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  1. Dear Angels! Below a survey link for JG FM to be held in Malaysia! Malaysian here your chance!!! For those those of us who are keen to do a 2 in 1 visit Malaysia and attend JG’s FM, here is our chance!!! Let’s make it happen!!! Please pass this survey on, those with public sns, please share! Closing date 9 September 2018. Many thanks! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2143570389007619&id=122240097807335 From LJG Malaysia Family FB page: This activity is only at survey stage and any outcome result will not have any direct relation to the actual tour if any. Namoo Actors is not involve in this activity and will not be responsible on this. All JG fans are advised to conduct this survey at your own risk.
  2. Dear all, Please nominate JG in TC Candle channel! Understand that many of you have posted this information before, but we need your frequent nominations to make JG an officially nominee and so far we have only made over 600 nominations since June when the campaign started, this is a little too few to be an officially nominee. Please help by going to above video, subscribe to TC Candler channel, like the video and comment in English under the video , I nominate Korean Actor 이준기 Lee Joon Gi. One can comment as frequent as you can until he is made an official nominee at @tccandler instagram. Nomination Rules! 1. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel & Give This Video a Like! 2. Find the Correct YouTube Video (Female / Beautiful) (Male / Handsome) 3. Comment Below with Your Nomination. 4. Only One Nomination Per Comment Please. 5. Nominate as Often as You Like. 6. Check Our Instagram Account to See Who We Accept. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tccandler/ This Project in Intended to Be Fun. Friendly Commenters are Given Priority. Rude Posts Will Be Ignored / Blocked. Not Every Nomination Will Be Accepted. Celebrities Only Please (minimum 10k insta followers). TC Candler & The Independent Critics Will Vote from Noms Pool. TC Candler & The Independent Critics May Also Nominate w/o Restriction. PLEASE BE PATIENT. IT TAKES MONTHS TO NOMINATE EVERYONE. DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS NOVEMBER 30th, 2018. The above information are directly lift off TC Candler's youtube. Please pass it on to as many JG's Angels as you can! Many thanks in advance! JG needs to win more hearts...
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