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  1. Thank you so much kittyna you're such a savior i love you for this and thank you again for keeping this forum alive despite his absent i wish i could participate more here but the language is a huge barrier for me. thank you again i will keep lurking here from now on keep the great work
  2. Hello Joowon's fellow fans, Sadly, i have just discovered the awesomeness of Joowon lately , I can't believe i slept on him all this years he's amazingly talented actor who keeps improving in every project and believe me as an old K-drama fan i have never seen an actor who keeps improving this fast before. I feel bad for those k-drama fans who didn't realize the greatness of Joowon yet as much as i regrets being too late to do and i can't wait for his comeback after he end his serving in the army. And i would like to thank you all for the amazing stuff you share here especially kittyna. I only a lurks here usually since my English sucks big time. But i had an urgent question to fulfill my Joowon thirst LOL. i wonder if anyone here can elaborate on where to find the early episodes of 2d1n with Joowon in it the ones in his bridal mask era i couldn't find it anywhere on the internet witch is really sad he is famous actor why is it so hard to find his shows. Pretty pleeeease help me if you have any source of those episodes thank you very much.
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