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  1. @pad-hari yes, i agree if it’s a healthy normal relationship, both LZ and SH can get through all the issues together. because it’s drama so it has to be a bit dramatic (as usual ) Mingrui is definitely my favorite person in this drama (beside LZ). Too bad he didn’t get a girl, but at least some girl has noticed him at the end and not SH ...and i’m still waiting for eng subs eps 35-38. have no luck searching on youtube.. eerrrr.. and I don’t want to start watching appledog’s time also, the spoilers of that drama is unbelievable! many kisses here and there
  2. Well, even i don’t understand Chinese but being curious about what’s happening with our otp in the last 4 episodes, so i watched the raw episode 35-38. i must say I’m definitely disappointed with SH’s behavior. What the.... he just left without saying anything to LZ? And he just left his mobile phone to Mingrui, so it seems Mingrui is the one who always handle SH’s mess relationship? I feel sorry for LZ and she still wait for SH for many years. she’s wasting her time waiting for such lousy unreliable bf, imo. hell, it’s drama indeed, i should have known about that. i
  3. hasn't got a chance to watch the UL these days, had stuck with works. i had watched til ep 30... so 8 more to go. Are they already in English Subs? I know it's been subbed til ep 34 (?) but i don't know the rest episodes... guess still raw? 'thou i haven't watched completely all the episodes, but i saw here and there spoilers on instagram. and i also had seen the ending spoiler, well it's predictable... as it's only 4 more episodes from our OTP are finally together on episode 34 (?) i guess the producer is intended to make it an "open" ending, so there's a cha
  4. Unfortunately i don’t like historical dramas, as i’m not into fantasy stories. i’ll give it a try watching Li Yi Tong in appledog’s time then thanks for the info about subs episodes. And glad to know UL become popular now. Guess people’s preferences recently are into more romance scenes rather than the story itself.
  5. @pad-hari haha.. sorry dear, i’m still patiently waiting for english subs. i’m quite surprised there’s no new episodes (with english subs) until now. guess because UL is not popular. In fact in this forum only just the two of us who’s still watching UL I think appledog’s time is more popular than UL. I had seen the trailer, but not too excited to watch it, as i know nothing about games. I’m not fond also about GGS, i had seen 2 episodes then i dropped it because i don’t like the female lead character (too cringy imo). But my friend is a hardcore fans of GGS, she said m
  6. @pad-hari thanks for the recap for upcoming episodes. so this drama will be 38 episodes? 4 more to go, and our otp just be together on episode 34? What a long journey.. *sigh* i think the sweet otp only 1 episode, and then the tearful scenes come.. from what i’ve seen on the trailer there will be separation, guess because of family fued. only 4 episodes more and everything will be solved? what a rush happy ending then.. hmm.. just finished til ep 28 yesterday and i’m still waiting the next for the english subs. i’m tempting to see the raw episodes after y
  7. @pad-hari ooh sorry i think i didn’t state clearly. I mean it’s SH highschool yearbook in the package/parcel (ep.20), not LZ’s diary. i guess LZ’s diary is still held by Wenrui. I don’t understand Chinese at all, i always wait for the english subs. thankfully i found some person upload the episodes with English subtitles on Youtube. i just finished watching til ep. 26 couple days ago, and haven’t checked the update episode til now. Thanks for the info about raw episodes. Sometimes i also watch the raw episodes when my curiosity rise up, but mostly ended up in frustr
  8. I just re-watch the ep 20 (with so many skip scenes as it has so many LY-SJ and LY's fiancee, Chen Jing). I believe it's his Highschool Yearbook, i guess SH asked his teacher or the admin person in high school to send it to him. because the moment he got the package, he just went out the dorm, so he do know what's in the package, and seems he doesn't want anybody caught him while he open the book. he wanted to know what LZ looks like when she was in highschool as he had no memory of LZ at all (poor LZ ). and i believe he cut LZ pic from this Yearbook and keep it in his wallet
  9. @pad-hari i had to wrack my brain when i read your 7 unrequited loves haha.. i'm bad in memorizing names i can't guess no. 5, ZM and XR? who are they? and no. 7 Chen Jing? maybe you mean Zhang Wen Rui? the weird girl who has crush on SH? I know this weird girl, Wen Rui, has LZ's diary, but i haven't seen she gave it to SH, really? which episode is it? btw, I become a fan of Zhang Mingrui .. ommigod, i think he's adorable, funny, bold, caring and has a big heart, not a bad looking also. I love when he's speaking short english, like on one scene when Wen Rui (WR)
  10. I’m interested to watch this drama after watching the trailer. The female lead, Hu Bing Qing, looks like Ariel Lin (taiwanese actress), pretty. This is the first time i watch her drama. Not so fond with Hu Yi Tian, thou’ i’ve seen him in “A love so beautiful”. He’s not bad but seems his character is pretty the same, smart, cool and arogant. I just started watching on last weekend. finished until episode 15 in 2 days.. haha crazy. but then i realized this drama hasn’t completed yet.. ooh doom. the waiting sometimes is unbearable.. hmm.. i’m quite surprise this
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