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  1. This OST #1 did not disappoint my high expectations. Lee Moon-Se does his thing. Words do sparkle. If I were Kim Myung-Soo I would be one happy angel with a soundtrack like this for me. Album Dan, "Angel's Last Mission, Love" OST 1 Released 2019.05.22 Genre: Drama music Lyrics: Kim Jong-Chun Composed by: Lovelyee, Kim Jong-Chun Arranged by: Kim Jong-Chun This might make it a bit easier to sing along. This is a drama about an Angel, Dan. Dan is observing humans - Lee Yeon-Seo in particular, who is the center of his study, but this soundtrack quite brilliantly sets the proper and not-so-frivolous tone of what Angel Dan is about to experience as we wait with bated breath for this already fantastic drama to unfold before our glistening eyes.... I am so in love with the ideas of this drama already. (expressions fail)
  2. Thank you @immorethant sweetie! No, don't worry about it! There're too many! Save your energy for everything else tonight - it'll be like a firehose! The OST was requested song #2.
  3. How was your first impression of one another?? SHS: Didn't think we'd be close at all but in less than 30 min we were like neighborhood noona and lil bro KMS: The first impression is just like now - bright, open and so friendly (nudges her again!) SHS: Seems he totally didn't get it (what she's really like) Today's episode? SHS: Yeon-Seo quits ballet Yeon-Seo is not happy/bright/cheerful. Because Dan is, she's 'dark'. Host: must've not been easy in your careers, ever wanted to quit like LYS did? KMS: No, so much feedback from fans, etc., kept it fun and motivated.... Challenge from people even when wanted to avoid them. SHS: If I can avoid it (or people) i do avoid. But me, too, never thought once about quitting. Thru Positive energy and mindset? No, rather, for me, thru Negative energy - Said, "I can't do it, I'm not going to make it..." KMS: but if you do that, you hit the bottom, if you have any positive results, then you get really motivated to keep going, right? SHS: not quite KMS:(pushes her again) FAN text: you two are so adorable together SHS is into word play 명언 - 띵언?? 머방 머방 댕댕이 멍멍이 KMS : SHS shows off her knowledge of these hip words and contractions. SHS: At first he bragged about it and made me feel old so I get back at him more now. Commercial break.... To SHS: fan asks, what is the secret to good acting?? SHS: Thanks so much for saying, but really what is it? I don't know.... really To KMS: you are so strong mentally... To KMS: Don't you ever get tired acting such a positive role? KMS: I like, but Dan is not me, so When I come home, I become quiet because so many ups and downs... tired. Final words: SHS: We did work hard, but not sure how well it'll be received. Please watch us! KMS: It's a fantastic drama I really want to show you. Please love us much. Thank you! Was fun, will come back next time too... Last song - SHS's request - 끝이아니기를 "Hoping it's not the End"....
  4. Fan text messages being read. 1. SHS fan came to signing, has also succeeded in her tests??? 2. I'm a woman; but can I live with KMS face for a while? 3. SHS, my husband likes. (fan gripes) 4. KMS Aegyo request SHS - 'please watch DOL' KMS - 'please watch DOL' (both Aegyo fail, if you asked mee) Questions about what ratings you'd like to see? KMS - said last night's number was a bit high SHS - .... if it's over 5% for tonight she'd be happy KMS starts asking for more viewers (since SHS low-balled it) Host asks about the two of them tit-for-tat romance? SHS - it's the kind of romance not in real life, so there's vicarious gratification thru on-screen romance. Frankly, it's not tit-for-tat but all out violent hitting, so she's 'free of stress' lately KMS - Yes, she hasn't a worry in the world from letting go of all stress (beating him up) KMS: went to Chung-San-Do (Island), a distance away from even Wan-Do (Island) To eat Champ-Pong (spicy noodles) with so much sea food in it. KMS - keeps touching her with his left hand (observation) What do you like to eat? SHS - 떡볶기 , ramen, etc., very spicy hot noodles, but due to drama, have to avoid salty and flour items so lately even a bit makes her unable to tolerate. KMS requested a Infinite Team's song, Nam Hoo-Yeon's song ??? "Hold on Me" Playing now SHS checks her make up and drinks water....
