asked Master Zhong to not force Zhiwei meant that in the end, her love for her daughter as a mother won? I wonder though if not once did she actually think that Ning Yi was seriously in love with his daughter? I mean, he did save her from a death sentence. That she should know about. And when Ning Yi freed her and Feng Hao from Ning Chuan, what was her reasoning about that? She already knew, Ning Yi knew about their secret and yet kept it hidden. I actually do think that Qui Mingying intentionally turns a blind eye to the reality of Ning Yi and Zhiwei's shared feelings because no matter what, she could only see Ning Yi as an enemy. In a way, even if she knew the entire extent of how much Ning Yi protects Zhiwei, she will never accept him or be thankful to him. I am sure that this is not gonna be a popular opinion, but I do like Yao Yangci as Empress. Not as Ning Yi's lover of course. But I can see her as someone who would work with him like Zhuyin. They are both regal and brilliant. And I hope no one stones me to death.
  4. I definitely have encountered a lot of media that showcases mindless loyalty. It is not just prevalent in ancient China. It is rooted deeply into the monarchy system. Even people who do not care who the King is as they are living in such remote areas, if a monarch suddenly visits and and smiles at them, suddenly they are willing to die for him. As these monarchs are like gods, it is easy to see people willing to give up their lives out of loyalty. "For the King" is a term that until now is popularly used in books, movies, or games. But it doesn't make it any easier to swallow when it comes to sacrificing the ones you love. I mean sacrificing themselves, sure. But sacrificing their children? it's cultish in nature... I think the mindset might almost be similar to that. Haha! you are right. For someone who has done some modeling, I think NiNi doesn't do action poses really well. But I blame the training. As they weren't going to do a lot of martial arts I think they completely just neglected it.
  5. Yes there was more than just the patriarchy. It was also a monarchy. And more than a monarchy it was an imperial monarchy in which the Emperor is seen as one chosen by the heavens. It takes a certain amount of self-confidence (bordering on arrogance) to be Emperor. Hence, they never admit to mistakes. Gods make no mistakes. Everyone being subservient to you is a right. Hence the excessive bowing. And this trickles downwards. Which is why Ning Yi lost a lot of confidence as he shed his title. He was really a person of that era. He was used to the social norms of the time. But Ning Yi had a good heart. He respects people and cares for them because he has a kind nature beneath all his thorns. I think this has also something to do with his mother who was a loving mother to him and Ning Qiao who became his benefactor after his mother died. A man arrogant enough to rule but kind enough to care. He was really a special person and thus to Xin ZIyan getting him on the throne was so important.
  6. Beautiful. And I agree. Although I do strongly believe that they would have made it. A connection that strong is not something that will break lightly. As for social class, yes, the patriarchy was one of the reasons that women at the time were demoted to a lower status. Like Shaoning not being able to be heir or an strong person like Qui Mingying still needing to be protected and housed by her brother with the loss of her husband. A woman is either a daughter, a sister or a wife. She cannot be just herself. The only exceptions are the entertainers. Thus as Zhiwei said, they lived a more independent life. I imagine they are like geishas. Zhiwei was completely different as she had her own identity without a man by acting like a man. And even when she didn't, she acted like she had. I think that at the start NIng Yi thought of her as some sort of special pet that can be useful. So when he didn't have use of her, he didn't want her to be involved as it would just be a nuisance to him. It's like having a pet tiger. You want to use it to attack your enemies, but otherwise, you keep it on a cage. But then he fell in love with her and then he just wanted to keep her safe. It must be tiring to love Zhiwei to be honest. He respects her intelligence and abilities, but the instinct of a man is to protect his woman (at least at that time period). I think it is hard to just shrug off. And I think it's not just Ning Yi that needs to change, but the both of them have to meet at the middle. As Zhiwei becomes more understanding of his drive to keep her safe, he will also open up more to his plans knowing that she will understand. This is not the modern world. It is an entirely different society. But I think they were reaching to that point of understanding. Had the scene where Zhiwei came to the battle site to meet Ning Yi been added, it would actually serve as a culmination of their understanding. Zhiwei did understand that the battlefield was not her place and chose to be his support instead of insisting on being in the front lines too. But Ning Yi also appreciated her presence and didn't complain that she came. It was perfect. They were perfect... unfortunately it didn't continue to be so. I wish they added that scene. I would have marked that as END! lol Unfortunately that is how I look at the world right now. This. It was her original dream until she got worried about Ning Yi, and thus a different life started for her. At the end, had she went back to her original dream after Ning Yi got his, it would have been a bittersweet end. Qui Mingying had twin sons. They exchanged Zhiwei (who was a princess) for one of her sons. Thus the baby that fell into the cliff was not the real remnant, but Qui Mingying's son and Feng Hao's twin brother. Zhiwei is the real remnant.
