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  1. I just got back from long business trip and i missed lots of YZ goodies and sugar.....

    my mood currently





    Nvrmnd!!!!! I have to backtrack 20 over pages to for goodies!!! *get tea and snack ready!*

    18 minutes ago, gayyoxx said:

    LOL. Wut? ZZ, you are not satisfied by JY all this time? xD

    Maybe JY should visit our forum and read many fanfics here, especially the ones written by our esteemed auntie @sohocomo. He might get... inspirations... from those fanfics, LOL. #mesonaughty #notsorry #poorkitty #whaleyouhavetoworkhard





    My thought exactly !!!!  naughty ZZMeow





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  2. Thank you for all those sugary photos and updates :wub:


    Whats going on inside my mind:

    conscious: you shouldn't be checking this forum

    me: I noe

    Conscious: you should have focused on the mtg 

    me: I noe

    Conscious: ur client ....

    me: ....

    concious: OMG look at ZZ photos at BKK airport!!! So hot! Dat legs! Dat lips! Dat hip! 

    me: *happily sailing on top of ZZ chest*


    Good thing I'm used to multitasks... :wub:

    fanart - translating while drooling over ZZ


    Cr : Hako

    Thx u all for the HIghRes pics *kisses*

    translation: eat this candy, and you will be my babes


    JY's fingers *drool... And hold possesively* 






    Ok need to focus focus....

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  3. @narakeiko @xix19xix yes!!! We can do it!!!! Will continue with the translation after work. Work has been hectic today... Sigh...still few more hours to go..

    can't wait to finish it soon :wub:

    @ximichem HapPy BIRthday! :w00t:


    And let me go and box a present for you under this spoiler 


    Cr: mhmp135

    This time the korean language is really difficult to read :cry:



    Easy preasy! Nvr thought its such an easy task to catch a kitten :wub: for your birthday present <3


    Hope @kmmyzz @izziehudson have a blast for the concert! can't wait for ZZ's concert, he is such a heart throb <3... Please spam us with pictures and fanact. This time he really has to guard his pasport carefully.... 



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  4. Spoiler
    11 hours ago, Scandani said:

    @artemis1130 what a nice initiative. Two Chinese words that I learned from Shangyin is tang hulu and ...not so nice word  ni hundan LOL.

    Talking about tang hulu, remind me of this gifs, that of course when you talk about gifs it would be 100% sure not belong to me. But, it is about tang hulu. And I love how the boys tease each other here. I appreciate their characters more and more and more every single time I re-watch the series. That's how moved on I am from them. No, not at all.


    And just because

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    cr. unknown from wb


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    I think I shared this far too many times, but, every now and then when I miss them so much. These pics are some of my favorites



    cr. jingyubae tumblr

    @bearology omg I just hope with the growing curiousity of who is behind 5MilesLove would not make her/him disappear on us!!!


    Wel Duh!!!:w00t: the purppse to buy only 1 tang hulu, you can get so many thgs in return!! What a wise businessman he is!

    -ehmindirect kissehm :phew: *can't make 2 kissey smileys facing each other...Duhh*


    -enjoy the closeness

    -BLY smiles sweetly and happily 

    -ehmthepossibilitytolickhisfingerehm :wub:


    And another sugary translation



    my korean is even worse than my chinese... Original word is 크앙 다 잡아 먹어 버리켔당

    anyway here is the fanart


    we know who is the dinosaurs and who is being eaten :phew:


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  5. Spoiler
    8 hours ago, migrain3 said:


    Hello!  I am wondering where you are getting the fanpics from?  They are simply amazing...Especially the last one about the ending of the novel.  I just spoiled it for myself, but WOW what an ending.  The emotional impact was beyond anything I've read or seen.  I take back what I said about the novel not being profound.  What a fool I was, this was simply perfect.  It is familiar, warm, and bittersweet...everything comes in full circle with

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    BLY and GU was conversing about GH-“Say…How long do you think our bike will last?”  BLY-"for as long as you want-eternity"   and the Bike with the bow at the end

    …oh dear lord god jesus…I am not worthy of this gift.  I am an emotional mess at 12:30AM knowing this was the last time I get to read about the characters of GH and BLY.   What a journey! What a love! No matter how many tribulations were thrown at them, to overcome them all and ended where they are now.  Saying all this was fate sort of undermining their whole voyage; it was the greatest love combined with the greatest struggles to sustain a relationship between two of my most beloved fictional characters.  Saying goodbye is hard, but I’m so glad there’s a real life version of GH and BLY currently undergoing their struggles right now to arrive at the happy endsJ. 


