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  1. SJH signed with a new agency and is returning with a JTBC drama!! Premise is that she’s a single mother and four potential suitors appear in front of her. She’ll probably appear in a few JTBC variety shows to promote this like she did last time. KJK’s new variety show (The 5 brothers one) is on JTBC as well. Glad to see that they’re getting a lot of love on the cable networks. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/117/0003286981
  2. @Adora Dark @carambsk Wanted to jump into discussing that Dragon Bros episode conversation because I wish I knew enough Korean to see what the subtitles might have missed. I found it really weird when Jang Hyuk said he never met SJH before because they were on the same team when he guested on Running Man back around episode 40-something and he went with KJK and LKS to SJH's movie premiere back in 2012-2013. I figured the subtitles were incorrect and maybe he actually said that he didn't see her at all that night. IIRC I also found it weird that he was the only one referring to SJH as "Jihyo-ssi" while everyone else refers to her in a more informal tone. It reminded me of when KJK's hoobaes are asking him about HJY and SJH in an episode of MUD and they use "ssi" when referring to HJY but "noona" when referring to SJH which implies they are close with SJH or at least have met her before and feel comfortable calling her "noona."
  3. KJK had a concert in Temecula (a city in between LA and San Diego) on 10/5/19 and SJH and LKS recorded a video cheering for him for the concert. Judging on the outfits, this video was recorded during filming of the most recent episode with Tiffany, Hwang Chi Yeol, and the two young actresses from Hotel del Luna.
  4. A few have speculated that SJH leaving her agency might be a sign of an upcoming marriage and I was wondering how those things correlate to each other. Most actresses who have announced marriages in the past don't really seem to switch agencies prior to an announcement. Also, I was under the assumption that her current agency (My Company) was sort of a one-artist agency since it had been started by her long time manager and had been created solely to help manage her. But after seeing the other artists they manage, they have a few promising actors and actresses under them who have done some popular and critically acclaimed work but having Song Ji Hyo leave is still a big loss for the company. Didn't her period of free agency last time last about about 1.5 years? When the news came out that she was leaving her agency, I was definitely shocked and it does raise some suspicions about why she would leave an agency that was formed around her in the beginning. Wasn't this also KJK's response when Han Hye Jin (ep. 317) asked him about marriage and he said "They told me to get married later," or am I remembering wrong?
  5. When everyone is in the car and they're hearing the mission for the first location, they make a slight reference to the SA firing incident I think. It's similar to a past episode (can't recall the number) where Haha jokes that the PD please not use a specific phrase to tell them to get out of the car because it was the phrase used in the articles back in Dec. 2016. and KJK jokes that he and SJH are sensitive to that phrase. In this episode the PD tells JSJ to get out of the car to tell the other members what the hidden mission is and he uses that phrase (ha cha: 하차) and YSJ jokes that it's so sad that JSJ is leaving Running Man and the everyone jumps in thanking JSJ for his work on the show and telling him goodbye.
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