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  1. YSJ is certainly the protagonist WDH is a good actor but he's not popular enough for protagonist roles imo. I think that's their characters supposed to be teens in the trailer LOL they always make grown up actors play teens in historical dramas that's might be why they appear kind of innocent and immature but they gonna grow up through the show. I think he's gonna be a prince for most of the show. while the cave man look is when he's still a general's son. From the characters' chart i assume WDH is going to be in LSG's side that's how he's gonna lose and has an unrequited love too what a miserable character but what side Sejong is fighting for though and Seolhyun is in the antagonist Jang Hyuk side?! thought she was a good girl.
  2. As much as i know Goryeo is a kingdom's name that's existed in what's called Korea currently. My Country takes place on the time of fallen Goryeo by the hands of the establishers of Joseon dynasty which JH's character and his father are part of. They raised from being warriors family to be kings by taking down Goryeo. While Sageuk is the genre of historical dramas and films.The dramas you mentioned were set in Joseon dynasty not Goryeo. Examples of popular dramas set in Goryeo are Moon lovers, King's love , Empress ki and Faith also My Country seems to follow Goryeo's style. I prefer Goryeo tbh the actors looks more fashionable and gorgeous lol. I'm not sure what type of dramas you prefer but you might want to check Six Flying Dragons which's an awesome drama from the same makers of TWDR where JH's character here is the titular character. My Country as well as all the dramas mentioned in this post are considered fusion Sageuk where they mix real historical events/Figures or simply the timeline with fictional ones. LBW/LSG and his wife/Lee Saek are the real historical figures in this drama the rest are fictional.
  3. I find it funny how every teaser has a shirtless scenes the director is taking full advantage of the cast . And Jang Hyuk is just amazing i love how he sounds like a snake which's my impression of the real LBW. I'm glad he's an antagonist here. It was painful to watch him being glorified and excused in SFX. And got tone of fangirls shielding him cause he was played by an attractive actor with a fictional spin of the history while attacking kind of heroic and Genius figure like JDJ. I think i might find Janghyuk's LBW charming just as a character in a show if he was portrayed as the brutal and greedy person he was. Just my opinion.
  4. Agree he's got a strong screen presence.. Hope Jang Hyuk will get a decent screen time. Still didn't get the story lol who's fighting who and why?
  5. Yang Se Jong's character's teaser + poster https://twitter.com/for_yangsejong/status/1164350064170377216?s=20 Is it really confirmed the drama is going to be only 16 eps?! cause it's still 20 eps in the drama's Korean wiki's page. That's kinda disappointing as i really wanted to see more of the side characters.
  6. When the casting of the two male leads came first i thought it was an ambitious historical drama where the PD was willing to give the two relatively new actors with so much potential a chance to shine in a well made sageuk under his guidance but when the female lead was announced it made me think it might be another love triangle based drama for international consume and fangirls fighting over ships type of drama. I really like Seolhyun as a beauty but she was acting since 2012 and didn't seem to improve that much. She received a flak for her performance in The great battle. However Jang Hyuk casting gave me a little hope. I will still watch the drama no matter how horrible it might be. I get three of my favs in one drama once in a lifetime.
  7. Hi everyone, WOW Joo Won looks way better after the military how's that possible?!! I can't wait for his comeback drama as a detective he's gonna nail it like he always do. Thank you so much for Joowon updates keep the great work
  8. I want this Drama to be success please be a hit and don't make Dohwan's character useless or annoying like JIW's character in MoonSun pleeeeeeeease. I'm rooting for the three male leads all of them are my favs. I hope this drama revive their careers. They all need it tbh especially WDH. The two are going to the army next year they need some success to survive. As for the drama i really love well written friends turned enemies shows. I hope they give them a good reason to fight over other than the stupid love triangle and don't focus on the romance please. The supporting actors/actresses are awesome too. Don't waste this cast pleeeease writer i'm talking to you. Whoever counts how many pleases in my comment is getting a prize . I'm so hyped for this drama. please be a good drama. Oh and I wonder how this two became friends in the first place like son ho is supposed to be a noble son who live in the city while Sehwi is general son who's in the charge of conquering the North that's means he most likely lives in those military camps i saw in Six Flying Dragons.
  9. Hello all SJK fans.. i'm here to say that's as a non-fan of any of them i was just curious about their divorce i kept following the articles about them and honestly i didn't see anything wrong was done by SJK he has all the right to file the divorce first and he didn't point fingers on her nor accused her of anything so i don't see why he's getting bullied by her fans he isn't responsible to clear her name from the knetz accusations it's her agency's job why would he do a favor for someone he is probably had just fought with makes no sense to me. I'm glad actors career isn't affected by the delusional i-fans and only Koreans matters. I hope his fans will keep supporting him and i will start watching Arthdal in Netflix too as a support for him since i'm very disturbed by the bullying he's receiving internationally when he didn't do anything wrong. As other actors fan. I know from following Chinese popularity polls and such that's SJK sacrificed a lot for this marriage more than what he gained while her career wasn't affected at all in fact she improved her image. So it's ridiculous when people claims he wasn't honest with his love for her or used her. Let's wait until the truth prevail there's absolutely no reason for his real fans to doubt him until now.
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