  7. Agreed. The context just made you feel a bit confused... I still believe the kiss was great... the timing bad. It doesn't because you have to be in battle mode when you do it And there is also an RNG of battle mode just suddenly turning off... It's like that. I would be miffed too if I were her. But I think in the end Zhiwei understood. Ugh! You and me both. Zhiwei and Ning Yi were such well written characters and yet sometimes they just suddenly say lines that make you ask "REALLY?" Sometimes I feel like any emotional barrier they placed between this couple is completely forced. Except for the vow which was really the only real barrier, I think this couple would have managed to get through anything. Their interactions had proven that... They did such a good job at creating their relationship... but the writers had to make conflict... and now they weren't sure how to do it. It's like you building an impregnable castle then suddenly being given the task to siege it. So the conflicts came off as really forced... Like Ning Yi being doubtful of Zhiwei because "She is Queen of Jinshi now." Like huh? You have a point. It is a flaw of his. But although she didn't like it, it is great Zhiwei was smart enough to adapt. She might scold him about it but she didn't whine and complain like a lot of girls would do. And I think had they been given a chance, Ning Yi would have gradually opened up more.
  8. I don't have any Mandarin knowledge at all T_T And I saw Lost in 1949 but could not finish the last few eps because I was starting to throw my shoes at the monitor. The girl just frustrated me so much. I hate one-sided love stories. Actually, I think Ning Yi gave Zhiwei credit more than any Tiansheng man ever could... it's just that, in the end Tiansheng wasn't Jinshi. Zhiwei came up with the plan about deceiving Zhongyi which Ning Yi obediently followed. Also followed her advice to light the flare. Sent her to the Yan family to conduct investigation. Believed that she already had a plan to handle Zhongxin and agreed to her plans. Told the head of the guards in Minhai (???) to consult with Zhiwei instead of him. Left her in charge of finding a cure. He allowed Zhiwei to do her job. In fact, before her gender came out to the public, Ning Yi was willing to let her go alone to Minhai. Not once did Ning Yi treat her like a woman tbh, unless he was flirting with her. However, his protectiveness always came first, since of course, he was in love with her and I don't think Ning Yi has ever been in love before. But then I think had Zhiwei been in the same situation she might have done the same thing too. Anyway, for a person who lived in a very patriarchal society, it amazes me how Ning Yi allows Zhiwei to run around at all.
  9. Well, that was what I understood. He was planning to give up his position so he lost confidence in his ability to protect Zhiwei as he will no longer have power. He thought Zhiwei would be safer in Jinshi and thus happier too. What drama of Chen Kun are you watching right now btw?
