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  1. Huh ... The Gu Eldest Brother actually knows the stepmother is after his title and wishes him dead. At least he's somewhat aware lol
  2. What's wrong with the little brother of the Empress/Emperor. The dude standing there by the palace wheat field lol. What's up with his misery Gotta give credit to Rulan for saving her maid though!
  3. Uh ... did the Gu Family try to force a concubine onto Ming Lan on the very first day of her marriage??? That was faster than expected LOL
  4. Despite all the excitement with GTY's engagement, I was sooo happy to see MoLan at the polo match!!! I wanted to see the fruits of ML's labour! Too bad she can't look too miserable in public BTW, did GTY become HL's children's god parent or something? Did he help give her some standing in her family?
  5. I think after NiF, many historical dramas that take themselves seriously (and have budget lol) have started to choose better color schemes and improve the way they shoot scenes to try and bring similar level of excellence that Nirvana in Fire became loved for. For example, Yanxi Palace was a beautiful drama for the eyes. I personally didn't finish it, but the colors were so lovely! They weren't overly bright or saturated. Some dramas .... oh man the green grass ... is REALLY green. In your face green. Colors are emphasized horribly. Story of Minglan also has a very natural palette going on too. The brightest someone's costume is so far probably goes to MoLan's wedding dress. This is kinda out of nowhere, but it's just something I've noticed about the show lol
  6. RuLan marrying the scholar likely will not please her father at all. And definitely not the mother lol. The poor scholar with the farming background is the candidate Sheng Hong found to marry MoLan. He was fit for marriage to an illegitimate daughter but definitely not the legitimate daughter.
  7. To be honest, I don't even know why she accepted that invitation when she knew the Rong Clan hated her guts. Even if she was afraid they would be even angrier if she rejected, I suppose she would be a fool to not make preparations and have someone waiting for her or to report if she didn't appear.
  8. Okay, after watching the interactions between GTY and the new Emperor and his son...that son seems a bit power hungry? He was totally gunning for the throne? Is he ever a problem for the Dynasty in the future? Did the wives of all the military heads all make it through the rebellion? Or were they all killed in that room?
  9. @sava2sava The deeds that Linniang gave to MoLan are actually things that Sheng Hong gave to her as gifts. So actually it's all from the Sheng Family money. At this point, I CBF about Ming Lan and GTY, I just want HuaLan to get justice. The only time I've cried so far in this drama was when she was talking about her kids to her mother. T^T
  10. Me too! Even the father thought that the description suited ML more than RL. So I think this means that CB's just a blockhead
  11. His wife and her family are the reason the lady committed suicide. They arranged for her to be abducted and raped because she was vying to be QH's wife
  12. By GTY, by ML, and ML's Grandmother Bear mode switched on. From what I've heard, viewers in China fell in love QH's actor and knowing them, they'll defend him to the end lol
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