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  1. 1 hour ago, munyeng said:

    long time did not log in soompi XD

    the purpose to post this fancam. I have combine 3 fancam of the owner. total about 38 minutes

    credit nanxueyiyi . no re-edit.


    see how song song bow/greet to the rest of the people on the stage after the end of airing. SJK even greeted PBG. But as polite as they are, SJK never bows/greets SHK. :) since their relationship is beyond that.

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  2. it's a really golden fancam.

    can anyone help give more insights on why the 2nd bodyguard (who gave SJK the 2nd water bottle) tried to take away the water bottle SJK opened for SHK? It seems SJK tried to take the 1st water bottle back from the bodyguard and the bodyguard (an SJK?) handed the waterbottle to SHK.

    Watched the video couple of time but still cannot figure out who gave the water bottle to SHK at the end.

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  3. 4 hours ago, leoneqwert said:

    In his last FM his parents were also there...

    There were 2 things... 

    1. About his title as Nations Husband, he asked his fans if he could still marry?!

    2.He promised his parents that he will bring them a beautiful and talented daughter in law


    Does anyone have a clip of SJK promising the daughter in law? or can any one tell me during which part of the shanghai fanmeeting he said that?

    i watched the entire fanmeeting but didn't catch when he said that.

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  4. Last week when SHK was in HK, there were couple of SJK non-public event photos of him attended a kid's birthday party and autographs from visiting restaurants. however, this week I haven't seen any of SJK non-public event photos after SHK going back to SK. (just my delulu) that SJK might be spending time with SHK since she's in SK. when SHK is away, SJK has more time to be with other friends.

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  5. I think hyekyo and her friends were in sf between July/3 and July/11 since this is the only time suddenly all of the three stopped updating their instagram. Before this period of time, there is seldom such a long time they don't update their ig. And after this time, all three started pouring photos on ig. Maybe they have been waited for long to share all these pretty pictures with their followers.

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