  10. I think she found out though... because Zhiwei did tell the Emperor in the last episode that the only reason he let her leave was because Ning Yi threatened him. Unless she didn't find out til later... but I dunno. I think Zhiwei is smart and she pieced all the information together. There was a reason Ning Yi was there when he wasn't summoned... Zhiwei knew he was there. After everything Ning Yi did to save her life before, I am sure she just pieced everything together herself. T_T It sure broke mine. Zhiwei is a really amazing strong character. Even when she cries, she still feels really strong. When she stated she just wanted Ning Yi even if the world burns, she said it with strength. Even when she was desperate to save Ning Yi and even used her body as a test for the drug, she was strong and resolute. When she wanted to see Ning Yi when he was sick and her eyes were tearing up, the order in her voice was still commanding. Even after her mother's death, she just cried without throwing a fit, and then she put on a strong facade later. She is awesome. One of the best female characters. It was important to see the weak side of her. The girl who was just in love, instead of the strong woman who was always a fighter. Oh no, I am not blaming her at all. I am just trying to understand Ning Yi's grief as well. I totally understood her feelings at that point when she pushed Ning Yi away. She was definitely punishing herself. Tbh, I think I would have been much weaker and be angrier at Ning Yi at that point, blameless as he is. But such is grief. However, even in her grief she did only swear to never marry Ning Yi in this lifetime. She didn't commit her entire existence. So she definitely still hoped to be together with Ning Yi in another life. That's how much she loved him. I am just saying that Ning Yi must be sad as well and I think Zhiwei after seeing him at the bridge and then again in the carriage must have already reconciled that point... the accusation just came too late for me. Oh my! That just sounds so romantic. But I already found his gesture so sweet despite not knowing that. I mean who the hck is Qui Mingying to him? She was just a rebel and brought them grief. But she was also Zhiwei's mother and at that moment he can only see that. I love Ning Yi. And I love Zhiwei. They deserved to be together. I am gonna cry again! Actually I left the kiss convo alone because although I did find it sweet, the context was kinda... ehh... so I was torn. The feeling of how they got there was really weird, especially after what happens afterwards. However, since I have a clip of it, seeing it by itself is just so beautiful. I love how Ning Yi smiled at her before touching his lips to hers and I love how she touched his face. It wasn't a passionate kiss but it wasn't just a smack either. It was like a touch of gentleness and love. And then the next scene he rebuffs her... terrible context.
  11. True true. But she didn't break down. She was still reigning herself in.. The desperation that she showed when she confessed to Jin Siyu was just so different. This was the accusation she said to Ning Yi when he told her that moving on is different from giving up. And I do understand she was grieving. But I think the reason for the silence was because he was grieving too. After all, Ning Yi did go to her to share in her grief but instead she made a vow to never marry him. Then he still went to the burial and told her he would always be waiting. And she told him they can only be together after death. I think the guy needed a break. lol Although all Zhiwei's irrationality is nothing compared to Ning Yi's later on... saying that now she is Queen of Jinshi... like what... so? Ugh! Whatever.
  12. I was already prepared for the heart-wrenching last 20 episodes (yes it is that many!) before I saw it too (I was too impatient and watched the raws) but it didn't stop me from being insanely angry at the world and wanting to bang my head on the wall when I saw it again. Usually at that point when I find out about depressing last episodes (if you can even call 20 episodes last) I would quit watching because I can truly say I am no masochist, I hate depressing stories! I even spoil last episodes or read last chapters in books to make sure I don't regret starting one... But the characters were clawing at me, I could not let them go... and so I hurt myself. lol! The problem was I was more angry than sad... I think it would be a spoiler to tell you. But I tell you, be prepared to want to throw more shoes at your screen. At this point, Ning Yi has lost confidence and will degenerate into a pile of dust! There is no salvation from this point forward. Actually he was half lying. He did feel guilty so he settled on that half truth. He was of course talking to Jin Siyu so he would not express his full feelings to him, despite his state. I would have been more surprised if he told Jin Siyu that he loved Feng Zhiwei. Ning Yi would not expose himself like that to the enemy. But I think whatever he took made it hard for him to lie so he settled on half truths. It's pretty confusing what it was that he actually took... I'm pretty sure he wasn't just drunk because he did take an antidote... I dunno... Haha! I actually had a milder reaction. I felt grieved that Ning Yi wasn't able to hear her confession as Zhiwei has not really confessed the depths of her feelings in front of Ning Yi. But at the same time I am grateful that we the audience managed to see it. This was the only time that Zhiwei let her walls crash down and really proclaim how she felt. And I am glad at this insight to her inner most feelings. It was heart-wrenching! Too bad she confessed it to another man... ~sigh Yes it mattered to me T_T I don't care if they don't get together, at least show me of how much they want to be together instead of the misunderstandings and more misunderstandings... I want to just see them care and protect each other even if they can't be together... ugh!
