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  1. our Kim Mi So is really pretty.. OMG so sad it's the last episode.. Thanks you so much for the live recaps @kaoriharang @ohoheli @nonski ..
  2. thank you so much for the live recaps @nonski @jeonghyang @kaoriharang @Kasmic I'm really really appreciate it, because I can't watch streaming.. Can't wait watch this episode with eng sub.. I'm glad finally the mother telling the truth to SY, he need to wake up from his illusion..
  3. @saved2K OMG despite his poker face, Park Seo Joon is so hilarious ^__^ Thank you for sharing the translation chingu.. actually I really wish can watch all the WWWSK BTS with engsub. Please share it again if you find for another episode.. Thank you so much.. I must admit if Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young really slaying it in this drama, even I love all the sound effect of this drama.. Good Job for all the WWWSK staffs and team..
  4. I'm waiting for all chingus live reports tonight, cause I can't live streaming like you all.. Thank you for all the chingus hardwork like @nonski @jeonghyang @SeGafanlady @saved2K Can't wait for their date tonight haha..
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