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  1. I don't think I can agree on you about Hyunsu, Haesu and Moo Jin. It could be that I view them totally in different ways than yours. Be it hyunsu, haesu or moo jin, everyone carries weight in their heart. So, rather than judging hard on them, i would try to understand them. Rather than logic, i am more on emotional part. Hence, our different opinions. So does all the other viewers. We view the drama and all of the characters so very differently based on our own perceptives, logic and emotions. While some of you can say it is illogical and some characters are just stupid and selfish, others mig
  2. This is solely my opinion and my own point-of-view on the scene that you pointed out. So, here it goes: 1. ML did not check the back of Sang Chul's pocket to get the accomplice - i would say that he got too emotional in that situation. All emotions coming at once leaves him in so much confusion. This might be a lame excuse but it is not entirely impossible that one can forget the task they had at hand when they were really in an intense situation and emotion. Though it might seem stupid for viewers, but it could happens even in a real life. 2. Do Haesoo went to Baek's
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