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  1. @mei2018 @epinklyn LOL Shameless ajuhmmas we are
  2. Arthur for Dior and rimowa ( cr to official_chenfeiyu ) guys do you see what I see “ slaps myself”
  3. The hate /bullying instagram post is too pointed for this story to be totally untrue ..likely some high school stuff went down..LOL..I wonder why the story resurfaced again.??
  4. Any chance of eng translations anyone??cannot understand a word...looks like CFY and LHR got along really well..my two loves
  5. another one of Arthur speaking about love confessions Thanks and Cr to imiguo_secretfruit
  6. Hi can anyone understand what they are saying??
  7. Don’t know if you’ve seen this but it’s beautifully shot by ELLE. I especially like the ending..although I find his and NaNa’s pairing a bit mehhh..( I know I’m the minority here ) AAnnd my bias!! Idk whyyy but I see a weird weird chemistry between them ... Drama gods pls pair them up..but I don’t want them in an idol drama More like in an intense dramatic story...sigh...maybe when they’re both a bit older...ok sorry for my off topic ramblings:””) ps he seems to be more comfortable and responsive with her ...or is it just me or do u ladies see it too
  8. Wow really???netizens standards are really high it seems..?? again I think it’s because he has a different “appeal” than what CNETz are used to maybe...idk @epinklyn Great screenshot..ohhlalala “fans myself” kekeke..yes definitely it should be shared on this forum over and over again lol @phoenix81 thanks for sharing the vids..ya I’ve noticed also in most promotions of MBS that he’s not as friendly or responsive with HLD as she is with him.(.compared to Nana or song yi ren ..)but in BTS of the film they looked really friendly....I guess sometimes he’s just an obnoxious 18 yr old with mood swings
  9. Hee hee ya I remember that from the motherland and I conference...I was like I have to stop replaying this.. he’s 19..LOL..I really loved that grey suit AND he wore it with sneakers..great styling!!! 0*... it’s really funny cos I watched that conference cos I’m a fan of LHR and I noticed CFY cos of that suit..and I’m like WHO is that? 0.0...I had seen promos and read about evernight online but didn’t immediately recognize him cos he looks so different in modern clothing.. Also It might be slightly inappropriate to say this considering his age so I’m gonna put it under a spoiler idk if you ladies have seen this but it’s a great mv on MBS..The song is really appropriate and the part where he raises his hand to ask a question LOL I think I murdered the replay button...you know what I mean ..;””))
  10. @epinklyn Thanks for the welcome and your hard work finding news about Arthur!!! :)) @phoenix81 aww I haven’t seen them..and I can’t open them on my iPad too..:(( looks like there a some great stuff on bilbili..will they open on the app do you think..
  11. Hi ladies !!! so was lurking here for a few days now...;) I got to know about CFY cos I’m a fan of LHR and now on a full on obsessive CFY YouTube/ soompi/ Twitter search for newo-o Waiting for LOA meanwhile..would love to see more of him in a modern avatar..maybe something dark. BTW I’m kind of liking him with Zhang zi feng? after watching back to the field with him ( she also dubs abominable/ She is 18 and is considered a post 95 dan actress )a win win.. Also I found this video of them..he seems to really like teasing her??? and I’m kind of low key shipping them I guess LOL
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