  5. Live Stream: Lee Suzy's Pop Music Square http://onair.kbs.co.kr/index.html?sname=onair&stype=live&ch_code=25&ch_type=radioList&openradio=on SHS's choice of song : by Brown Eyes played first... SHS's closest buddy on the set? Her secretary role. KMS's closest chemistry on the set with? Noona Shin Hye-Sun SHS couldn't change her answer after hearing it. SHS says wishes she were married, should have 3 kids by now by her original plan.... KMS's choice of song: First OST just released by Lee Moon-Se - playing now.... (cut short by ad)
  6. Live Stream: Lee Suzy's Pop Music Square http://onair.kbs.co.kr/index.html?sname=onair&stype=live&ch_code=25&ch_type=radioList&openradio=on SHS's choice of song : by Brown Eyes played first... SHS's closest buddy on the set? Her secretary role. KMS's closest chemistry on the set with? Noona Shin Hye-Sun SHS couldn't change her answer after hearing it. SHS wants to be married, should have 3 kids by now. KMS's choice of song: just released by Lee Moon-Se - playing now....
  7. They are talking a foreign language I don't understand. It's not Korean. Maybe an angelic tongue they learned. First part is just this. So cute! Oh no, Ottoke'. I meant the much longer 12s clip on twitter, sweet imminion! LoL.
  8. Some SHS-specific quotes from the full interview. About 30 minute mark By director of choreography, Choi Soo-Jin, about 37 min mark SHS: 42 minutes Repeat of above closing remarks. Tall and bubbly - just love this hair and the one-piece - so youthful - don't cut off that beautiful hair, ever again, Hye-Sun-ssi!
  9. Daebak, thanks for that fuller story @immorethant. Now make a hi Q gif of that! Pretty please.
  10. ooo, the antiipation and expectations are mounting so high... Welcome back @briseis immortal - I hope you're right! Please note, everyone, the page title has changed from 'Upcoming' to 'Current'! https://forums.soompi.com/topic/429321-current-drama-2019-angels-last-mission-love-단-하나의-사랑-wed-thu-2200-kst-shin-hye-sun-kim-myung-soo-l-premieres-today-may-22nd/ "Roger that @meechuttso" Look at these lovebirds! Looking like teenage lovers! She's almost licking her chops after that 'embrace'. Credit 'So Sweet'. EDIT. That embrace gif is too much - did you see L's expression too as he gives her that extra pull? No one man deserves that much of oori Hye-Sun's sweetness. For balance, I would like to say that she was just paying him back for clumps of hair she pulled out in this scene. Now this, this here scene, is my favorite. At least until L wins me over tonight in Ep 1.
  11. CAPTION: And having met Myung-Soo-ssi in real life, really, this person is an angel-human, love-human (laughs) so (turning to him) really angel love story is him - if not him then who ? (laughs) So like this, really good synergy (breathing), I think we possess together. Thank you. Myung-Soo's wordless reply - "More Noona, more, this feels even better to me than that S&M venom breathing thing you did to the back of my neck..." ? And from the full press conference posted on youtube, reposting the Director's comment at ~54min mark. And by Shin Hye-Sun at the 1hour 11min closing remark: What do you think?? Does our actress know how to pick her projects?? ORWHAAT???!!! I didn't mind that not many questions went her way and certainly didn't mind any of the other comments made by the co-stars. Both L & SHS showed their gracious hearts and grace throughout, becoz everyone knows who the stars are here. There is no dispute! By keeping their portions short, it made us want them even more, and allowed others (mostly more experienced and older) to share their important perspectives. Do Ji-Won is the most accomplished as a ballet trained artist, and her comments were full of grace also. And most importantly, everyone was having so much fun, and they're a team with natural great chemistry all around - and they're busy shooting still, so imagine all the BTS scenes coming our way!! EDIT: Welcome, @At the dawn you are smart and beautiful to visit here!
  12. From the full Press Conference clip - Thanks to @0ly40 , at about the 54.5 min mark, the Director's comment. The host made a comment saying that he thought that was a comment laden with spoilers. SHS smiled and KMS shook his head vigorously. And SHS at about 1h 11.5min mark This is going to be amazing. The same people who enjoyed SHS roles in Secret Forest or MGL should be able to anticipate 'anguish of the soul' moments aplenty. I think the rom-com is just a 'sugar layer' - a set up for the gut-punch with the anguish just when we're too busy ROFLing. I think there will be much meat we can sink our teeth into (with apologies to vegetarians and vegans), and from the OST's to the fantastic visuals and special effects to the cinematography, it may very well be sensory overload, but I think at base, there is this story, story about us, humans. I hope to become a better human as a result of consuming this drama. Thanks everyone, and welcome to @turtlegirl @me040298 @seunhyel and all the new friends joining this thread!! Starting to resemble a 'Current Drama' thread on Soompi Forums!