  13. Well I guess Zhiwei was just being a girl in love. I didn't like that she said that too, it kinda irritated me, as after all, she did make a vow. I mean what else did she expect? She wanted him to stay away right? I'm pretty sure she knew about what Ning Yi did, why else would he be there instead of still being in Minhai to take care of things? But he wasn't there when she couldn't even eat or sleep. At that moment when she felt lost, it was Helian Zheng that woke her up and made her smile. Still, I got irritated because, she should have understood that Helian Zheng at that time was unaffected by everything so he had the luxury of making others smile. Ning Yi on the other hand had also lost the woman he loved (with her saying that painful vow in front of him), so he deserved a time to sulk as well... but maybe she was just clutching at ways to let go of him, the vow cannot be undone after all... I don't know if it is at this same episode, but it was pretty obvious how much she loved him... the more one loves, the easier they get hurt... the more irrational too I guess...
  14. Yes! I would say characterization is really the driving force of this show. Whether you can empathize with the character or not, whether you like or dislike them, they are all characters with their own goals and motivations. The villains aren't there just to give the leads problems. They have their own story to tell. They all have problems and hardships and dreams. I can write a whole page essay of each and single one of the characters in the show (some might require 3-5 pages, lol). They have depth. And there you just added more depth to the characters that I didn't really think about. I think the characters and their interactions with each other are so rich that a single brain is not enough to comprehend everything. There is just so much there.
  15. My favorite line in the movie. Too bad she was too controlled to actually give in. I would have loved to see that!
  16. LOL! I remember all the Naruto cosplay drama fights I see on youtube... no please... And I feel you there with Ning Yi's expression. His face definitely tell a story by itself. lol It definitely so much better to watch the second and third time around because you already know what is happening and doesn't have to read as much.
  17. I don't know... actors overacting in general are off-putting to me as well. I think it all goes down to characterization and individual perception? The way I saw it, the one overacting was not Chen Kun but Ning Yi... I just so happened to get intrigued by the type of character Ning Yi was instead of repelled by it. So basically, Chen Kun just made a character that was overly dramatic at times and it all depends on the viewer if the character appealed to them or not. I don't think i would have judged it differently had it been an English drama... at least I don't think so... I don't think that most viewers disinterest had something to do with Ning Yi's character tho... I think it's mostly with the story pacing... for some reason, even for people who like the show, people find the pacing at the beginning really slow... I really loved the pacing however...
  18. Same, although I am more forgiving of Mary Sues in fan fiction as writers are mostly amateurs. But definitely not in published books. But you are right with the change in character. I hate it. When the character doesn't feel the same to me anymore, I drop it. Although some purposely go OOC just so they can push the characters in the scenario of their fantasy and wisely label their fiction as so. So I just read it out of curiosity. There are some gems in fan fiction. Although I think writing a tRoP fan fiction seems harder than most. One because of the conclusive ending, two because it is not easy to write schemes and Ning Yi's character is completely based on it. I feel like tackling a fan fiction of tRoP can only bring disappointment... sigh~
  19. Uhm no. If you create an original story with a self-insert such is a still a Mary Sue. Like my first example, if you write a story of yourself and your favorite idol being in a romance, you are still creating a Mary Sue character, unless of course you are so good a writer to convince us otherwise. Ok I should have read your entire post first. lol. But yeah, it is something like that. She still fits in the story though because the entire universe is made for her to shine. And it's glaringly obvious. Unfortunately, the term has been loosely thrown around a lot. But those things that you mentioned are usually the reasons why people would think you created a self-insert. If you look around for definitions of Mary Sue, you usually see a lot of reasons why a person would think a character is a Mary Sue. Those reasons are actually the things that can make people believe you have created a self-insert. Because otherwise, as I previously stated, you can actually create a good Mary Sue and not have people find out. Although you can also create an obvious Mary Sue that people like... or a Gary Stu... (I am looking at you Kirito of SAO that has