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  1. Hi chingus, Have been out of action for quite sometime. Yasss.....i went for our One and Only FM in Bangkok. After 2 years of not meeting him really gives me goosebump when he turned up in shimmery black suit and Barry Manilow "I can't smile without you". He hit every key perfectly and perfected his lines. I was lucky but not lucky enough for a group photo or hi touch but blessed with a signed poster. Btw, Malaysia with a group of dedicated ladies set up a Fan Club. Do lurk over to check on what they have to offer be it the FM or general information via their IG. https://www.instagram.com/sjs.my/ Also, the admins have decided to do a full translation of the book published in Year 2010 - The Way in English. bit by bit
  2. This year fans of So Ji Sub gets to meet him through his ASIA TOUR entitled HELLO. Anyone from this forum going to any of these countries? Do share. If we are destine to meet one another through his FM, it will be fun. Tickets started selling for Japan earlier, Taiwan and now open for Indonesia.
  3. Happy New Year everyone. Agreed, he is so beautiful from the inside out. SJS deserved the Daesang Award and Top Excellence Award. Love his "koko" with Joon Joon twins. Jisub-ssi, you are so ready to be a husband and father and i hope this is on your bucket list for 2019. Thanks to every contributor in this forum. May we continue to love and support our One and Only SJS.
  4. Hi Chingus... I am silent member to this happy forum. TBM ended successfully and recently So Ji Sub went to Taiwan to promote this drama. He certainly loved by many taiwanese fans. Yesterday, Jung In-Sun received her first Asia Artist Awards - Rising Stars. Let's wish her all the best in her new works... Chukka-he...joon joon omma. Cr. IG Please continue support the Best Korean Drama of 2018 via this site. Currently rank No. 2 and you are allowed to vote once a day based on your IP address. https://www.koreandrama.org/the-best-korean-drama-of-2018/ Happy Friyay!!! Kamsahamida...
  5. Thanks @willenette for this. Actually for me, it was Glass Slippers that stole my heart. He was my favourite back then as Park Chul Woong. I love his bad boy yet a good grandson character and of course to protect the women he loved. Ahhh....those were the days when only VCDs were available for rent and internet was almost impossible. SJS has secured a place in our hearts thru the years that he struggled and he has definitely paid a lot of patience to became what he is today. . Looking forward tonight's episode on TBM....
  6. Totally agreed with you. Each episode brings us to another level of adrenaline and i simply do not want this to end quickly. Jung In-sun ssi is really fit for this role. As i wondered earlier, the other 2 actresses that declined the role I simply do not see them as the character for Go Ae-Rin. In-sun ssi deserves the best newcomer female actress for this year's award. *Thumbs up to role as the twin mother*. The other casts did a very good job especially the Joon-Joon twins and Jin Yong Tae and of course KIS neighbours. In fact I have grown to like Son Ho Jun a lot.. Let's pray for the ratings to main at double digit till the end. Happy Friyay Chingu...
  7. Wow...check out the stuns from the last episode 16 where our One and Only jumped off... Behind the scenes are always the best and how hard it is to perfect his actions. It's so nice to see him on a weekly basis...don't forget to catch tonight's episode 19-20. We still have another 12 episodes left???
  8. On Wednesday night, we saw another level of our SJS acting...he pulled a stun that i am sure many of us did not expected it...I was completely caught off guard and laughed hilariously...OMG....he did that... Shared on IG Behind the scenes are the most interesting and funny takes.... The drama is getting better on each episode and of course we get to see our Oppa twice a week. Happy Friyays ...chingus.... lovely weekend ahead.
  9. Agreed with you. Jisub-ssi is not only an excellent actor but he is also very wise investor. He has so many things going at the same time - wish he quickly marry and have kids. Terius Behind Me shown a lot of him and he was always worried that he didn't fit the character of a father. This proves him wrong...he is "Ah Pa" material...really love the way he interact with the Joon-Joon kids. i am so in love with this namja. .... wish i could fly to Seoul and see him now. Happy Monday chingus....
  10. I remembered her during Glass Slippers time playing the role of the Seung Hee (the girl that bullied and is deeply in love with Park Chul Woong). She looked so much different as compared to now. A reunion after so many years. Looking forward to our weekly date with "Hot Bon Sitter" Have a good weekend Chingus.....btw, please vote for our One and Only. Currently, he's at no 52. Just 5 votes a day and also you can try logging in different SNS account https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/preVote.html
  11. “Terius Behind Me” Writer Talks About Imagining So Ji Sub While Writing Script The writer of MBC’s “Terius Behind Me” shared behind-the-scenes stories about the upcoming drama. “Terius Behind Me” is about a mysterious black ops agent who disappears after a failed mission and a woman who gets dragged into a war of espionage as his neighbor. Writer Oh Ji Young began, “I imagined what it would be like if an unrealistically handsome guy lived next door or in the same apartment building. I thought that it would be pleasing and fun to just see this man walking around. A mysterious man who appeared like a vitamin in the daily repetitive lives of middle-aged women. This is where the drama began.” She continued, “The foundation of the drama was completed with middle-aged women who were watching him at their apartment, mom cafés, group chat rooms, and with the addition of a national conspiracy.” About the characters in the drama, Oh Ji Young explained, “The black ops agent Kim Bon (played by So Ji Sub) who chases a large national conspiracy, in some way, looks like a character from a movie. On the other hand, Go Ae Rin (played by Jung In Sun) is a character who lives the realistic life of a middle-aged woman. I came to decide on these two characters in order to maximize the fun and fantasy when their two unrealistic and realistic worlds, and their lives cross over.” She added, “From the beginning, I thought of So Ji Sub while writing the synopsis script. As a writer, I’m so grateful that he happily agreed to this role.” Oh Ji Young, who previously wrote “Shopping King Louie,” and director Park Sang Hoon will work together to create this drama. “Terius Behind Me” will premiere on September 27 at 10 p.m. KST. Check out the latest teaser here! Extract : https://www.soompi.com/article/1235153wpp/terius-behind-writer-talks-imagining-ji-sub-writing-script
  12. Happy Chuseok and Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all my chingus in this lovely forum. Despite the continuous shooting, i do hope our Oppa has some resting time during this holiday. Cr:51k_official Unnie from IG has translated a message from our One and Only for us... See you real-real soon...
  13. OMG...OMG....check out the posters launched by MBC. Anticipation for this drama is high....let's pray for high ratings for each episode. Gosh...this namja know how to melt our hearts... DON'T FORGET....IT'S 27.09.2018, THURSDAY @ 10PM (KST time). Please don't look back....i am going to faint...
  14. MBC Drama dropped another snippet of our One and Only....the cameraman was on the opposite preparing to shoot. While Agent Kim Bon about to start he was interrupted by a tourist. He was taken by surprised... and of course he obliged and awwww....i can't feel my legs...awww....he even took an effort to have a portrait and landscape angle for the couple. Of course by the looks of it, they weren't aware that he's actually shooting...as we can see Nam Gyu Ri further down the road. Of course our One and Only laughed cos i guess he must be very happy that they didn't know who he was....so cute... Have a good weekend, Chingus.... i hope they announced the presscon soon....
  15. I wish the 27.9.18 is today.... Thank you @willenette for MBC teaser.. See you real soon, Kim Bon-ssi.
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