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  1. I'm glad things between GD and MH got resolved pretty quickly in few episodes. I thought the issues would get dragged on and on like other drama with constant misunderstandings and jealousy. GD is really one of a kind and has become my favorite lead character. Not only she confessed first, but when MH kept avoiding her she made sure to make him confront her right away. When MH acted like he couldn't reciprocate her feelings, she didn't dwell on negative emotions for too long. It was also very brave of her to sort things out with Soo properly though the outcome hurt both of them badly. But it was bound to happen anyway. Seeing MH being openly affectionate towards GD after he realized his feelings makes me feel giddy! He still remains calm and collected disposition as ever but becomes more tender. He has evolved as a reserved character and admitted his true feelings. What a great male character I haven't seen in a long time. I wonder what MH would do from now on. He won't give GD up but Soo is on a turning point to become a bitter and vengeful king. The showdown between the matchmaker and his client is approaching in the upcoming episodes! I'm worried that he might want give GD a hard time during the queen selection process. I hope Soo will learn how to let go and love GD unconditionally. About Lady Kang, 10+ episodes in but I still couldn't see her redemption. Her father treats her badly but that doesn't give her a free pass to bully the inferiors. I can't really sympathize with this character just because her pride was hurt. She is just written as a plot device, I guess.
  2. I really admire Gae Ddong for being honest with her feelings. It may take her awhile to realize these strange feelings she had when Ma Hoon got close or when he was being sweet and thoughtful of her. But once she was certain that she loved him, she confessed in a heartfelt way. I liked how she recited the poem to let him know where her heart truly belonged. Soo is really shifting towards the evil path after losing his court lady who was the only companion in the lonely palace as well as the love of his life, Gae Ddong. He has lost hopes and dreams in a flash because of MH's father. I'm curious how far Soo would go If he knows who MH's father is. I'm excited to see the showdown between Ma Hoon and Lee Soo. It's gonna be heartbreaking to watch though. MH's struggling as he keeps pushing GD away. He can't be honest with himself because he's worries about GD. But if one day GD really leaves him, would she choose to stay in the palace with Soo or would she decide to live on her own with her brother? I'm also worried about MH's safety. Would MH be punished too if the entire nation learns that his father killed the crown prince?
  3. Words can't describe how much I love this drama! The story summary in the beginning makes the plot sounds like a lighthearted historical drama. But it's actually deep, touching and well-thought-out with balanced mix of politics and romance. The power struggle in the palace is not too heavy while the romance part is not overdone or too cringe-worthy. Min Jae and Seung Yeon's sizzling chemistry on and off screen is hard to be ignored. MJ also obviously nailed this role. MJ is younger than SY in real life but he's doing a very good job portraying a mature character. I don't feel like this is a noona romance at all. For me, Ma Hoon is not a typical Korean drama male lead. He's reserved and moody but he's not an arrogant jerk. He cares immensely about his loved ones and is capable of being affectionate and sweet. My heart melts every time when he secretly and openly smiles for Gae Ddong. He's charming when he's in love. His constant jealousy is also cute especially his frustrated "Woori Soo!?" in Episode 8. I can't wait to see him realize that he has fallen for her. He stops functioning every time GD aggressively hugs him. He's already in a trance reliving the kiss she impulsively planted on his lips. <3 GD is also likeable. At first, she was a bit over-the-top, annoying and loud. But she can be playful and resourceful. She doesn't give up and find a way to outsmart her opponents. This is someone I'm interested and want to root for till the end. As we have finished the first half of the series, we're probably moving towards the darker side of the story. MH was strongly against the idea of GD becoming a noble lady possibly due to his jealousy and possessiveness. He didn't want GD to change. But after he deducted and figured out that his father was the one pulling all the dirty strings all along, he decided to accept Soo's request for GD's safety. It would be best for Gae Ddong to hide her real identity and continue living as Lady Yun. I wonder if Lady Yun was once MH's lover. Why did he decide to use her identity specifically? It seems like he knew her personally and probably shared a sad past with her. I wonder if Soo would turn dark and selfish if he discovers that MH also loves GD. Would Soo use the power as the king and break them apart? I'm waiting impatiently for tonight's episode!
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