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  1. Glad that a lot of Thai BL actors are using their platforms to educate and join the protests for a government reform. Even though their company and managers are constantly warning them about the lost of sponsorships and other deals, they still stand up for what they believe is right. Hope everyone stays safe though. And I just want to say that I'm really, really proud of Tul for being outspoken and well-educated about this issue. Also to Tay Tawan, Mew S., Mark Siwat, and a lot more other actors. On a different topic, wtfudge is up with this icy blonde look? I love it! He looks gor
  2. They're keeping it all under wraps, I guess. I mean, they only just recently announced that the highly coveted roles of Dr. Bunn and Tutor Tan went to Tul and Max respectively, even though they have already started production, casting and filming months ago. They're being highly secretive, and that's understandable. I follow both their IGs, all MaxTul accounts & posts in Tumblr and Reddit, and I still get very few updates for MOD too. I'm happy if I get one new picture for a day. So please know that your efforts and hardwork are greatly appreciated! Must be hard to compile all
  3. Oh my gosh, that tweet is 6 am. So they're still filming MOD, huh? Tul's still working on his birthday. So hardworking. Happiest birthday, Tul! And many more glorious and successful birthdays to come! (Thanks for the updates! Should really join Twitter. But I'm so lazzzyyy)
  4. Oh boy, I haven't been in Soompi for a long time (mainly because I forgot my passcode and too lazy to create a new one again). But this, this series definitely made me want to log back in. Thank you for all the commenters in this forum. I love reading everyone's thoughts about TWM (and all its sequels) and MaxTul. This pairing is like a game-changer for me. No bashing, but I thought TharnType/MewGulf has the most explosive chemistry on and off screen, but KornKnock/MaxTul definitely proved me wrong. Oh my god (in Yihwa's voice), this series left me speechless and though it has a bad reviews on
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