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  1. I think i alr did everything but still i cant login, it was said my password wrong, then next time i try i need to wait for few mins. So that why i wanted admin to help me to login with my old acc. Bcs i have alot mutual there on PM group
  2. I cant login with my account bebe1989 i try several time with password still cant access my account. Is there is a way for me to open my acc.
  3. I heard it too! Thanks she was one of scriptwriter for this drama! I hope she will make right decision for good ending !
  4. Why i cant login with my account? im using different acc right now, bcs my old acc cant sign in.. lol
  5. @baby.hae hello, i just read your post. So the webtoon still ongoing??? bcs some ppl said its alr ended. I dont know which one is true lol. Bcs the latest webtoon page, broke my heart. Hahah Thanks
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