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  1. 2 hours ago, vieedha said:

    Hessa on MDL listed the most questions  were asked by SHR viewers

    What are the 2 versions?

    The original international version and the SBS re-edited version.

    How to know which version I'm are watching?

    It is simple, just look at the top right corner and if there is an SBS's logo, you are watching the re-edited version. Plus, usually, the original version starts with a song, while the re-edited version starts at the lake shot with the 15+ age restriction.
    If you are watching in DramaFever or Kissasian, it is the SBS re-edited version. If you are watching on hdfree or dramalove, it is the original version. Many of you keep thinking that Kissasian has the original version and keep confusing the scenes.


    The SBS version has some untranslated lines, why is that?

    If you notice some missing subs, that means you are watching the SBS re-edited version but with the originally sold overseas episodes' subs.
    If you wish to watch the SBS version, I recommend waiting until Dramafever release the subs since there are two types of subs:

    • DramaFever Subs (Which are released 1 day after the episode airs): Compatible with the SBS re-edited version and has subs for the extra scenes.
    • Hdfree Subs (Which are found a few hours after the episode release): This version is translated from the Chinese subs and matches the originally international episodes. Also, the subs are really good, even though it is translated from Chinese.
    for other questions such as incest, multiple wives/queens, about 13th price have the same name as the 8th price, etc u can read


    I'm sorry for cutting your post, but I just wanted to leave the part I wanted to address. Dramafever actually HAS the original version and NOT the re-edited SBS version. I watch the show through Dramafever and went back to check the episodes, and the scenes included in the SBS version are not on there.

    It makes more sense for Dramafever to have the original version since they are an online international broadcasting company for the drama and had probably pre-subbed the shows when the rights was sold to them.

    I live in the US though, so it's possible that other fans watching through Dramafever from other countries do see the SBS version, so please do correct me if I'm wrong!

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  2. 39 minutes ago, MadraRua said:

    So wait.. confused-onion-head-emoticon.gifthere's two versions?? The one I watched subbed had this scene in it


    So that means I watched the SBS version then right? 


    I wish they'd just decide on one version - with editing done properly. 



    How did you manage to watch this version with subs? I thought the SBS version had no subs out yet?

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  3. Hello, everyone!

    Been lurking this thread since week 1 of the drama. Just as a reaffirmation for me, quick question for you guys!

    There's two versions for Episodes 1-3? A regular broadcasted one and a director's cut version.

    We only have 1 version for Episodes 4-5. And now, we have two versions for Episode 6, right?

    I don't understand why they decided to cut the scenes with Hae Soo and Baek Ah & Wang So and Baek Ah. It's important to establish the relationship/friendships/loyalty between the characters. Otherwise, in the Dramafever/Internation version you're left wondering how and when Baek Ah got so close to these characters. Close enough that Baek Ah can beg Wang So to help them save Hae Soo.

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