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  1. I heard the Best of Times was filmed for an anniversary so that means we'd have to wait a whole year for it come around!? Oh... no... I just want to see him on screen again in another work. His talent is so wasted. (Although I don't mind the photoshoots either, he's so handsome.)
  2. Dropping in. I'm drawn to CXX after Goodbye My Princess (enchanting drama). Being an online drama, it'd be a shame if him and PXR don't win any awards or recognition for their superb acting. (I heard it's still off Youku too?) I know he filmed a few things afterwards, but haven't heard any release dates yet? It's so hard to follow actors, especially Chinese actors, and while I'm glad they preproduce most of their dramas it's always hard to be waiting.
  3. I posted a very long final thoughts comment elsewhere but wanted to say something here as well at the end of the drama. Confession has some loose ends that could need a second season (don't think it'll happen) but I think it ended very fittingly for it's run time and getting to the bigger picture. In a few months or year I think I'll like to rewatch this drama. Don't think it's that kind of show with hidden clues and easter eggs, everything that the writer addressed is right in the open, but I really enjoyed the team's interactions. I'm glad Junho picked up this project and I discovered the actor of Han Jong-gu. Thank you to everyone who kept this thread going.
  4. Although he's just a very minor character, I'm a bit saddened that he didn't get any character growth because he is like a foil to Do Hyun. It's interesting how DH defended Han Jong-gu, a murderer, but his professionalism and character makes him infinitely more likable and easier to side with than someone petty and jealous like Prosecutor Lee.
  5. I thought ep13 was very much needed, a heartwarming episode that still got the plot moving. I know people like to complain about not having time to breathe for character development, and I thought ep13 gave us that in Choi Pil Soo who to that point had very little screentime. This was an episode for father and son, and my favorite so far.
  6. Watched it RAW. Will need subs for more info, but I saw the preview and those stills too. Honestly I'm wondering why they spoiled that/gave it away because those pictures really make it out to look like CDH fell into a trap. So hopefully there's something more to it, like he knew about it and went along with a plan in mind. Otherwise a bit of me will be disappointed, yea. I think Chief Ki will play a huge role next episode, running around a lot. This is where I'm so pumped and grateful for the bromance. And seems like Choi Pil Soo turns around too, and he should because they're targeting him and his son! I have rewatched because of paying attention to Junho's naturalness in his acting too. I've previously seen some comments about the acting of the actress playing Han YuRi being below the other 3 leads and while I get it, here it really screamed out. Especially in the beginning of ep 12 after Junho's tearful car crying scene and then cut to hers breaking down with Madam Jin. So far her crying hasn't convinced me in the past scenes but I let it go. This time I was really jolted out of that emotional moment. Thankfully when the friends met up to speak about what they just learned she rectified that with her tear-stained face.
  7. Demand Survey for Confession Director's Edition I want a DVD of this series. I want to see the happy cast in the making. Sad that this drama isn't popular. Edit: If interested, please complete this survey.
  8. Super excited for the next episode. Yay! Dramabeans did a recap of episode 1 only. Drama viewers on the site are discussing all episodes in the comments though for anyone interested in reading more thoughts on this drama. Confession: Episode 1 There’s an air of mystery permeating the show, and it’s fueled by enigmatic characters all hiding their intentions. While events may seem straightforward at first, the show adds small twists which forces the viewers to reevaluate a character’s motivation and behavior. At the center of this tale is a smart attorney who overcomes barriers and fights for his clients… but is that truly who he is? http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/03/confession-episode-1/ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Reaction from a real Korean lawyer. Very insightful stuff! Translations of the reaction - please follow the link to go to the twitter.
  9. Same. I want to see more of Det Ki too because I want him to solve the serial murderer case and I don't always like our heroes to be so far behind the moves of the bad people. Feels like this will become a cat and mouse chase. I'm glad to see that Ki Choon Ho has something else to do in this drama, connecting and solving these two cases. Really looking forward how he moves forward with this, and if any of the other key players in the drama will join him on the hunt. Will he recruit Do Hyun's help eventually? Or will this be his side story which then when it connects to the bigger picture will finally have Do Hyun move in? I didn't think Nurse Cho's case would interest me when I watched ep 4 without subs, but I was wrong. This case will reveal a lot about Do Hyun - this time knowing that his client is perhaps a murderer and purposely took the life of someone (even if there is a reason behind it), how will he react and help his client? Will this then lead to how he deals with Han Jong-gu especially if or when we learn more about Jong-gu's relationship with his mother? Will it affect his thoughts once it is revealed if whether his father was or was not the murderer? Even though it's not fully addressed yet, I'm glad that despite all that is going on and the introduction of new characters and plots, they are still keeping the mystery of Do Hyun's dreams and Madam Jin's background going so that we know the writers haven't dropped or forgotten it. Finally, DH sees a doctor about his dreams and the doctor tell him to return if the dreams persists, so definitely we'll get more of the same in the next few episodes. Hopefully there is a little more there next time though. I wonder why they have blurred and kept the glare over the face of M. Jin's son. This only matters if we have seen the son before in the drama, otherwise he would just be another actor yet to be introduced. So I do think the reveal will be either the face Do Hyun so in the mirror who is the heart donor, or someone far left field that we weren't expecting. Unless they just wanted to keep the actor a secret for now. The dynamics between Do Hyun and Han Jong-gu have completely shifted in the end of ep 3 and in ep 4. Han Jong-gu has the upper hand. DH and JG's evolving relationship is so fascinating for me and at this point is as much the heart of this show as DH and Ki Choon Ho. Sometimes I forget how many characters this drama has until the make a return to the screen, like the politician and shady old man, the prosecutors, and then I remember Do Hyun's secret board.
  10. Preview for episode 5 Clips from ep 4 Making - Behind the Scenes Ratings: E03: 4.5% E04: 5.6% Translated Netizen reactions [Spoilers] Confession (Pilot) + Rating [Spoilers] Confession E03-04 + Rating
  11. Ep 3 - Impressions and thoughts Ki Choon Ho and Choi Do Hyun are efficient enough but especially very passionate about their work, which makes a great team. Also, I am impressed that it isn't a partnership that runs smoothly yet at full speed over the rainbow, and Do Hyun admits to having had his doubts. He's been at it for alone for so long that he took a while to take it in and then finally he drank the soju and could say "see you again" to Ki. It's kind of weird to review and realize Do Hyun could be actually younger than Jong-gu and the 2nd victim, being in or just out of highschool during his father's trial, but it is what it is. Unfortunate that I'm uninterested in the chaebols and the election, although I know they will be big and important - those scenes though very sparse so far drags the drama down.
  12. Exciting episode with plenty of twists. Can't wait for subs. Preview for tomorrow Clips from ep 3
  13. I noticed that Do Hyun brought up trust twice in the second episode. He asked Det Ki how he could trust him. He also told the defendant about trusting him. Do Hyun's wariness and loneliness is a big part of his character but I didn't even realize until it was pointed out and makes a lot of sense. Agreed. Junho is really cute. Do Hyun is so somber and watching the making with Junho being all smiley is a joy.
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