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  1. hiiii raeshin shippers  how are u doing today hahaaa actually I m feeling crazy cos I was shipping shin hye with geun suk then not that much with yong hwa and min ho and I was shipping her really haaard with lee jong suk oppa ooooo hhh now I m dying to see her with rae won oppaaa only raeshin oppa  cos I think she need someone older I mean oppa kim rae won  

    my jong sukkie actually is hard working with my unnie hyo jooo in drama W really good drama I shipp unnie hyo joo with oppa lee seung gi because of  the hit drama brilliant legacy and now no unnie for my jong sukkie soo I m gonna shipp him with me lool 

    sorry for my eng hhhh

    raeshin couple fightinggg hoope u win best couple award this year like my unnie hyo joo and oppa seung gi hhhh I must be really crazyyy


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