so much fanbase, ugh) But even if you have those elements, if for some reason, the character is still not believable as a self-insert, she still isn't a Mary Sue. You find Mary Sues a lot in fanfictions, because most fanfiction writers are amateurs. Now if the script writer of tRoP actually wrote tRoP by self-inserting herself as Zhiwei, then yeah, Zhiwei is a Mary Sue. However, if you didn't even think that, then there is no point in thinking that she is. So it is the relationship between the character, writer, and story. Did you once think that the writer was just portraying her own fantasies by being the main character in this story? No? Then she isn't a Mary Sue. A badly written character doesn't mean she is a Mary Sue. A character written for an agenda (Namely you Rey of Star Wars) doesn't mean she is a Mary Sue, despite everyone hating her and shouting that she is so. Usually, it is people who have no interest in writing and just hear the word Mary Sue from others that misuses the label. Mostly, drama/movie watchers with no interest in books. Sorry... not saying that all book readers know of it's real meaning. But writers should know exactly what a Mary Sue is, and thus stepping away from a character that you have written is as much an important step in writing as stepping into it. Thanks for more insight on the novel. When I heard people mention she is Mary Sueish in the novel, I actually kinda believed it because of the things she has accomplished and I have no context whatsoever since I didn't read it. It is kinda not hard to believe. But I think I have mentioned this several pages before, no matter how overpowered she is, if the writer manages to convince me that she is a character and not a self-insert, then she is not a Mary Sue, to me at least. lol Actually Gary Stus are thrown around a lot too. In the fanfiction world, there are so many of them around (not as much as Mary Sues though). But... let us be honest, there are really more Mary Sues than Gary Stus. The reason being is that, let us face it, we women are more prone to fantasize than men. It is the honest truth. And by saying this, I am not including the tons of harem stories and ecchi manga and anime that are created for male fantasies but not necessarily the author's. I really despise Mary Sues. We all have our own fantasies, but writing your fantasy and declaring it as a "character" worthy for other's to read about is despicable to me. If you want to write a fantasy about yourself, might as well label it as such and not hide it as a different character. But my advice, don't even write it. Just keep it in your head. lol Edit: Seems us females, usually spot Mary Sue's more easily than Gary Stus. So I might be wrong about Gary Stus being not as many. I just discussed it with my brother just now and he was able to mention a lot of Gary Stus than Mary Sues and he says a lot of Mary Sues are pretty cool. And I actually find the Gary Stus he mentioned to be pretty good characters. So... I guess we are just more judgmental to our own gender. Btw, I have to reiterate... fantastical... sometimes I forget to include that term... but it has to be a fantasy of yourself and not really yourself...
  20. Yeah, I think people just throw around the label Mary Sue these days (well alright, its been going on for awhile). But as an avid reader of fanfiction.net (lol) , I would say bad Mary Sue characters are fairly easy to spot. You can easily see when a writer is trying to be the main character, or even an awesome side character and creating a story for that purpose... trying to fulfill their fantasies by inserting themselves into a story or creating a main character that represents their fantasy-self. A Mary Sue is simply a fantasy self insert character. It doesn't mean that Mary Sues are all that bad. Some Mary Sues can be quite interesting in fact. For example, think about your favorite actor/idol right now and imagine a romance with him. Now write it. You just created a Mary Sue. Now create a version of yourself inside the tRoP story line, you might even save Zhiwei from committing suicide or worse Ning Yi might marry you instead... yeah that's an example of a very bad Mary Sue... but it happens. I swear! Yes, yes, even if you went and ended up romancing Nanyi instead. Admittedly, a good writer can actually cover up a self-insert to make it feel more of a real character. And thus you wont even notice the writer was actually creating a Mary Sue. But then it wouldn't matter... she didn't feel like a Mary Sue, so who cares. So it all goes down to bad writing. So write yourself into the tRoP story line and have Nanyi fall in love with you. But write it in a way that no one figures out that you are writing a fantasy of yourself. Hah! Good luck! On the other hand, even if the character is extremely over-powered, everyone is in awe of her, and she always saves the day, but for some reason (I don't know what), she doesn't feel like a self-insert character (maybe because the situations are just created for comic effect?), then you can't say she is a Mary Sue.
