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  1. It's annoying when I see Instagram. Soop Boss Instagram too. I feel that they are not interested in Hyunjinnie. I want to show them more and more that Hyunjin is still loved by many people. Any supporting project for her is welcome. Hope any confirmation and news from her
  2. Yes she was holding her knitting needle during her freetime Hello, we are recording comments.Since now we're recording hard, we'll be able to meet you around April, May next year. (fyi. Blu-ray comes out around that) (Moon ji in : It's a secret that we took it 3 times again)Have a nice rest of the year. About the scripts, HJ once said that she reads all the previous scripts if possible during her filming. That's how she can act more easily with understanding her emotion and improvisation. so cool.
  3. Yes, right. baby Bora + Another Ver (#Father and daughter) SOCAR is very famous as Car rental and sharing service in Korea.
  4. http://www.facebook.com/124691830975231/posts/1813769615400769/ Hyunjinnies! Please just like the above post ! this is what HJ asked fans to join the donation campaign. We need to reach the target " 500 likes " (1 like = 1000 won, JTBC will donate to Daehan Social Welfare Society Inc., That association is a place where she and her fans continue to make donations since 2016) This is a donation campaign at the end of each year from JTBC.
  5. External leaks are prohibited for sales of Blu-ray and DVD. DVD is confirmed to be released because they are SO happy with the sales of Blu-ray. Since over 1000 sales is very difficult in these days. In Korea, more than 100 dramas are produced a year and very few drama blu-ray have been confirmed. About 5% in a year. We are so proud that SHJ has 3 blu-rays for her works. That is really awesome thing.
  6. Don't worry too much about the ads. She is always getting a lot of offers. many many. However, she and Soop are also refusing. They were very concerned that the image of the ads would fit her and have a good impact on her. When she belonged to Jump, JUMP just tackled a lot of deals that had nothing to do with her trendy image, just something with only money (typical examples were Danggimeori, Korping, Messense, etc. They have too old images in Korea. In fact, most fans didn't like it either). Soop thinks a lot about the image of an actor. So doesn't like their actor doing for variety shows, and they tend to respect an actor's thought first, and don't force them to do what they don't want. Now her position in the industry has gone up more than before. Really. Not long ago, in a promotional pamphlet for the association of entertainment agencies published, she was listed as the representative 4 actors of Soop. After the TBI, she's been getting a lot of offers for ads more than your anticipation. Actually she received a lot of them after the TOL, too. Mostly, dropped. Bcuz she was in the middle of choosing her agency and there was a lot of concern about image consumption due to the large number of ads. This is something I've heard directly from the advertising agency and her people, so there's no need to worry about reliability. The contract is over because the she and soop didn't consider the renewal ever. for the above reason. Her ads fee has also gone up than before. If there are good and fit ads for her, it will come very soon and we can see.
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