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  1. I just found this amazing fanart on instagram, so cute~
  2. Hmm, I'm guessing CYH is probably 38 years old, as this is from what I saw in Episode 6, when KSY reviewed his xrays, it showed he was 32 years old in 2013 for KSY, I'm not really sure... anyone have any ideas? Because in my country, there is no such thing as resident or fellow, we use Grades; ie Gred 41(HO), Gred 44(MO), and so forth
  3. Never been the one to post anything, I had always been a silent reader but because of this great drama, i decided to show my support by making a post This drama just reminded me of Beautiful Mind (2016) which starred Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam. In Doctor John, the ML doesn't feel any pain but in Beautiful Mind, the ML cannot feel any emotion. I know its different but maybe the age gap btw the leads, 15 years apart (btw Ji Sung and Lee Se Young & Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam) reminded me of Beautiful Mind. Both are great drama for sure, I'm really shipping CYH and KSY together. Keep up the great post guys, love reading your opinions and thoughts
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