  13. Friends, this is such a happy happy day! Let's not jump to conclusions about any of the actors or actresses or their roles! They're all wonderfully talented and dedicated actors and actresses - imagine how excited they are - whatever they said during the 1h20minutes was alll goood. I can't be happier. As surmised, there's going to be much more to this drama than mere rom-com!! I'll share those tidbits later, ok? Thank you all for so many gorgeous pics and clips. SHS is on another transcendent level now - I can't describe the beauty she exudes from deep within. What an amazing thing we are all privileged to watch unfold before our eyes!
  14. And for our minion listening comprehension pleasure - transcript I will share tidbits from the interviews later. Lov'y'all
  15. That was Daebak! They asked, in light of the Dr Prisoner high ratings if they feel any pressure and what ratings they would like, and Kim Bo-Mi said sheepishly, 23%. Then they asked Kim In-Kwon (Hoo) what they'll do if they achieve such ratings, and after some hemming and a hawing he said, I guess I have to put on ballet tights? Me and Lee Dong-Gun. Then LDG said it would be incomplete if Kim Myung-Soo didn't also put on tights with them. So let us all pray hard for that 23% ratings, yes!! Yes, working on it - what a loong 'trailer' - it's fantastic!
  16. Quoting from @immorethant post in the SHS thread. https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/허은 A very young looking 1994 born new actress. Giving some spotlight to her since you never know what good actresses might do with tiny little roles. Especially ones who have SHS for role models and work hard and stay humble.
  17. Did they skip D-2?? Well, we can't do it in order, becoz D-1 is HERE!! "Dan, Only One Love", tomorrow at last! The first broadcast it shall be! Hi @titania1000 you're just getting properly warmed up, I see! I am not stressing. I am withholding judgment until I see the actual 1st episode. It is true, there will be romantic love between these two (Dan and Yeon-Seo), but that doesn't mean the still cuts where they can feel one another's hot breath is necessarily suggesting a fast cut to human eros type love. There's much in store, and I am sure some of the cuts are purposely a ruse to get us all worked up, too.
  18. Wow @immorethant you are soo fast! Thanks for leaving me some crumbs for mee to post too! Soooo happy and excited! Shin Hye-Sun, our most beloved star of the drama says, "단하나의 사랑 - 드디어 내일! 첫방송 됩니다!" "Dan, Only One Love", tomorrow at last! The first broadcast it shall be! LoL, here come the rice wreaths donated in her name!
  19. D-2 premiere 'Angel Last Mission's Love' Shin Hye Sun, Kim Myung Soo, Lee Dong Gun points of attraction. http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2019/05/20/2019052000903.html Thanks @immorethant for posting this in SHS thread. Interesting enough to repost with fuller translations. Daebak - special effects too!
  20. Yes, but our Muse has spoken, so @meechuttso (or @immorethant or any of her love slaves) must translate, for her glory. Points of attraction (just SHS portion)
  21. Sorry @jakey09 you are absolutely right. First 4:05 only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmYFlHu6jSM Middle 1 minute or so missing from KBSEntertain youtube channel Last 3:07 , starting at 4:52 (onto the streets) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y69leiVDbu0 You can always go back to @immorethant's own copy she uploaded for us.
  22. Thanks @immorethant !! Wow this is Daebak news. Almost wouldn't believe it if I didn't read it myself. For those unfamiliar, LMS is THE ballad king of South Korea, a true heavyweight. He's in his 50's but even now is popular among younger generation due to younger artists still doing his songs, like IU, or Kang Ha-Neul having covered his song in Monstar mnet music drama few years ago. This is another sign that KBS is 'all in' on this game, sparing nothing to promote this drama. This drama will have a VERY WIDE appeal across all ages. Just LMS name alone has the audiences in their 40's thru 50's covered. I can't be happier!
  23. Translation of https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=009&aid=0004359178 Title: "Dan, Only One Love" SHS & KMS "Fateful Beginning", "Full of Heart Flutters"
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