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  1. A year ago, I have no idea who Zhao Li Ying is. Came to cdramas after the slump in kdramas, bumping into Princess Agent due to those rave reviews. Introduction to ZLY was to cool and ferocious, yet rather depressed Xing'er/ Chu Qiao. A fighter for freedom, who doesn't put her own life or happiness on forefront. Although some of her actions were frustrating, I could understand her intentions. Love was never the main driving force in her life, as she strives for freedom and dream, of a place free of slavery. Whilst I thought her acting was solid, her character was rather depressed and serious... Which brought me to Boss and Me (Shan Shan comes to eat). A total change! Her character here is simple, bubbly, and cute! She stands by her own beliefs and principles, but never truly ambitious, and is a totally happy go lucky girl from the village! She made it huge in The Journey of Flower, and after watching, I could understand why... Her portrayal as the young innocent HQG, her journey to her doomed love, the pain of her losing everyone dear to her one by one, finally turning into demon...I was sold. She got my attention then, not for playing Shan Shan, Hua Qian Gu or Chu Qiao, but actually capable of playing 2 end of the spectrums flawlessly. As someone who fought for everything but love as CQ, and as someone who wanted nothing but love in HQG. Then she amazes yet again with guest starring in Mystic Nine with her comical side, dominating pretty much all the scenes she was in. Just as I thought I have seen her in every type of character, she raised the bar again with her versatility, playing subtle ,calm, collected, subdued Sheng Ming Lan in The Story of Minglan. While some felt her portrayal as ML was underwhelming compared to other characters, I felt there was a quiet determination, subtle confidence about her. Her perceptiveness, astuteness was a delight to watch. She exudes charisma yet maintained the innocence of a young lady. The change from a self preserving young maiden to a woman, learning to navigate around the treacherous world, learning to love her husband, to a mature Marchioness was a delight to watch. Personally, I felt she did well in picking her latest project before taking a break from her work. It ended her first stint of her career on a high. Hopefully she'll be back soon from her break and new baby!! Looking forward to see her back in action!
  2. @nichiwoohee translation: "Despite seeing and understanding the ugly side of people, still believes in the kind nature of the human heart. After going through and witnessing life and death situations, hopes for quiet and peaceful life, with all family members well. Tonight, Ming Lan will be watching the last episode with you"
  3. What a journey! Every artiste played their character so well, from our beloved ML & GTY, to our second leads QH & WIFE, everyone from Sheng Family (Beloved granny, SH, DaNiang, RL, HL, CB, Molan), Shitou & XiaoTao, Rong'er, Danju, Mdm Zhang, even DaNiang's maidservant, to our protagonists, Mdm Qin, Aunty Kang, Aunty Wang, even MN. Relationships and love goes beyond our OTP of ML - GTY. Granny - ML, GTY- Shitou, ML - XiaoTao & Danju, Rong'er - ML & GTY, CB - GTY, ML - Mdm Zhang, QH - wife were all very heartwarming and lovely to watch. I've laughed at GTY's antics, CB's hilarious actions, DaNiang's amusing expressions; I've cried with ML over the mum's passing, granny's poisoning, and finally in her desperate attempt to save GTY, cried with Rong'er to witness the death of her own mum, and when she finally called ML "mum"; I've smiled at the sweetness and little intimate moments between ML - GTY. Loved both the explosive GTY, and the more subtle, quiet and subdued ML; full of wisdom granny, straightforward RL, and comical DaNiang & CB. Cheered when those that ML extended help to came back to show support, friendship, and loyalty from Mdm Zhang, Yanran, the Sheng's couz, Danju. Really liked the friendship formed btw ML and QH's wife under the most unlikely circumstances It has its flaws and shortcomings, but pulled enough heartstrings, and gave enough hope to keep me going. It's a relatively "quiet" slice of life family drama, and I've enjoyed the subtleties of things, appreciated the suffering & limitations for women during the era, and loved the various relationships, that goes beyond blood and family. It's not a perfect show, but definitely worth every minute of the time watching (and re-watching). It's been a great 1.5 months watching TSOML; reading & discussing the difference thoughts, perspectives, insights and analysis of the show and characters, sharing of spoilers, previews and bts, historical facts, and translations. Thank you @cherubstomato @linhlinh111 @Golden Flower @nichiwoohee @dancingbee @lclarakl @Suzzy San @frenchfan @dito@minglan1@mooose @minoku2209 @leeza77 @jewelsc @hello210 @matrim @zenya22 @Jackie1048 @sava2sava @heatherbee @greenwatch08 @UnniSarah @lilkat75 @fra8
