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  1. Well, we need a catalyst to bring GH & SW together faster; otherwise, Swarmy will continue to pester GH with the hopes of going back "home." We've still got quite a few episodes to go, so let's just hope that the evil ones will continue down their blundering path, screwing up here, there, & everywhere. Swarmy needs some night-vision binoculars since he only gets out to peep after dark. He must eat a lot of carrots. The actresses that play the moms - they usually always play snarky roles. The dads need to figure out a way to shut their wives up, though I don't condone violence. Duct tape could play a valuable role here. (I've been following the forum; just not commenting much. My big dogs and my big feet got confused about which direction we were heading. I'm just now able to type with both hands.)
  2. Fake parents in Happy Sisters - didn't like that. Fake dad in a drama about the N. Korean mom/daughter in S. Korea searching for the dad/husband = didn't like that either. But I sure do wish I could find someone to fake me in the kitchen. Actually, my husband would love that, especially if she can cook. I'm wondering how in the world these "bad" characters can redeem themselves, because, of course, they will. And GH is so nice as is SW so...That's why I always hate the last episode - everybody is just one happy family. They'll snap that picture with all of them - The End. I like Chinese historical dramas - bad guys always get what's coming to them, usually worse than what they dished out.
  3. So sorry to cut your post. I swear I sometimes come away from this forum with comments I'll never forget. Lust and matching pajamas - Ldy Gmerm 's "working womb"...At times I find it really hard to focus on the drama.
  4. Why do some women think that dirty, under-handed tricks will get them the men that they like? I know it happens in real life also, especially in high school. They are so full of themselves that they can't imagine not being liked by the guys they've set their sights on.But what's more un-nerving is that it sometimes works. Even if the guys tell them they don't like them, these women still spin the truth to benefit themselves. I'm not sure about anywhere else but in the U.S. blood relatives who haven't been told of the child's existence can annul the adoption & get custody. There have been many tragic cases where a child is uprooted after many years. But this is k-dramaland so hopefully it won't happen. IMO, Swarmy is now realizing just how much he loved GH & took her for granted. One moment of passion completely obliterated years of warmth & security. He knows he can't undo what's happened but he just can't let go. He'll probably become her biggest advocate, working behind the scenes to ensure her happiness. At least, I hope so. I'd also like to see GH's mom stand beside her, fighting for GH & YR to be together. I'd hate for her to try to force GH to give him up.
  5. Ya know, sometimes all those historical dramas I watch are much more endurable than daily dramas. And I wonder if these scripts are written beforehand: the writer ponders just what does she/he need to write to get the viewers all worked up. OK, I'm going to take a really nice girl & make her suffer. Nah, that's not "bad" enough - let's make her a "mother". And if I make the child endure hardships - Yeah, that's it. I got it now - I included all the requirements that will get the viewers blood pressure up. I think this focuses on the difference in mother-son relationships. Compare GH & YR to SW & whats-her-face. I think SW's dad is basically a good guy - he's probably had to work really hard to get his family where they are financially & left the family duties to Cruella (and that's a nice name to call her).
  6. So funny! The King having stomach problems & so many people standing around while he...What a riot! I can say this particular episode makes the King more human. And I am so glad that I come away from each episode smiling at something that happened.
  7. The excitement doesn't end through episode 43. I have to admit I became somewhat confused during the banquet, wondering just what the emperor really wanted and the changing attitudes of some of the attendees. It is still the most riveting drama I've seen this year. At this point, most people are assuming the Right C. is behind this. I believe he's just taking advantage of circumstances even though his original intention was to bring down the Crown Prince. I also think Long Bo is being used by someone. The Emperor has been misguided, thinking everything was wonderful in his kingdom. His kidnapping has brought him in contact with the real world & I definitely see a change in his perspective. He sees now that his ministers & armed forces are not "for the people" but for themselves. The ML, in trying to protect Long Bo, is a true hero. He remembers all that his friends suffered after being abandoned by those in power. He has watched them die in vain but he is determined to save Long Bo by changing his views, I hope. '
  8. So I guess JY, Asule & YR's unique friendship will just stay in their memories, right? Asule will return to his homeland & rule/save it? JY will become an officer in somebody's army? And YR will just sprout wings & flit around in the sky? I'm sticking w/the drama but I'm becoming very sarcastic. The only thing sticking in my mind right now is how nice JY looks w/out his shirt.
