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  1. I am guessing that his mother had died long time ago. He is just hallucinating, thinking that his mother still alive. His mental condition is in very serious state. I hope Soo Hyun and Dr Han can peesuade him to seek treatment later. He should be given a chance to live his life, not in the shadows of his past and trauma.
  2. Prosecutor Gal should go into prison. He is the worse. No empathy at all. He manipulates Dr. Jang's sickness and trauma just to carry out his evil plan. I don't understand why Dr. Jang didn't seek treatment. He is a doctor and he knows his conditions. He even hated the things that Dr. K do. And it seems that he doesn't know that his mother had died.
  3. Dr Jang is a scene stealer for this season. His mysterious way with long hair and stone face captivated my eyes. It is sad to know that he suffers split personality disorder. And I am afraid to see his future in this drama. I don't want to see a kindhearted dr jang turns to manipulative and cruel dr k.
  4. Will the truth come out next week? Gal Hee lies become bigger and bigger. And it seems like there is no way out of it except to come clean with it. Will Dom knows first? Or will Gal hee confessing in front of him? And worst options, will DOM knows abt this through third person? Anyway, whatever it is, heartbreaks, betrayals and guilty are the answers for all the options above. For sure, i am looking forward for it. I love angst and i am craving for it. However, given the tone of the drama, i might not get enough dose of angst. It's okay as i love all the feelings that this drama gives me. I love the butterflies, cuteness, frustrations, desperations, anticipations and annoyance that they gave me. To sum it up, i am enjoying the rides to the fullest. And all i can say, it is a fun ride. For now.
  5. I guess Do Min Ik is totally in denial. He has the clues and everything, he must has his doubts but he just blocks everything away and believe what he wants to believe. This reminds me the famous quote "Seeing Is Believing". Only when he change his believe that he is able to see the truth.
  6. @triplem oh yes, that's the tweet. From that words, it means he realises that he likes Secretary Jung. Tbh, i prefer watching him with Secretary Jung than Victoria Park-Gal Hee. So, i am always hoping that he will stays with secretary jung only rather than running towards VP-GH eventhough both of them are same woman. This weird love triangle makes me a weird person
  7. To everyone here, hello! I am totally in love with this drama. Didn't expect it at all. All i know, i am all smiling watching them, then, i am browsing twitter, ig, and soompi all day long for them. I hope this drama will continue to deliver until the end of its episodes. I have seen some stills for future episodes in twitter taken from naver. Looks like GH will impersonate Victoria Park again and meet DMI. While Min Ik will be confused with his own feelings. My heart hurts watching the stills. GH should just confessed to MI. @Lmangla thank you for your informative sharings. Love reading them while waiting for new episodes.
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