  4. I haven't actually watched the recent episodes (still waiting for subs ) so I'm deducing based on the earlier episodes and analysis. Whilst I do feel that ML having to go through another hell, and a world of pain trying to free GTY doesn't do much justice especially to GTY's character to still kept her in the dark, there's an explanation I could think of. In earlier post by @dito and @linhlinh111, it was mentioned that in the book, during their 2nd big argument, ML said that love is not measured by the intelligent things, but by stupid illogical actions one does for the other. Possibly, this is the show's way to demonstrate her love. May not necessarily agree with the way the scriptwriters do it, but I could understand. Personally, the way things are going, it seems like scriptwriters wanted to end the show with a bang. Bringing everyone back for the finale basically. If CL is not dead, I'm pretty sure they will bring her back into the scene too. Another pity, considering the show did extremely well in subtlety. Excelled in being quietly powerful. However, I can understand why ED wants ML dead (based on my 21st century lense if I may add). The biggest threat in ML for ED isn't her status, her power, her family background, or her wealth. Her biggest threat, and ML's biggest asset lies in her wit and intelligence. They can take her title away, her wealth and everything away but they can't take away her brain. And that's why ED wants her dead. Because she knows ML isn't on her side, and will never be. ML's a strategist, with or without GTY, she's capable of things that ED couldn't think of. Together, ML-GTY combo is lethal, but even apart, they are dangerous on their own.
  5. I wouldn't disagree. Show did well for flash out her character and what drives her character. (Actually, show did well with most characters, incl the antagonists). Gives us enough meat to understand her behaviour, her convictions, and her beliefs. I cried with her when her mom passed. Suffocated for her as she hides her true nature for self preservation Loved her heartfelt and mature conversations with granny. Felt for her when she confessed to GTY that she has to choose survival over principles, living as the gentle, agreeable, flawless sixth miss. Loved it even more, the honest, sincere conversations with GTY, both before the romance, and after their marriage. Laughed at her non-existent archery skills and seeing her battle the fatty bandit, and then tried to pick up his sword (unsuccessfully) to protect herself. My blood boils with her as we found out CL did exactly opposite of what the doc said to kill ML's mom. Smiled like an idiot when she finally accepted GTY's proposal, and everytime they show affection to each other. Laughed more when she was throwing her mini tantrum after the aunts tried to blackmail her with Dr.He, and that death glare she gave GTY when he tried to pacify her. My heart broke with hers to see granny in coma from poisoning I'm amazed at how calm and collected she is when she carried out her revenge, both against CL and Mdm Kang. I cheered for her everytime she outwit and outsmart those who looked down on her, those who underestimated her. Felt her sadness as she cried in GTY's arm, blaming herself for granny's predicament, getting poisoned. Felt her trauma with finding out that her GTY died (false alarm), goes into premature labour, manor being set on fire, and the attempt on her life all at the same time. And now...anticipating more heartbreak, more pain, more suffering before she comes out sharper, stronger, better, cooler , and more bad richard simmons. I buy her convictions to fight for her own justice because she lives in an era what wouldn't give her one. I'm sold on her principles of repayment. She will repay with her life for all that she owed, and she ensures they pay with theirs for all they owed.. Even with the writing flaws and dramatization, the story stayed true to its title "The Story of Ming Lan"... And personally, it's been a rewarding journey.
