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  1. JTBC played with us again by making the cliffhanger in the ep 11 teaser also the cliffhanger of the episode itself lmao. It's a good thing the preview was shown immediately and looks like it promises more fluff, the aquarium date scene, and a consensual kiss between the two PLUS THERE'S AN EXTRA CLIP OF JSK X CTG after the preview lmao
  2. It's starting, I miss seeing their faces Also, I'm back from hibernation too lol I'm so glad Huh Gak's ost is finally released! It's my favorite after the ost sang by Kim Greem
  3. I have no complaints about their acting but I always find it weird how korean movies keep on casting the same set of actors for most of their big budget movies. Veteran PDs seem to prefer either a veteran face which they have worked before with or a new one through audition (which is great actually). So I also don't know when will YJ be able to go back to movies like those she starred in when she was a child actress. I'm still a little sad about that hbo movie where she was rumored to be in talks of taking a role in before she took a break for her health. I like that it was about a Korean myth and horror genre which can really show a different side of her acting spectrum and pave way for more movie casting offers. My only consolation is that she's still young so we can surely expect these kinds of projects in the future.
  4. @lovehbhjw2013 I saw pictures from the movie presscon and JY was seriously charismatic hehe so happy that he gets to work with such veterans Thank you for the info! I'm actually moving country for awhile next month so things will be hectic soon and I don't know how active I'm gonna be in soompi forums again but I'll make sure to follow them in twitter for quick contents Also, Happy New Year!
  5. Happy New Year fellow sosuke-deuls~~~ May 2019 give us better days and stronger hearts. I'm already excited for all the KYJ contents we'll be receiving for the whole year
  6. Happy New Year to us cleaning fairies! Yoojunggie was live on IG for the first time, SJR was live too and their in the same room at first lol. What a nice gift for the coming new year
  7. Aww well it's still a good news because the team can take a break plus film more scenes in advance I hope JTBC gives us lots of BTS in exchange hehehe
  8. Need proper trans but from the title, an article saying Yoojunggie is the 20s representative of rom com hehe Looks like after making her mark in saeguks uri YJ has also established her prowess in romcom. I wonder what's next, melo maybe? Kk anyway I'm really blown away by her mature acting in CWPFN so I'm already looking forward to what project will she take on next. I read one comment on the start of CWPFN article before asking Yoojunggie to be casted on 1 Liter of Tears adaptation and I wholly agree But yes to female-centric dramas! Edit: MaknaeCloud translated it yey!
  9. BTS are always love lol generous JTBC! Anyway, here are some drama related posts on twitter and IG Apparently, the couch scene trended last night until early morning Here is the trans of the caption JTBC posted because a lot of people have the same sentiments lol Our Gil Oh Dol earning the praise he deserves
  10. Ohh I forgot about the Windbells haha I read about it and saw some pics, thanks for sharing his additional projects! I'm glad he's getting more acting projects because I honestly can't keep up most of the time on kpop activities so I stick to dramas Yep! Haha my heart is still adjusting to YJ being not a baby anymore lol I really want them to meet again in another project specially when I saw ig fan accounts that put YJ and JYs pictures side by side Yep! MOA is actually the very next in my to watch list but I guess I'll just wait for it to finish so I'll binge watch it hehe. I love the VR-gaming aspect which I mostly see on animes so I'm thankful to tvN for stepping it up If there are new drama forums of JYs dramas please tag me again chingu! Also can you recommend any twitter or IG fan accounts of JY?
  11. No prob! Clips are uploaded faster in the official drama naver page than YouTube. I agree with the tension hehe I guess they should established their relationship first so that we can finally have guilt-free skinship lol @mushforbrains I honestly don't know if I should be glad or not that I have no idea how their gonna reveal the connection between grandpa and the accident It'll probably be with the help of CG but idk how. I'm also a little sad that we'll probably see our cf boys less since it looks like the setting will mostly revolve now in GS home and their respective families I guess.
