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  1. I want to be her neighbor:tongue:Just wondering why her hair seems longer in the latest IG post...old pic maybe:unsure:

    8 hours ago, mungmung said:

    Yes she is very cute but her hair though! I was wondering if they changed her stylist cuz her hair looked much better back then.....


    I agree with you! I think her stylist just want to make her look more maturish. :wub:

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  2. On 9/16/2017 at 5:25 AM, SpiritGambler said:


    I read it on twitter that it's going to be a concept for the FM (not so sure if the OP was sure tho, it's taiwando in twitter), she looks super cute, extremely cute! in that picture! :love: 

    Ow wow:tongue:I'm also following taiwando in twitter but i guess I missed this one, thanks chingu. Wearing that old school uniform just remind me of what Pearl24 said awhile back that KBS next drama after school 2017 is a story of a high school student in the 80's (I think from a book) not sure though since I never heard anything about it afterwards.


    On 9/16/2017 at 9:45 AM, ruuuuthpft said:

    That's her 2D1N outfit right? Omo omo, I really think that her first fanmeeting will going to be bombastic with all of uri Yoojunggie's ideas in it :))) So excited and jealous of those who can attend :bawling: I wonder if we can see her sing and dance a full performance hehe

    Yes, it is the same as the one that she wore during her guesting  in 2D1N. I agree with you, with YJ's ideas in her FM, it will surely be SOMETHING FUN. 


    Ps. Nice to see you here again @ruuuuthpft. Good luck on your final year in school:)

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  3. 20 hours ago, SpiritGambler said:
    I wonder what the old HS uniform for, pictorial? or cameo? (crossing my fingers)

    Sorry to cut your post @SpiritGambler I am also curious about that old high school uniform she's wearing. Hoping to hear good news soon:)


    About her decision on staying with Sidus, I'll trust her and her parent's judgement. I just hope Sidus will treat her better this time coz YJ deserve only the best:wub:

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    @cici1Thanks for sharing:)



    @mujay from Dallas Texas chingu, it's 4 hours drive from Houston but I'm in the east coast now next to Washington DC. Thanks for asking:blush:



    Congrats to YJ and to all the casts and staffs of Love in the Moonlight for winning the grand prize in SDA. Can't wait for her next drama:wub:



    12 hours ago, mujay said:







    Tahnks dear,Liem, rose, jughead and  jazzy where have you been..?












    I just recently moved to another state Mujay and still having a hard time adjusting to the new place :wub: 




    Anyway, I agree with you that we should post more often this month of September for our birthday girl.





    So true...and thanks to this show, Kim Yoojung the actress was born:heart:



    5 hours ago, mujay said:







    Something went wrong with soompi?




    Does anyone have some problem like me?








    Yah i think there's something wrong chingu. I am unable to press "like" any posts too:wub:



    So glad to hear that YJ's fan meeting is already sold out. Pretty sure her first fan meeting will be awesome and memorable:blush:



    Happy 14th anniversary Yoojungie:heart:


  7. Howdy to all my fellow ponyo-deuls:wub:

    Seems like forever waiting for Yoojungie's next drama...not that I'm complaining..I'm just missing her so badly:bawling:And I can't wait for her fan meeting in Korea. 

    To brighten up our day, here's YJ's best photoshoot for this year:lol:


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  8. 6 hours ago, ruka18 said:

    Mian chingus I've been MIA again for a few days.mouse girl 25


    I started voting already the moment baeksang app is up at apple, i used to manage 7 accts. but was now down to 5  since my mum & aunt already got the hang of voting they too now are voting on their own.lmao. and i'll be passing back my friends 2 accts by tomorrow since she got her phone fixed now and can do voting so that will leave me w/ my own 3 accts.mouse-girl-emoticon-37.gif?1292795474how have y'all been doing w/ the voting btw?let's not give up and do our best for YJ okay?love you guys!mouse girl 25

    I am also using 5 family accounts and asked my 2 friends who are into kdrama to vote for YJ. I helped them gets points though. At first I'm mostly buying points but during the time that I am unable to vote, I started playing games to earn points and find myself enjoying the games lol.

    @mujayI agree with you chingu, this will be Yoojung's first baeksang popularity award if ever. It makes sense for us KYJ fans to work harder for her to win because she deserves it. Since she lost her moment at KBS awards plus the fact that she isn't nominated for the best actress award makes my heart ache more for her. I was hoping that winning this popularity award can somehow make up for it. 

    @liemkopiI really don't understand why there are some people who are immature and not thinking straight. Well, I guess we can't do anything about it. Let's just focus on YJ and keep on voting. 

    Fighting ponyo-deul:wub:

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