  6. Personally I do feel that grandma has been guiding her to a certain extent. We all have our own belief system in a way, but to discount influences of others would be arrogant. It's easy for us to say that the antagonists are just evil, but in reality, how many are truly born evil just because? Daniang is simple minded, and not the smartest cookie of the lot, but even ML said she can see how HL, RL and CB turned out the way they did. Because she does nurture them well. She may have temper, but she's not vicious. She's rather kind in nature, which was why granny chose her as SH's wife. That even if you give her a knife, it would never occur to her to use that knife in her hands to kill another. And that's why none of her kids are vicious or have ill intentions. There are a lot of times we were shown grandma and ML discussing over things and her thoughts and reasoning on them. ML may have hide some facts and truths from granny like we do from our parents, but it would be unfair to say our parents have no hands in shaping us to be the way we are, the same way granny shaped ML to be who she is. Whilst we do have our own belief system which were innate as part of us, there are also influences, circumstances and people that shape a person to who they are.. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Exactly! As she rightly said, when the pain is on others it's easy to be generous and sympathetic, but when the pain is on self, all compassion goes out the window. She didn't even flinch when she torture Mdm Kang's people for confession. And the way she had her revenge of CL, cold. Can u imagine if what she's capable of, with her intelligence, and her astuteness, if she didn't have granny as her moral compass? Show did exceptionally showing that no one is saint. No one is all forgiving, because they are only human. Flawed. They bear grudges, they give an eye for an eye. No one waits for karma to do their job...
  8. Thanks for the explanation @Golden Flower @leeza77 I can't say I'm impressed with his behaviour, be it gleeful or happy, as it just doesn't sound right to be happy when his wife is down on her knees begging and crying, but it could be because he doesn't know and realised that she went to that extent.. only knows she created a ruckus.. I haven't actually watch the episodes, just previews and comments from fellow chingus in this thread. So I'll refrain from commenting further until I've watched.. so that I wouldn't jump into conclusion and judge too quickly. @lclarakl welcome. Did you sleep considering you had to catch up 67 episodes?? @linhlinh111 well said. I've always wondered how dangerous ML would be if she wasn't brought up by granny who taught her not just skills to survive, but also principles and morals in life. Considering her intelligence, she could be one helluva antagonist! So I do agree that parents have a major part to play in shaping their children, and have a role to play for their success and failure. Era, circumstances, upbringing, ingrained personality, all have a part to play in how each person turns out. The best part of the show is exactly that...that while some antagonists are despicable, they are also pitiful.
  9. I hope you are right...hence I added that I'm hoping I'm interpreting the previews wrongly and there is more to it. GTY should be grateful that he has such a wife, that someone is willing to do everything for him, and love him unconditionally, for better or worse, through good times and bad. But being grateful also means that he would be sad to see her suffering so much for him..which is why I said being HAPPY is just wrong... For someone who wouldn't allow anyone to hurt her, being happy seeing her suffer so much because of him is....not cool...at all.. Him putting a brave front for her so that she doesn't crumble seeing him fall, would be consistent with his character...so I hope you are right...
  10. Me too!! I've been following the show religiously for the past 1.5 months and it has been such an enjoyable ride I don't want this to enddd! Hahahah. So it's actually FSF wearing ZLY's clothes and not the other way around! That's cute! I reckon she looks cute in the oversized coat too since she's so small!
  11. So we have ML who just came back from her trip to hell, still recovering from childbirth, doing everything within her means to save GTY, going to the Shen's, going to Empress, putting everything on the line, literally begging the Empress, fainting outside trying to seek justice (as seen in the trailer), crying in silence, all the pain and agony, the heartbreak.... And GTY is HAPPY?? I might be in the minority, and I'm hoping (badly) that there is more to it...but I'm not impressed. It's just wrong...on so many levels...