  9. I'm still watching this drama but as each episode passes, I lose more & more interest. It started out so good but now ? Too much killing, too much misery & for what? What's the purpose? I guess as a viewer I was looking for a hero, for someone to rise above all & save the day. I watched the trailers up to 50 & Asule takes the lead in a battle (I've lost track of who's battling who & why). Truthfully, I'm terribly disappointed. I so looked forward to this drama. I so loved it at the beginning, as in Tribes & Empires. I so wanted to see a satisfying coherent ending. I'm not dumb but I feel like I've become very dumb now (dumb as in IQ).
  10. If Bo Ra is alive, we can hang up any relationship between SW & GH. There's no way he would divorce/abandon her after what his mother did, child or no child. Besides, if Bo Ra was as great as SW said she was, she would have never given their child up in the first place. Unless SW's mom had taken the child under the pretense of taking him to his father & then put him in an orphanage. In other words, if Bo Ra is alive we've got a whole new drama. I'm thinking that this trip will give SW clues for tracking his son down. Maybe when he gets back, he will open up to GH. She will then help him look for his son since she's familiar with the orphanage & the ladies who work there. She'll probably be the first one to put 2'n2 together. Hopefully, SW's mom doesn't find him first.
  11. Ji Ye's backstory was exciting but even though he is strong & determined, I don't think he's a hero. Actually, in my opinion, he seems to forget YR until he's around YR. I admire him for getting back up when knocked down (mentally & physically), but for some reason I see him as one who would betray in order to get ahead. As I said before, I can't read Asule's thoughts. He always looks so brow-beaten and meek. He picks up the sword and kills everyone around him; he is still emotionless. He is "too" good, "too" nice, "too" humble. JY is "too" pushy, "too" single-minded, "too" focused on being a hero, and YR is "too" flighty, "too" enamored with JY, "too" talkative. I have to say that even though I like the drama, it is a "miserable" drama, meaning it leaves me so depressed.
  12. Viki is so far behind on subs. I've watched through episode 44 raw. Asule is such a tortured soul that it's made the drama very depressing. And because of all the things that have happened to him I can't get a handle on his thoughts. I'm not even sure I understand the whys of the events that are happening. In other words, if Asule died at birth has he ever been really alive? I know this drama will have a miserable ending because each episode ends in misery. Consequently, I can't even say I like this drama. They've shown a lot about the boat princess, Asule & JY, so why is there even a Yuran character? I like her optimistic, encouraging personality, but she sure does work her mouth a lot.
  13. I'm rewatching Tribes and Empires and Zhou Yiwei (Long Bo) was in it. As in this drama, I liked his character, then hated him, then again liked him. His eyes can look so mean. Also I read that the actors weren't paid promptly or in entirety and they had to end it abruptly; yet here again we see him starring in this director's film. Why? Because this, as well as Tribes and Empires, are unique & wonderful. It allows the actors to shine. '
  14. I agree, especially now that it's been revealed that the right chancellor owns the houses Long Bo has used. Would they (the Emperor & Chancellor) do all this just to set the Crown Prince & the rest of the ministers up? To rid the Imperial Court & start fresh? There is so much more to be revealed. Every time I think I'm close to figuring it out, something happens that draws me in another direction. I wish Netflix or Hulu would pick it up with the hopes that more western countries could be introduced to this magnificent piece of work. I read on one of the news sites that there will be a season 2. I'm not sure I can hold my breath that long.
  15. If Swarmy interferes with the adoption process, it just might serve as a catalyst to SW/GH's relationship. Also, we now have SM's dad who, I think, will try to set his family right plus right the wrong done to GH. With divorce a possibility, SM's mom will be very careful about becoming involved. The way I see it the only way for SM to win Swarmy back is the "working womb" way, aka www. (Credit to Ldy Gmerm ).
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