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  1. Oh my! I see this is 100 episodes. We have a long way to go. I was thinking it was 50 episodes and was looking forward to the big reveal this past weekend. Now I know to just settle in for the long haul. The only scenes that I just can't watch are of the nutty daughter that caused the debt problem - which is a shame because I like the actor that shares most of her scenes. Happy watching!
  2. Maybe JG is JKs father(?) Perhaps she is a love child between JG and the woman MY's father married (MY already being born by MY's father's first wife). I know that JG and the woman would have been very young, but pregnancy can occur pretty early as we all know. So both children were in the room during the murder and MY covered JK in an effort to protect her, yet they both got burned. I'm just trying to keep incest out of the whole picture. Thoughts?
  3. I'm a citizen of the USA and proud to say so. All countries have their problems - this I know for certain.
  4. It had to happen! The whole piggyback thing in k-dramas is so wacky to me. Maybe because I'm not petite and gorgeous, I can't imagine it very well.
  5. My thought is that it's OK to say "no" to something you do not want to do - for whatever reason. He is probably receiving other offers now and maybe he has a certain path he wants to take as an actor. He has a great screen presence and it will be interesting to see his future works.
  6. I think that Chan will show up and that will keep the kiss from happening in this instance. The PD is just messing with us for now...
  7. Isn't Chan the sweetest character? This actor is so very convincing and his character portrayal touches my heart.
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