  12. Honestly if it's a test, I might come to despise the character. I'm sure it's pretty evident in recent episodes that she loves him, a lot. When she hugged him and cried after her childbirth, she literally told him that her heart shattered cuz she thought he died... To put her through all the pain and agony just for a test, pushed it a tad bit too far for me. Hence I'm hoping it's more than just a test. It's a bit more consistent with his character, for he has always been holding grudge at whoever that hurt her, and to do that himself seems out of character.... The distance she goes for him...only to have a test..hmm... Either way, we are in for a roller coaster ride!
  13. There seems to be a lot of speculation in terms of what GTY knows and what he doesn't. And what the Emperor really knows.. The previews may also be rather misleading. Even if this is all part of GTY's plan to weed out ED's supporter, I do believe there were elements that caught him by surprise. Ie MN to come back, for one, would not be in his plans since MN really has little interest in the fight btw Emperor and ED. Reckon it's safe to take that it's part planned, part unplanned. And the stakes have gotten so high for him to let ML go. Show has established that he would protect her no matter what, but also established that he truly loves her, and isn't one who would propose for separation just to test her. I don't know. It feels the matter is too serious to be a test. He has always been able to wager it all for her, so it has to be bigger than anything for him to propose that. Now I just need to brace for impact... Everyone seems to want to have a piece of our power couple, everyone wants to contribute to their downfall. I'm sure they will rise from the ashes, but first, we need to see them getting burned...
  14. Hahahahaha. Did he reveal the answer @leeza77? What's truly sad was that he had a few opportunities before. When the Momo from palace came and gave them all "the lesson", SH was aware, and he took a step forward to reconcile and reconnect with ML, only to take 3 steps back right after when something more "urgent" called for him. When Molan asked for CL to be moved to the temple, and ML fought tooth and nail against it, having her first outburst since the mum's death.. When she finally asked (subsequently demanded) for grandma to be given justice over her poisoning, she was at the last straw... That slap from SH sealed it... That he has chosen to turn a blind eye and stay muddled for reputation.. But to have ML saying it as they are, to his face, his facade, pretenses, could no longer hold, the facade fading away.
  15. Looking at the preview, it doesn't seem like Aunt Kang's death is the single reason for GTY's imprisonment. It seems more like the trigger, and everyone else just adds their accusations on top of it. In short, it seems to have made it look like GTY misused his power and status to bully the weak and hopeless. With his existing reputation of rebellious, domineering, unfilial child, with horrible temper, and uncontrollable, it's not that hard to make him look like he's the biggest jerk/bully in capital with too much power in his hands. May not be true, but certainly plausible with his reputation.
  16. We are in the same boat @tinast Jumped in cuz I read this is happy ending and I generally enjoy period dramas. And I've enjoyed ZLY's dramas as she has a knack of picking strong female leads, not the damsel in distress in need of saving all the time. With the idea of if it disappoints, I'll just drop it. Actually I really liked the acting of most actors and actresses in this show. All of them are pretty strong. But I do especially like that scene between SH-ML coming clean about her being pretentious all these while...felt like it was long time coming. That finally ML would say that to his face, and that SH could not retort. Could see that he wasn't even angry...because deep down, he knew it wasn't untrue. After ML left, it shows SH trying to pick up the Go piece on the floor, and he couldn't reach it. It was visually spot on, and felt there was a deeper meaning to it...that SH could no longer go back and pick up the pieces that he "dropped" in the past. No longer correct the wrongs. No longer repair the damage... That he has a hand in ML being who she is today...
