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  1. you are gonna be alright~ things will work out and definitely sending you all the virtual hugs (with consent) that you need
  2. Tiger Sugar Milk Tea, Chicken feet, Chocolate cake, and tteokbokki
  3. My age? It's in these songs:
  4. Recently watched this drama. I like the plot and how it unfolded. The ending (NO SPOILERS) made me think... A LOT. Ryo Ryusei (he plays Naomi) has definitely grown into a versatile actor (considering I've watched him in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger). Was also surprised he was also in Koe Koi. Would like to recommend this drama if you're interested in twisted and mature plots. It has only 4 episodes, so it's quite short but the impact of the drama really stays with you. The drama is definitely not something to watch around your younger siblings/nephews/nieces/ kids. NSFW warning is there. There are possible trigger warnings like suicide and death so please be aware and read this comment first before you watch the series.
  5. Camera equipment. Specifically, the microphones that I use for filming youtube videos 'cause it works on smartphones, laptops, and cameras. Plus, you don't technically need a battery for those microphones. Just a good plug it in and go wild.
  6. Probably she's referring to like makeup know-hows that you definitely want to share to people. For me, one of my most favorite makeup tip I would like to share is that brown eyeliner does wonders especially if you're a brown-eyed girl just like me *sparkles* Another one is that know how to make the most out of your makeup especially if you're broke, or you're just starting to get acquainted with makeup (blush/contour as your eyeshadow, highlighter for your aegyo-sal)
  7. For the youtube channel that me and my friends created do well (shameless plug: @ impossible.kids on instagram *becomes a potato*) Have enough money to at least get an iPad so I won't edit photos and videos on a broken phone (the screen's been greeting me since last year) Have a good, flexible side job to have more income For my siblings by heart to have good and well endeavors along their way
  8. Changed my signature perfume since my last post... currently, I'm using Victoria's Secret "Tease" which I'm totally in love with, and I'm still looking for The Body Shop's Moringa body mist
  9. South Korea Japan Hong Kong (been there but I want to go with friends) Singapore (also been there and want to go with friends)
  10. take a nap take a bath put on a clay mask ('cause I kinda feel the clay sucking out all the stress, plus I get clearer skin *sparkles* ) eat ramyun go to an arcade and play driving or shooting games turn off my active status on social media window/online shopping and impulsively buying in the end (but they're great purchases for me, at least...)
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