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  1. Hello fellow shippers!

    First of all, may I say THANK YOU to everyone here and those who have been posting recently. I have been a little sick the past couple of days and coming to this forum reading about your thoughts and feelings about our Darling Couple and have truly appreciated the positive posts, most especially.

    Now just a heads up... am going to go a bit delulu here. ;)

    I have watched both Doctors and W trying to test out my heart to see if my faith in the ship will be shaken at all. Now, I will admit to NOT watching BTS of W--why should I when I really have no interest in doing so? I think, that much helps. I will say that some parts of W were cute. But I didn't feel anything with the copious amounts of kissing scenes in that show. Nope. Nothing. Actually, no. Scratch that. I felt... awkward. But that's just me. (I'm no prude here. I'm a late-thirties working mom hhahahah) :)

    As for Doctors... if anything, I felt frustrated at the kissing scenes... to go off on a bit of a tangent here--I don't like the editing and final cut of the kissing scenes. It always doesn't seem in favor of PSH. In the BTS, she's actually into the kisses. But the final cut shows nearly nothing. Anyway, that's off topic sorry!

    So bottomline here is--if you're looking for chemistry, we've got heaps in Pinocchio (hello. goosebumps at the toast kiss!!!)

    Which brings me to why I'm posting. Before Dispatch broke all sorts of news last year, PSH and LJS don't mind being photographed together/seated next to each other. Examples: That fashion show event where they pretty much looked like they coordinated their outfits. the IG post of them having dinner with the rest of the Pinocchio cast AFTER the show had ended, etc.

    After the Dispatch report? With a ton of pics PLUS testimonials/confessions? I don't know about you but I'm not buying their whole denial of the issue hahahah.

    I think they're both on the rise career-wise. Plus they're still young. Maybe being associated with anyone at this point may not do them any favors. 

    Also, LJS saying something about Pinocchio being his memorable/fave drama? AND THEN the food truck PLUS chuseok. I mean... come on. My shipper cup overfloweth ahahhaha. :)

    Holding hands in BTS is nothing. It's the life they live AFTER the drama that matters. 

    I veer away from reading malicious comments. They clearly don't have anything better to do with their time, Why should I waste my time on them? And they already made up their mind about PSH or anyone who is not their OTP/threat to their OTP. Anything I say or do won't make a difference in their opinion.

    I'll just be here, happily re-watching the BTS of the last kiss of Pinocchio. 

    One final note: I will support whoever PSH and LJS ends up with. As long as they are happy and loved, I'm all for it. 

    Sorry for the long post. 

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  2. Hello,

    Been a lurker on this thread as I have completely forgotten the details of my old account on soompi. I'm a bit late to the party but I have always been a fan of PSH. I will admit to being part of an old ship but now I can no longer remember why as I cannot get enough of the Darling couple. I've been scouring the web and youtube for articles and videos on them and I cannot get enough! Yes, I have been watching their respective dramas and I know that there's a TON of comments surrounding their co-stars with them BUT I cannot shake off my near obsession with them! Hoping against hope that their "denial" is exactly that--a "denial" and that someday, they'll just come out and say it. Come on... dispatch pretty much caught them. hahahaha

    Anyway, thank you to everyone here with all their wonderful posts. I look forward to sharing thrilling moments over our OTP with you all.

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