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  1. Update from SIG company. He is preparing for his Fan Meet. No sound. Miss him so much.
  2. JSM reached 1M followers on Instagram. The power of a great actress. The power of MooKang Couple. The power of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Drama. More projects, More success, More followers(Fans) because you deserve all of that. And of course another project with SIG.
  3. JSM is considering starring in his first historical film combined with the genre of comedy, which bears the name "Gibang Bachelor". The male lead role will be played by Lee Jun Ho. Both will meet again in this project, as they worked together in the film "Twenty". The film will be directed and written by Nam Dae Joong (The Last Ride).
  4. @hoyund I'm also constantly searching for something related to TSHLYE. Although I know that the drama ended, I still can't get over it. Watching another drama will take some time for me. And now that I know the rating of the drama that replaced TSHLYE, just made me feel even more sad. How I wish that TSHLYE had been a huge success in Korea. The chances for SIG and JSM winning awards would be much higher. TVN has Drama Awards like KBS, SBS and MBC?
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