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  1. Will the truth come out next week? Gal Hee lies become bigger and bigger. And it seems like there is no way out of it except to come clean with it. Will Dom knows first? Or will Gal hee confessing in front of him? And worst options, will DOM knows abt this through third person? Anyway, whatever it is, heartbreaks, betrayals and guilty are the answers for all the options above. For sure, i am looking forward for it. I love angst and i am craving for it. However, given the tone of the drama, i might not get enough dose of angst. It's okay as i love all the feelings that this drama gives me. I love the butterflies, cuteness, frustrations, desperations, anticipations and annoyance that they gave me. To sum it up, i am enjoying the rides to the fullest. And all i can say, it is a fun ride. For now.
  2. I guess Do Min Ik is totally in denial. He has the clues and everything, he must has his doubts but he just blocks everything away and believe what he wants to believe. This reminds me the famous quote "Seeing Is Believing". Only when he change his believe that he is able to see the truth.
  3. @triplem oh yes, that's the tweet. From that words, it means he realises that he likes Secretary Jung. Tbh, i prefer watching him with Secretary Jung than Victoria Park-Gal Hee. So, i am always hoping that he will stays with secretary jung only rather than running towards VP-GH eventhough both of them are same woman. This weird love triangle makes me a weird person
  4. To everyone here, hello! I am totally in love with this drama. Didn't expect it at all. All i know, i am all smiling watching them, then, i am browsing twitter, ig, and soompi all day long for them. I hope this drama will continue to deliver until the end of its episodes. I have seen some stills for future episodes in twitter taken from naver. Looks like GH will impersonate Victoria Park again and meet DMI. While Min Ik will be confused with his own feelings. My heart hurts watching the stills. GH should just confessed to MI. @Lmangla thank you for your informative sharings. Love reading them while waiting for new episodes.
  5. Nope. I don't agree with it. It's impossible that knetz would get angry when emperor is made so cruel. Every saeguk drama either it is based on true story or fictional, their king are portrayed as evil and weak. No one ever complained on that. Plus, Korean people don't like monarchy/king so much as they felt that they are being betrayed and left alone by the king and his royal family ages ago when wars erupted. They only take pride on certain king for their contribution in Korea. On why knetz sided with Lee hyuk, there are no big reasons. They just like him. And he caught their attentions. Simple as that. SSR always able to command attention in his dramas even when he is a villain, so when writer make his character become complex and layered, that's just make the viewers drawn to him more. If Hyuk was played by other actors, his popularity won't be like it is now (tho I can named one or two actors that as good as SSR). And, if I am not mistaken, knetz start to talk about SSR-Nara chemistry even before the starts of this drama after some photo being released by sbs. The ratings are increasing. Will they be able to break their own record before this drama ends?
  6. Thank you for this informative writings. This makes me pity on him. Yes, he is wrong. I am mad at him too.But, having to live his entire life carrying the trauma and abuse in himself while shouldering the pressure as a crown prince and emperor must be really hard for him that he slowly develop this disorder. He must have been living in hell in his entire life. With that said, I really want him to get a treatment. He needs to receive treatment so that he can know and acknowledge that he has commit crimes. That's how a good drama should end. Rather than revenge, justice should win this war. Sunny and woo bin too should get a better future and happiness after all the sufferings. A messy drama like this at least should be tie neatly.
  7. The show finally picking up their pace again and I am all in it. Answers are getting shed little by little. As the show is on its way to reach the climax, I can't help but being nervous to know the exact truth behind all of these. That Chunggeum Island's mystery is keep on knocking my mind. What exactly is in that island? I guess the darkest secret of the royal family lies in there. I also think that Lee Hyuk suffers mental disorder. He shows symptoms of hallucination with panic or anxiety disorder. His moods keep on changing and he fails to make good judgement as we can see that he let himself being manipulated by other people for his entire life. His mental state is in a weak condition. So, I am not surprised if he choose to suicide later. I hope all of us can look on this story on different angle rather than focusing on the romance only. Enough with the fight. There are more exciting things in this show to mess up our life.
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