  21. Are you trying to make me kill the script writers? I am really doing my best to believe he did not take advantage of Zhiwei here... >.< I agree it was swoon worthy. Although I think Ning Yi talking about having babies with Zhiwei was just as hot. And that deleted scene in the trailers where Zhiwei and Ning Yi stood face to face and smiled at each other... there are just so many... I don't know what's the best Best Villain for me is Jin Siyu. He was just as cunning as Ning Yi, too bad we didn't see as much of him as Ning Qi. Although I would also like the mention the Lord of Minhai, who outdid Ning Yi at every turn until his sons became his own downfall. Ning Qi did a lot, but not once did Ning Yi plot against him... so in the end, Ning Yi never really considered him as a worthy opponent? Yeah... well maybe some day...
  22. Yes! More victims. lol I really get what you are saying. And I totally felt the same until I realized that the second vow she made was about her own soul and not her mother's. And I know it is mean of me to not care about her initial vow, but the second one is devastating. If she went with Ning Yi now, then it will be the only lifetime they will be together. And Ning Yi did tell her he wanted to spend all his lifetimes with her. And it does not matter whether reincarnation is true or not, because they believe in it. In which case, it bothers me that Ning Yi just conveniently forgot about it, or intentionally ignored it. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! He should have offered her something else... being his Empress was out of the question!!! SMH! Although, I think, she should have just disappeared instead. Or faked her death or something. A survivor like Zhiwei committing suicide leaves a bad taste on my mouth. Unfortunately, the novel and the series went completely different directions, and although the title of the novel was perfect for it, the series had really nothing to do with Zhiwei being a phoenix anymore... to be honest, they should have changed the title. Or better yet, not associate themselves with the novel at all, and maybe just place some credits that the story is loosely based on it. It might have gotten a better reception from the novel readers. But your idea sounds great. From what I understood, they both didn't know she was being poisoned until she went to Ning Yi while he was removing the curse made by his mother. They investigated it, but it was already too late. They both decided to continue as planned and Zhiwei entrusted Ning Yi with waking her up. The later parts are just seen in flashbacks because at this point the movie is rushing so bad that important dispositions are left to flashbacks. GREAT IDEA EDITOR! (I still can't forgive them for relegating the "real" confrontation between Ning Yi and Zhongxin to a flashback). None of them knew what the Prince was going to do at all. She was supposed to just loose her memories and they just planned to rekindle them. I think Ning Yi was somewhat confident they could do it because of their relationship. But he was taken aback that she re-associated her memories instead and started to hate him, and that the Prince would actually pretend to be married to her and then marry her for real afterwards. The perfect thing about this story is that there are no Mary Sues and Gary Stus. The leads can't see everything and thus make a lot of mistakes. Like A LOT! You have got to be blind to associate Zhiwei to a Mary Sue. I don't know about the explosion though... I didn't know if they planned that much destruction... =========================== Soooooo, I am trying to make a "real" MV with work being slow and all due the holidays. Have a blessed Thanksgiving to everyone btw. But while I'm cutting and editing clips, I end up watching the entire thing instead so it is a long process... Anyway, I was watching the scene where Zhiwei was revealed as a woman and Ning Yi was on his "overacting" (as others want to put it) mode again, and it amazes me how you see glimpses of his real feelings. It was such a wonderful idea to place Helian Zheng there on the scene. With Helian Zheng disrupting his act. Ning Yi's frustration while trying to still look indifferent... it was so fun to watch. He knew of course that begging for her life would just mean a swift death for her. But Helian Zheng... lol... He is a really great guy but... I wonder if he is fit to rule... lol
  23. Oh yes, there definitely are some supernatural aspects like the curse. But I think that was about it. The martial arts gliding I would not really count as magic, but yeah it brands the story as fantastical. The setting and tones in itself brands the movie as a fantasy. Even though I have no knowledge of historical China, I can clearly tell it was not going to be some practical adaptation of a real dynasty. It was too glittery, although in a really high quality kind of way. The story also started off with a discussion about a town saved by an imprisoned prince who weave clothes. That already set the tone of fantastical elements to me. Hence, I also adjusted my expectations. There is no way Zhiwei in the tv series is a Mary Sue. I think the Mary Sue comments come from us talking about novels. Although her strength in character does not eliminate her from being a Mary Sue of course. But she definitely isn't one. I do not see any flaws to Ni Ni's portrayal of Zhiwei actually. She had a really controlled execution and yet manages to shine even at the face of Ning Yi's dramatic performances. Although some might think otherwise, I didn't really see a moment that Chen Kun's acting overpowered Ni Ni's. In fact, they complemented each other really well. Her acting isn't much of a controversy as I think everyone agrees that she was brilliant, hence there isn't much talk about it. Oh btw, as for Ning Yi being dramatic, I remember when he first became head of the Censorate and he was checking out the records. I remember the dramatic way he flung the scrolls into the floor. And then did it again afterwards just for good measure... the guy is really something. But instead of being annoyed by his antics, I really enjoy it instead. And different from theatre, he was not trying to convey rage when he flung the rest of the scrolls, he was just being true to the character of Ning Yi, who is a drama queen.