  17. @nichiwoohee @leeza77 I actually don't think GTY will be able to handle her if she's really jealous tho. Not because he's incapable to, but because he doesn't have the heart to. Once, ML said that if he feels sorry because she did so much, he just needs to lose to her for 2 rounds of touhu games. GTY responded that "I'll lose to you forever".. It felt like he meant more than just the games. That he will give in to her... So it seems GTY only wanted ML to be anxious, but not quite ready to deal with the ML that's actually angry anxious. That's why GTY told CB that he won't let him go if ML gets mad at him over prostitute Wei. The way he reacts when ML brought up prostitute Wei was funny. And more hilarious, when he was happy that ML is jealous of FengXian, but then looked totally bewildered when ML went to the extent of asking XiaoTao to not help him get dressed!
  18. Thanks @dito and @linhlinh111 for the details! _________________________ Personally, I think I could understand the deviation, and the dramatization. The fact that ML is not transmigrated would make a lot of difference. As @linhlinh111 pointed out, we have on one side, a fully grown adult stuck in a little girls body, experienced things in life, a lot more jaded and matured. In the drama, we have an actual girl that was forced to grow up faster than she should, hence she would have a child hidden inside. Infatuation, puppy love.. With that, QH became someone that actually moved ML at a point, even if she knew that it's simply impossible due to status differences. But because of the feelings between ML-QH, the conversation that ML was supposed to have with GTY, she had with QH, so from viewers pov, it becomes redundant if she has the same with GTY. And it seems that because GTY was actually there to witness the death of ML's mom, and saw first hand how it affected her, his understanding of her is deeper in the drama. Plus their conversation after he saved her from the river, have given him a better understanding of women of their time. In terms of over dramatization, incl Molan actually having the affair, personally I think it's what sells with general population. While some appreciates the historical accuracy and the accuracy of props and lighting etc, it seems that general viewers prefer a more dramatic show, with lots going, lots of action, lots of drama.. And that drives ratings and profitability... For one, I've seen multiple comments on multiple sites that the show's too dark, too dim especially the night scenes. I appreciate the accuracy, but also enjoy the dramatization, and thought the show did reasonably well balancing the two. As some chingus pointed out, SH is actually not a bad father, considering the era they lived in. ML going all out against the father would be greatly frowned upon as filial piety was probably more important than anything else at that time. Yet, we as viewers are looking from a 21st century lense, with modern thinking, morals and ethics. Sometimes as much as we try, we would never be able to understand those of that time, because we have never experienced them. Hence, we applauded ML for finally standing up to the dad, and we criticise SH for being bias and unjust father. Personally, I've enjoyed the journey of TSOML, probably because I had no expectations to begin with. Never read the book, didn't really know what to expect, didn't even know the production company is the one that produces all the great cdramas of recent years. I felt that I could relate to a lot of the characters, even the antagonistic ones. Most antagonist in the show isn't antagonistic merely because their character is so, which a lot of shows do. That there are something, someone, that made them that way. That none of the protagonists are perfect, for they too are human, flawed, and have their weaknesses. Just my 2 cents.
  19. @dito mind sharing what exactly was said between ML - GTY during the 2 main arguments in the novel? Am actually quite curious, for in the drama they changed the plot whereby they know each other since young while in the novel he didn't actually know her until much later? So is it safe to assume he didn't know about her past in the novel?
  20. Actually no. She actually meant because she's married to GTY, hence should no longer meddle in Sheng's business. It's like she belongs to Gu now. Not Sheng. Hence GTY retorted that Old Mdm Wang shouldnt be there too, because Mdm Kang is also married to the Kang Family, and technically no longer right for Wang to meddle. GTY will tear them apart for bullying ML. I believe even granny said so. If my understanding is correct: Granny said she can now die peacefully since she knows someone else would do everything to protect her. GTY rushed back all the way from his official business, killing 2 horses on the way (died from exhaustion so he just kept changing horses to continue his journey rather than stop to rest) just to rush to her aid. She also mentioned that it seems that GTY will not let the Wang Family off easily because he will want to avenge ML being bullied.
