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  1. Today is Hyunbin's natal day Happy Birthday KimTae pyung May the good Lord bless you with so much love, wealth, health, and happiness in life and whatever your heart desire Happy Birthday again and have a blast on your day
  2. He looks happy and relax I'm sure the shooting went well and yes he is not nervous and busy this time so, Mongolia gave him a good vibes so thank God for that and this week is his birthday week so Happy Birthday and all his wishes will come true
  3. That's what I noticed when I saw the video of their departure he waited together with his staff and friends and I saw this guy who was holding SYJ luggage at the check in counter and then the white van came and after a few minutes of waiting they decided to go inside the airport haha.Loving the waiting scenario
  4. Exactly , mind their own business and we're not forcing them to be together, actually Binjin couple decided and their choices to be TWOgether again
  5. Well you can't please everybody and if you are always on social media as in your focusing on Ig,Facebook,YouTube and so on you will notice that most of them are shippers of MOTA and most of them are originally fans of the leading lady and they are always like that from Lee Minho to Hyunbin and since Hyunbin is the latest so he is the newest fave and of course we can't deny the fact that he is a good catch so I don't mind them as long as my fave couple is happy ☺ that matters to me
  6. Haha you'll become a hard core shipper and we understand your feelings because even myself I started shipped them when they had a promotion of their movie Negotiation because it felt like magic when they're together and the chemistry is overflowing without an effort so we can't deny the fact that their visuals are perfect.
  7. Yejin is very shy now a days because she is not like that before and Hyunbin with cellphone same as before when he was in the airport after the scandal
  8. Yes, today is the day and like you've said couple in one frame is life and simple glance make me smile They are the cutest
  9. Thank you guys for all the inputs and being a Yejin fan for such a long time I am so grateful to hear positive reactions from solid Hyunbin fans and I am really happy that my Queen if she is really in love because her happiness is the most important thing and if he is Hyunbin that's a plus factor because I think he is such a decent guy and all we want is for them to be happy so for now I am patiently waiting the good news and eager for their drama in November
  10. Wow Sis thanks for the translation really appreciated. Hope to see you more here on this simple thread to our lovely couple
  11. Sis the last statement of yours is insane, how come the leading actress of a drama went to a premiere night where she has to work outside the country haha that's ridiculous.
  12. Actually that's my thoight and I feel the same.way that there's something between them so just wait and see and hopefully good news will come out soon
  13. Yes I saw the pic also and it happened that she was a 2nd lead and it looks like the man besde her is the 2nd lead man and I believe Binjin were sitting on the other side
  14. So they're just started shooting the paragliding scene of Yenjin so nice to hear that and I'm sure Hyun bin will start shooting also
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