  24. I just have to highlight this. I do theatre (not professionally) and it's nothing of the sort. Expressions are great and all but as sonosong pointed out, even with the heavy make up, it is hard to convey anything with expressions alone in theatre. Ning Yi doesn't really gesture that much. Extreme gestures is what makes a play. We have to make wide gestures with our hands and move our body along to emphasize most feelings. You convey your feelings more with your body than your face. Movements are completely exaggerated. However, I would say that Chen Kun's acting would also not fit the norms. It was good for tRoP because although it didn't have magic, it still had a fantasy setting. It would look completely out of place in a modern practical setting. Like for example... if he brought acting like that in a tv series like Suits (which I love btw)... I would roll my eyes too. But what he did in the show was create a completely fictional character. One that cannot possibly exist in reality. So I just enjoyed it.
  25. Wow! It is definitely enlightening to hear your views. I had to go re-watch some of the episodes after you mentioned them because I felt I saw a totally different actor... Maybe I am biased because I am partial to the character he created. I was captured by it since episode one and I had gotten really attached to the character of Ning Yi at that point that I actually bought it all. I find that his character was consistent throughout and the only time he really changed was when he lost Zhiwei. But then he would go back to the old Ning Yi when dealing with Jin Siyu. I loved the scene where he was complaining about being humiliated. Had he just accepted it, everything would have ended as a simple mistake. He was basically seeing how much he could push the issue whilst at the same time mocking Ning Sheng at his failure. He was giving his father an opportunity to punish Ning Sheng. It was super entertaining to watch. It was such a performance, not of Chen Kun but of Ning Yi. But I get how people might not like it. As for his mother's death, that was at the part where everything was rushed with one misunderstanding after another and I got completely disconnected to all the characters as a whole. At this point I hated everyone except for Ning Cheng, who keeps on being the person who had to be reason for the misunderstandings when it is totally no fault of his. I pity him. I hated the rest, including Nanyi and Ning Yi and Zhiwei... but as they say, hate is not the opposite of love... and I could not be indifferent. Episode 32 is one of my favorites because of how it played as a courtroom drama. The Lord of Minhai did come prepared and he was awesome. I loved how he destroyed Ning Yi's evidence bit by bit. I love seeing my heroes succeed, but a worthy adversary is just as exciting. Anyway, I do not see any contorting or gasping or chin jutting. I just re-watched it too to see if I missed it. But all I can see is Ning Yi's brain working overtime to understand the situation. With his expressions alone, I can see the thoughts running through his mind without help of any flashbacks. In fact the flashbacks at that point was completely unnecessary, but oh well. He ran through everything that happened and could not believe that Chen Shao was not truthful with him. He believed that Chen Shao really wanted justice. So there must be something else. But dang, Ning Yi was totally defeated. But it was an awesome defeat. This drama is just great. lol And oh, I love the changes in Ning Yi's voice. The fact that I love watching anime might be the reason I loved Ning Yi's character instead, including all his dramatic effects. His character really is something that can exist in an anime. In fact, I would like to see an animation of tRoP. In any case, I don't think the director would have reigned in Chen Kun, because they were the ones who really wanted him in the show. And in one of Chen Kun's interviews he did say that before he would have to setup the character but that now he was more thick skinned... since they chose him, then they don't have another option. lol. I love how honest he is at his own arrogance. He is something else!
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