  21. Nicely put @minglan1. It feels like QH finally learning to let go. It's good to see that he's not beyond redemption in his stubbornness to pursue his love. More importantly, he seems to have taken ML's words on cherish the one he has...his wife. She's really not a bad person, and only wished to be loved, or at least be seen by her husband.. I reckon by witnessing GTY-ML being happy despite all the havoc has also doused the fire in him to want ML to himself. Perhaps a realisation that GTY is willing to sacrifice his all for her too... She's no doubt bias towards Mdm Kang vs other kids, and hence helped her to get out of trouble all the time. I'm not sure if she is totally evil tho... Felt Mdm Kang also played the guilt card with her mom, that whilst she married into a reputable noble family, it was a loveless marriage, with a philandering husband. So the mum felt more compelled to protect her from more harm since she essentially didn't marry well, since marriage is almost everything for a woman then. She probably planned for Mdm Kang's marriage more than her other children's, but fate played a joke on them, or God has better plans, so no matter how much she planned, the marriage didn't turn out well. Personally, I don't see her as evil. She just loved her daughter the wrong way, and that love has spoiled her which led Mdm Kang to be who she is today, and that love has resulted in her covering for the daughter time and again. In the end, Old Mdm Wang's love destroyed Mdm Kang
  22. @watchumlots the recent episodes with the grandma poisoning incident really showed it's who could raise the stakes higher, who's willing to throw away more. As ML aptly put it, "In life, it's always about who's willing to sacrifice more. Father, DaNiang, Kang Family, Wang Family all dare not, but I do"... Just like a game of poker. None of them seems to be holding good cards, as everyone has a bit to lose. After a while it became a game of dare and Double dare, to see who would fold first. Old Mdm Wang is indeed quite a schemer herself, and she caught ML on her one weakness- the children. She always believed that children should not be implicated or pay for the mistakes the parent makes, but Old Mdm Wang puts all Sheng's kids at stake, which made her so mad because one thing she couldn't bear to do would be to destroy the brother and sisters life. Thank god ChangBai came home in time, and raised the stakes even higher by putting his own career on the line, which forced Old Mdm Wang to fold her cards. There were a few witty comebacks by ML and GTY which I thought was hilarious though! - When Old Mdm Wang played the caring elderly card on SH, ML merely said "oh, so it turns out you have done us such a big favour including raising my Father and mentoring him to his career great heights", to remind SH that it was grandma that raised him! - When Old Mdm Wang tried to send ML away saying that she's a married daughter hence should not meddle in Sheng issues, GTY responded "If so, why are you here?" BURNNNN! Old Mdm Wang reaction on both times were priceless!
  23. @hell59 @dito I believe we are in for happy ending. So far, the sequence of events have been consistent with the background painting at the end credits. So if we go by that, it should end with them finally leaving the capital, for some peace and quiet.. It better be... This is the first cdrama I watch while it's still airing, without knowing the ending... I've always watched cdramas which have finished airing, just so to set my expectations... Jumped into this just to check it out and the next thing I know, I'm waiting religiously every day for the new episodes
  24. @matrim @leeza77 I do wonder if stepmom was still the threat then though. Or were they dealing with someone bigger and more powerful, ie ED. If it's ED, she might want to rid her problem at its roots, ie. Getting rid of everyone in Gu household.. If so, the son would be implicated either way and there's probably no way he could escape. And it just became a case of trying to save who he can, Ming Lan. Because with amiable separation, she will no longer be a Gu, and even if his "Crime" was severe enough to implicate generations of the family, she would still be spared. Just my speculation.
  25. I don't disagree, but I don't think she will go to this extent of locking down the manor, guarding all entrance and exits, lure the people over, hold them down, torture them when necessary if they haven't mess with granny though. She was pretty much putting everything on the line for justice. Willing to sacrifice everything..even if it means getting disowned.. Even when she plotted against CL, no one actually knew she masterminded CL fall from grace. This time it was just no holding back. Whoever on her way, will be swept aside... She literally control the whole household with her guards and trusted aides.
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