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  1. i think it's a diamond ring... but not in solitaire shape like you always see. and i guess it's not tiny diamond because i still can see :p
  2. ommigod... if that's the only way to put lipstick on Ryan Gold, i want it toooooo.... o
  3. i love his outfit style in here , it suits him perfectly... although some of you might think he always looks good in everything but somehow i don't like seeing him in wide loose-fitting pants (it's kind of baggy look alike).. i'm sorry, this ajumma is not fashionista
  4. wow.. 158 pages already! i think i "miss" 25 pages or more lol.. haven't watched the latest episode yet (have tons of works for these couple days ) , but i see some v-clips from tvn youtube.. somehow i love this clip.. small gestures like kiss on forehead or holding hands makes my heart flutter .. and i love the OST. i just realized tvn also released the OST.. just saw it now
  5. please don't cry, for now just enjoy the next episodes with lovey dovey mood... we can cry together when the episode really comes to end. *sigh* i think i will be waiting patiently until the 11th episode already in english subbed. somehow it's quite frustrating when i watch a drama when i have no idea what they are talking about... in the meantime, i will be lurking around here and waiting for you guys post some interesting scenes from eps 11
  6. aaah rapper singer... pardon me, this ajumma never up-to-date with all K-ent, except K-drama *lol* thanks for the information
  7. is this artist, Lee Sol, really their mother? or just assuming?
  8. wow, i didn't know about that.. that's really coincidence. i've never seen his work (ONE), in fact this is the first time i saw his face on-screen. is he famous or a new breakthrough actor? aaah yes, Joo Hyuk, the clumsy waiter.. he's so lucky to have SJ as his boss.
  9. @rabbiteen well, in that case (if director Eom does come back to the gallery).. i hope Ryan can open his own gallery by then, he's rich rite? *lol*... and work together with DM. maybe our OTP eventually can be painting again together and make their own art exhibition in their own gallery
  10. i think i'm the only one in this forum who's despise Director Eom (cindy's mom), not of her being eccentric (it's hilarious ridiculous ), but because of her rudeness, like intimidate her employees, slap DM, etc. maybe she's the only character in this drama that i dislike. Others are still tolerable, even Cindy, well she's only spoiled brat. while I am in lovey-dovey mood like our OTP, i wish this drama will have a happy ending for all, not just for our OTP. i hope SJ can reconcile with her hubby and makes Geon Woo happy, and i'm gonna be matchmaker for Eun-Gi and Da In, and those two co-workers of DM (i forgot their names)... maybe Cindy can get Shi An? *lol* i also hope DM's dad can sell his precious rock collection (or earn some money from it), at least it will make DM's mom happy because finally his collection is not useless after all ooh, and the waiter (haiissh.. i forgot also his name) can be famous too like Shi-An -- SJ will be the leader of his fans club for sure
  11. i think it's when she edit the photos of them together (the "fake" dating) for Shi An My Life website.. and for the first time in her life she feels "hot" for another man besides Shi An
  12. thank you @annie1234 and @Sky8lue for the v-clips and also translation... it makes me more and more love to see them together (on-screen and hopefully off-screen *lol*) their chemistry is so adorable. KJW seems laugh a lot whatever PMY's saying or doing, and how PMY sits comfortably beside KJW and looks like she lean on him... btw, any other bts that already been translate in english? i watch bts on tvn youtube, too bad they don't translate it in english.. but i still watch it like a fool 'cause i don't know what they are saying and i keep replaying it *lol*
  13. i like the song on this scene (and love to bits for the scene *cough*) ... has it been released yet? anyone know?
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