    Work is in a five hours and I don’t plan to sleep.  Time to binge watch season 1(praying even harder now so we can get season 2 to experience all these amazing content that was left over in the novel) all over again to relieve myself of this ache.   Sorry for the emotional rant, see you guys in the morning.  Time to experience when Hai meets Yin all over again ^.^



    Hi Hi, i found the fanarts from Weibo but I forgot under which user-pretty bad of me :(



    the ending was beautiful and hilarious and their married life after marriage is simply cute and sweet. What a doting husbang GH is.


    The convo should be:

    BLY-how long do you think our bike will last?

    GH-as long as you wish it to be 

    based on GH character. He will not let BLY go. So it means eternity :wub: he is too over protective.. Haha even YM fears to visit BLY-GH home after their marriage.

    GH used the bike to fetch BLY on their wedding day so you will see the wedding ribbon tie on the bike. Such a romantic guy he is. Even though he was late :sweatingbullets:




    Same applies to me. I have been a sleepless mess since addiction... I have 2 more hours for me to start my day ehmworkehm.... 

    I need to catch some more sleep before I start another spam!!! 

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  6. Spoiler
    1 hour ago, xix19xix said:

    Hi all, @narakeiko has shared that she doesn't mind putting the translated text into this video (which is essentially a historical archive on how JY and ZZ came together).

    I am wondering for those of us who knows Chinese, is it possible for us to "crowd translate this video" which happens to be 74:17 mins long?

    I have started by translating until 2m 30s in this shared Google document. At the same time, I had asked the youtube clip owner if it is okay that we subtitle the video with this translated text.

    I am hoping that if all of us can chip in like 30 seconds of the clip each time, things will move a lot faster. Hope you will contribute if you can :) 




    Hi hi, I can lend a hand here to translate to Chinese but my Chinese is limited and I'm not good with technology. Is it ok to translate into word document or please teach me how should I do it?

    @nedaaa i love all the images you posted.... Yz is going to kill me with their handsomeness..


    @kyrie777 i have been checking this forum for 24/7. Every sec when I'm free... Even when i have meeting in office and even on my sleeping time.... I just need the doses for my addiction... I'm too addicted that I even check Weibo, insta, tweet, tumblr, changba and so on... I think i just have to balance it with my real life :confounded:

    Another candy to share:

    i really love this fanart so I have to share translated version with all sompiers!! I used photo editing apps. Pls pardon me for the not so nice result


    Cr : somekse 

    During highschool


    Reunited after 8 yrs



    wedding day 



    i really love GH dedication and patient.. Also love BLY stubbornness and romanticism.. 



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  7. @Scandani yeah.... I was sooo sooo excited when I saw this forum... I really have to spend sleepless night just to finish all those goodies....and continue with spamming to share YZ love!!!! :wub:

    ooo gosh i really recommend to back read this forum!!! Gives me cavities with all those not so subtle hints from two of them.... I literally died from sugar overload or sleep deprivation . Not too sure anymore..


    and here is another candies i just found recently.... JY quirk that I find it so so cute #die


    Cr :鲸鱼粥酱




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  8. Hi I'm a new member here....

    i just discover this soompi family last week. Didn't know that we have such an lengthy discussion about Addicted here!! :wub:  Been addicted since The beginning on January 2016。have to say that we have been through up and down :)


    anyway... I have spend an entire week to read backtrack from page 1 up to here.. Have to pat myself.... Thank you everyone for the contrubution.. Have to say that I love the delulus analysis... 




    I think the mysterious cpfan ehm5milesloveehm is CJD...

    gyaaaaa.... Who knows. She is the closest person to both of them. Know them since pre-addition era...has the background , money and literature skills too.... 

    Just my delulu :sweatingbullets:


    Lets spams together !!!! Pardon me if I made any mistake... Just remind me 


    with love ;)

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