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  1. I really enjoyed Leo Wu in this drama..I thought he did an excellent job!!! I considered not watching season 2 because he would not be in it. I thought Leo did an excellent job. He has recommended his friend Liu HaoRan. I truly like this young actor too. I thought he did a fabulous job in Nirvana in Fire 2. I recommend that drama to anyone who hasn't seen it. One thing that will keep me from watching season 2 is if they decide to give Xiao Yan a harem.. I would like to see him get stronger and the novel reads & for him to battle evil but I want him to get Xiao Xun Er back to his side. Not poison girl or anyone else then he and XunEr can fight evil. I really hope that they don't follow the novel too close. Xiao Yan our young hero doesn't need to go out making babies where he doesn't need to be. I haven''t read the novel nor do I wish to. I enjoyed the drama of season one and would like to see season 2, I'll just have to wait and see.. Plus I hope I'm still living when season 2 finally gets here same with season 2 of Ever Night.
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