  12. No preview again I'm afraid live filming is almost catching up to them Sec Kwon said something about taking care of OD's case so OS is obliged to accept her offer then a short and sweet farewell scene with the Oh Household plus rooftop man. Then off to GS house with Sec Kwon. Then of course the meeting between the OTP then Mother and her current bf arrived. Hilarity ensues when GS refused to go home unless his mother stops her ridiculous decision to stay at his home while OS is there so he checked in to a hotel and terrorize the hotel service attendant with his complaints on cleanliness so he got kicked out I guess lmao. He went home in the end though i don't understand what OS said to him to make it happen but his mother was gone in the morning so I guess that's it. Their shy and awkward at first but GS stumbled upon OS's diary and read the entries (tsk tsk lol) while OS is washing up for the night. I guess something is written in there that made him decide to buy jewelry and flowers the next day as he was going home. But the plot twist is that grandfather talked to OS earlier which I also don't understand but it's probably what was said here before that she must not fall in love with him. Also she found her red cup while cleaning up in the kitchen! So when GS arrived home she kinda saw the flowers he's hiding at his back and cut him off by mentioning the cup and saying some bad things I guess because she hurriedly escaped after then GS threw the flowers in the trash can (sad). Buuuuut, the ending (and another plot twist I guess) is the kitchen scene in the preview where he stated that he's going to make her fall in love with him (whoo boi). Idk what made GS aggressive to be honest lol I guess we'll find out next week.
  13. I haven't actually watch the subbed version of episode 9 due to the holiday activities so I'm going too see ep 10 raw first hehe. I'm really amazed on the people making the episode teasers (I think this is a general in JTBC dramas as evident in the views) because they really know how to pick the scenes that will surely excite/worry/agitate the viewers lmao. Less than an hour before ep 10 and I'm replaying the teaser for the nth time May our hearts remain intact until next week. It's really fun how Christmas and New Year's celebration both fall in the Monday-Tuesday schedule because we can receive extra treats from CWPFN
  14. I HONESTLY CHOKED ON MY DRINK My frustrations on tonight's ep suddenly vanished lmao. Anyway, I have trust issues in JTBCs previews
  15. OS indeed cut her hair! Anyway, this episode is quite frustrating with OS being framed, her father being bullied, and her brother getting a criminal record which might damage his chance of a professional taekwondo career unless they manage to convince the bullies to drop the charges I guess I find it kinda weird for OS who just had a welcome back surprise to be forced to file a resignation halfway through lol plus of course CG being there during her breakdown. My main complaint for our CG is that he's really more of an adviser lmao like most of his interactions with OS is them having solemn talks of wisdom with yakult in their hand. I thought they'll be picking it up after that one-on-one talk between him and SG. So most of the time I'm kinda rooting more for OS and the character of Cha In Ha (anyway he's my new discovery in this drama and I may have a tiny bit crush on him too lol sorry) because they're adorable together and most of the time SG is forced into action because of him. Anyway, the last scene gave me hope that things will get more exciting with OS in the house yow plus her short hair is so beautiful it really gives me hope that the new haircut is a sign of new things happening soon
  16. Ohh so it's an informal company dinner night out in a bbq place and OS and GS just happen to be left alone in the end because the boys hurriedly went home after that awkward dinner lmao. I thought it was an intended date but I guess not yet Their so cute though
  17. @lovehbhjw2013 Annyeong chingu! Thank you for the tagged, I've been busy with adulting lately (finally graduated TT) so I just read random updates from B1A4 and Jinyoung in twitter. I was a little sad when he transferred agency but if it's for the best I'm happy for him Looking forward to his drama too and hurrah for it streaming in Netflix! I'll probably backread right now while I'm still free hehe I'm now currently watching CWPFN since I can't watch other dramas when a bias drama is airing lol but I'll be able to watch Because It's My First Love for sure hehe
  18. Annyeong, Merry Christmas in advance fellow cleaning fairies! Just logged in to the soompi forum now after a while but I have followed the drama and stayed on twitter so I'm glad I finally have the time to visit here. Anyway, I'll be able to join the livestream later (yey) and I'm going to backread so please don't be suprised if you see me reacting to your posts from the first ep
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