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  1. Happy Birthday to our Crown Prince, Chen Xingxu! My boy is turning 23 years old today LOL. He’s really one of the odds nowadays, not your typical ‘fresh meat’ young actor. But he’s very young and so talented that you can’t help it but get attracted by him. CXX knows his elements, his face is suited to act as complex roles. His pattern is very clear and steady. Plus, he got a very good management team (aka his mom),his next projects are all well-known and anticipating plots. I wouldn’t be surprised if his game would rise extremely high in the next 2-3 years, just hope that he’ll stay out of troubles/scandals. The hype of GMP is still hot, rumors of epilogue is running around all weibo. Suddenly, all fans becomes writers and directors, so many creativity surrounding the fandom as we are still waiting for full 55 episodes to be out. I really hope to see PXR and CXX more in variety shows, they got excellent humors. Upcoming variety show starring our leads will come out around April 9-11 (I really don’t know, just rumors) PXR used to be a host, she’s very smart and quick. Rumor said that she’s having another historical drama soon, paring up with Lin Gengxin. I’m anticipating into this, love PXR when she’s wearing traditional clothing. And her acting is decent, her best ones where last few episodes of GMP *claps claps*. CXX is extremely hot right now, doesn’t even need to look for projects any more since many is starting to directly delivered to him. Upcoming projects are all remakes of iconic films. What’s interesting is that none of them will have him end up with FL...geez.
  2. Seems like u disliked the character he played, but that doesn’t mean the actor is the same. CXX is born rich LoL but he received proper educations and behavior. Many celebs I know who got famous and rich still are friendly. Bodyguards is a must, u can see how dangerous it is while CXX is trying to go out but surrounded by a bunch of people. CXX’s wish was not to be famous but actually to be recognized as a proper actor. Don’t be too critical abt his future:))
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