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  1. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000688351 20181113 https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=016&aid=0001464571 20181114 https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=047&aid=0002208889 20181114 Above link are the full interviews of our two main casts. They talked about their past, now and their future plans. The articles received a lot of likes and comments from the netizens. I am not good in korean too. It was hard to translate about the contents.
  2. Here is the video posted by KDW's agency on friday. KDW was giving speech but KJW suddenly entered to the screen . When KDW told him it was for his agency. KJW was a little shocked but still continue to recording. KDW was so happy about his response. They are so cute.
  3. @akiera here is the full version of the press con in youtube Today Kim dong wook had several interviews after the end of the drama. He talked about Kim Jae Wook and unexpected bromance between them also became the hot topic during the drama aired. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002849662
  4. Behind the scene photo posted on the instagram. Looks like the male lead and the second male lead are going to meet soon.
  5. Glad to see LYY finally appeared in public events after the end of the drama. Love to see her bright smile. Actually I was a little upset when she did not attend the wrap up party on last Thursday. It was also the first time she joined this movie's promotional activity. For our onion couple, I found something interesting in the end of the drama press conference video. They showed the same hand gestures on the same time. Their minds were in sync.
  6. @Minoo Maani not sure why LYY didn't attend the wrap up party but I am sure that she was busy shooting her new movie 'Diva'.
  7. The scene where SE met SH in the office in the previous episode. I hope there is something help in the story development.
  8. The final trial was well done. The defendant was calmed after heard that he was not guilty. But when he walked out from the court room, he cried suddenly. I was really touching at that moment. The last scene was shocked and sad for SE. What will happened in the next episode? I watched SE's expression was sad at first but later she became calm. Maybe she had made up something on her mind.
  9. Shocked after saw the news. Luckily not serious. Hope she will get well soon. Next time be more careful while on the set . She worked too hard. She should get more rest but her movie and drama still not yet finish shooting.
  10. A fun fact. Actor Heo Sung Tae had been played as a serial killer in drama Tunnel last year. I think the writer knew about it and intentionally described him in this drama.
  11. I agree with Mr Mantis's words. KH was too stupid to become a real bad guy. In fact, OSC is a real bad guy in this drama. SE should notice about it. Besides, KH should keep in touch with SE during weekend since they were in a relationship (no wonder SE was mad at him ). Overall, I am satisfied with the ending scene.
  12. Yoon Shim Deok appearance posted by Ynk entertainment. Now is September. Waiting for the drama ......
  13. I was wondering why this scene was cut out in the past episodes. They look so sweet.
  14. After saw the next ep preview, I am worried about KangHo . Looks like he was getting revenge by his brother. But luckily SoEun still standing on his side and ask him continue to fight.
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