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  1. Glad to see @luffie one of the oldest shippers like me, missed the old days since this thread will turn one this July so I want to greet everyone for the job well done. Our OTP is lucky to have all the Binjin's stans, just a reminder to be a responsible shippers/shoppers. happy anniversary guys
  2. Hello everyone, Hoping that everyone is healthy and safe and of course we have one goal here is to be happy and inspired by our fave couple. Don't be distracted by negativity Just focus on our lovely couple. We have a lot of receipts under our sleeves and the 2 of those and I'm holding it up to now Grocery shopping in LA and Yejin's post of pictures of them on Christmas eve Happy shippers and be responsible shoppers
  3. To all Shippers, It's been a long time since I visited here and I just want to say something about comparing Son Yejin to other actresses. I think it's unfair to them because they have been in the industry same with Yejin and they have proven themselves also that's why they're re still manage to stay up to now and about Hyunbin exes just be sensitive enough to say something about them since we don't know them very well and it's all in the past and bringing up their names here are also not right. Don't let other lurkers, bashers, haters make story or gossip what you write or comments here because at the end of the day our Binjin is our priority. Be responsible shippers
  4. Hi everyone, It's been a long time since I visited here and I'm so happy that a lot of Binjin shippers are converted now. At first, we're so afraid last year that CLOY would not be accepted by the Knetz and a lot of negative comments from casting, story, and so on and thru our prayers and perseverance to promote it in all platforms look how CLOY has become and I'm proud of our couple and my prayers is for them to be happy together for life #ingrocerywetrust #binjinisreal
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