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  1. Happy Birthday to our Crown Prince, Chen Xingxu! My boy is turning 23 years old today LOL. He’s really one of the odds nowadays, not your typical ‘fresh meat’ young actor. But he’s very young and so talented that you can’t help it but get attracted by him. CXX knows his elements, his face is suited to act as complex roles. His pattern is very clear and steady. Plus, he got a very good management team (aka his mom),his next projects are all well-known and anticipating plots. I wouldn’t be surprised if his game would rise extremely high in the next 2-3 years, just hope that he’ll stay out of troubles/scandals. The hype of GMP is still hot, rumors of epilogue is running around all weibo. Suddenly, all fans becomes writers and directors, so many creativity surrounding the fandom as we are still waiting for full 55 episodes to be out. I really hope to see PXR and CXX more in variety shows, they got excellent humors. Upcoming variety show starring our leads will come out around April 9-11 (I really don’t know, just rumors) PXR used to be a host, she’s very smart and quick. Rumor said that she’s having another historical drama soon, paring up with Lin Gengxin. I’m anticipating into this, love PXR when she’s wearing traditional clothing. And her acting is decent, her best ones where last few episodes of GMP *claps claps*. CXX is extremely hot right now, doesn’t even need to look for projects any more since many is starting to directly delivered to him. Upcoming projects are all remakes of iconic films. What’s interesting is that none of them will have him end up with FL...geez.
  2. Seems like u disliked the character he played, but that doesn’t mean the actor is the same. CXX is born rich LoL but he received proper educations and behavior. Many celebs I know who got famous and rich still are friendly. Bodyguards is a must, u can see how dangerous it is while CXX is trying to go out but surrounded by a bunch of people. CXX’s wish was not to be famous but actually to be recognized as a proper actor. Don’t be too critical abt his future:))
  4. English translation: [not finished yet] https://www.novelupdates.com/series/accompanying-the-phoenix/ yess, they need to reunite in historical xianxia drama. The chance of Yang Mi in ‘Lost You Forever’ is quite small...she got a lot of young stars that she want to lift. Plus, SARFT keep on putting out new policies for historical dramas, putting too much budget into one could lead to losing a lot of money. And I don’t think Yang Mi would ever lead average budget dramas anymore . as for Ethan, I don’t think he care abt his costars status too much. Yes, Bambi Zhu is not as great as Yang Mi. But if he feel comfortable with her, then he would be just fine. I’m still not over with WuFu yet so it’s gonna be hard for me to watch their new projects. I’m still waiting for “Accompanying the Phoenix” to get pick up by...hopefully jaywalk studio so we can get Ethan-Mi together again in an awesome Fantasy drama.
  5. Next week is the finale but I seriously need to get over with WuFu’s chemistry in order to start a new drama. Even when reading novel, I still imagine Yang Mi’s and Ethan’s face on the main characters. Random: currently reading “Accompanying the Phoenix” of my all time fav author. What can I say? I feel that this character Shen Li fit Yang Mi so well? Like, it’s also this kind of ‘girl power’ female centric story. Where the girl is as powerful as other men. But opposite from Fuyao, Shen Li is actually more calm and intelligent when it comes to love and responsibility. Shen Li is always wearing tomboyish clothes bc she is God of War, and is extremely straightforward. Meanwhile, Ethan’s sly and “shameless” face match very well with Xing Yun, playful yet kind of heartless. I can imagine Ethan as Xing Yun, pretending to be dumb and mess around with ‘hairless chicken’ Shen Li. Then once he came back as the High Lord Xing Zhi, he would always look out for Shen Li and have to deal with a lot of angst: choosing to love her or protect the world. yes I’m ranting abt random novel but I seriously hope some good production company would pick this novel up and turn it into something like TMOPB or LOF. Yang Mi and Ethan would made such an awesome comeback with this piece of art. im open for more good xianxia novel recommendations out there y’all
  6. Before LoF, i always think that he looks best at modern clothing. He got that “sexy-playful-CEO” vibe on him. And I guess he himself doesn’t think he suit historical costume. But AFTER LoF, I seriously hope he try on more and more historical dressing. He look exactly like a PRINCE CHARMING in those clothes. Not that his mordern hair is ugly, but his stylist is just does him no justice. They keep trying to make him ‘korean oppa’s curly’ hairstyle and UGH NO. in conclusion, he can rock both long sunsilk hair and short undercut.
  7. OMG Xuanji arc is so good! This is making me hate Tiansha arc even more...why did they dragged out the boring arc and rush thru a good arc T_T
  8. Agree. For me, I feels that Bambi is also like dilireba, both are not ready for to play main roles yet. Or at least not in serious drama yet. Bambi have that cute middle school girl face, plus her real age compare to Ethan is already 10 years apart. I just hope the acting and style doesn’t make the age gap looks much more apart. Ethan looks great in costume drama, I’m sure a lot of xianxia director would look to him more. As for Yangmi, my poor girl need some 1-2 years break from historical dramas. She had been overworked all these years. She deserves a break. Then she’ll comeback with another fantastic xianxia drama that once again blows everyone away.
  9. There’s 3 type of drama audience: 1) the closely observing ones 2) the ‘just watch it for entertainment’ ones 3) The ‘I have nothing left to watch’ ones im the second kind of audience, most of the audience don’t pay attention that much to the small details or even the overall plots. People enjoying it for the thrills of throne fighting scenes and romance. I so agree to you that the production play our Fuyao dirty here. But under the sake of keeping all characters relevant, I kind of understand them. This is a 66 episode drama, not a 7 chapters novel. Wuji could not just stand there and does nothing. We only have 16 eps left, so it more reasonable that Wuji should be place second on the plot (but they overdo it and it became Legend of Wuji). As for Wuji bossing over Fuyao’s businesses...lmao it’s for da girls ofc. It’s kind of a trend, like “I love u so I’m gonna watch over your business and do stuff for you instead”. Like in TMOPB or PA, male leads get the spotlights for all the sacrifices they do for their loves...and that turn girls on lol. We all have to admit that as the restrictions of China’s industry changes, it is harder to keep the story as it original. Yes, reality sucks. But Legend of FUYAO is still watchable with quality actings, camera works, and fight scenes. This show is actually better than most Chinese historical dramas that came out this year *cries in Legend of Dugu, The flame’s daughter, Secret of the 3 kingdoms*
  10. Love the drama...but I agree with you. Fuyao totally forgot abt her goals from ep 30+. Instead the writer make our girl looks like she just got a handful of free time and randomly helping other people. Like her 2nd seal is broken yet she is the last person to know?? Lmao, don’t tell me she just gonna travel around the world to save her friends’ family’s business.
  11. Lmao, the fact that Yangmi playing as supporting role shocked everyone. Angelababy and YM is really BFF goal...although I’m still skeptical abt angelababy’s acting skill. Chen Kun + Ethan = top notch level acting <3
  12. Ethan know how to flirt...but his way of flirty is extremely corny and cringy lmao. Even his fans make jokes abt how his flirting skill make girls wanna runaway from him. But this guy never realizes that, and proudly do it on tv shows...Mark is so done and embarrassed. Ethan: “Lately, I just found out a new super ability, do you know what it is?” girl: no Ethan: “I ‘super’ like you” *cute smiley face* Mark, Sandra, LGX, FSF: *done* I don’t think Ethan use Instagram, but here’s yangmi https://www.instagram.com/yangmimimi912
  13. She is comfortable with him, just the way she talks. Tbh, I’m also like that too so I relate to her a lot. Our type of people just really really dislike awkwardness and faking around people. Yangmi treats everyone the same ways, even with her husband.
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