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  1. YNK has released SHS BTS pics from her photoshoots! https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20253793&memberNo=33175148 Thank you for the D-4 & D-3 posts! Welcome 'back', @diane90
  2. YNK just did an update with all the BTS shots! Thank you YNK!! https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20253793&memberNo=33175148 I am increasingly impressed by the quality of these naver updates after each of her events, some bringing me to tears, but I have to say this, this one, might top them all. There are so many indescribably beautiful pics of Shin Hye-Sun now. of joy. More under spoiler. 3 pics limit per post.
  3. This is amazing what a photographic memory you have, @immorethant ! You are probably teaching Hye-Sun-ssi herself what she's doing subconsciously. She'll come back here often to say, "What else do I do by habit that I wasn't aware of which my die hard English speaking fans know about me?" Well, for another one, I need to find more video clips where she likes to say, "Grum-Yo" (그럼요, meaning, 'of course') She seems to say this quite frequently (see GD interview translation at around 7:15 mark I know for sure she said that as part of Yeon-Tae's line with Sang-Min. But enough about words. I see these beautiful ones from the poster shoot weren't done justice. at all! behold....! Just behold! I find these shots of her so mesmerizing and enchanting - her beauty is so... deep. Her beauty is so ... hard to put into words. So much depth and even some melancholy here in these, as I think she's already getting us prepared for the depth of character and the development arc that Yeon-Seo will undergo in the story. The story, too, there's going to be much to talk about. I'll save it for a bit later, perhaps Tuesday night, but I think we are in for more than just a 'rom-com' here. I am almost breathless thinking about how beautiful a story this will be.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmYFlHu6jSM&feature=player_embedded That won't embed but the soompi article has it. If it's the Seungri in the news (bad) then oh gosh, no! And I take back my bad cougar joke I slipped in there. Just watching any movies or drama now I naturally think of oori Hye-Sun-ssi and how she would totally rewrite and light up every scene with her presence - that made that same girl scared becoz of her overwhelming charisma and beauty up close and on screen. And it's perfectly not a pipe dream at all to imagine her being in any scene in any movie in any role now -it's in Fact what all producers and directors and casting team is fighting hard for right as we speak! Our beloved actress, the beautiful and talented and hard-working but humble Shin Hye-Sun, Korea's finest. EDIT - Add again poster shoot BTS IG, slightly different? . And I can't get enough of her cute hand motion here, my fave from the GD clips.
  5. Excellent job, mighty crazy @immorethant with a generous boss whom we must thank personally. There wasn't much to translate but just in case it's helpful to anyone, here's my take. I won't apologize for doing this like @immorethant does with all her work - crazy how she thinks she needs to apologize for being the web's #1 SHS 덕구 (obsessive fan). May 3 Guerilla Date event, broadcast on May 17 Entertainment Weekly. EDIT. First 4:05 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmYFlHu6jSM Middle 1 minute or so missing from KBSEntertain youtube channel Last 3:07 , starting at 4:52 (onto the streets) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y69leiVDbu0
  6. You greedy. Best of all these are giffably updatable updates - wheeeeeeee We can pretend she's on skates working on her next movie - about Kim Yuna, LoL - now that's greedy!
  7. Preview of what is essentially a preview show to what we're waiting for - so doe that make this a prepreview?
  8. Every once in a while (not often enough!) we get a capture of this, what I think is her 'best angle', view, this beatific vision, of our beloved Hye-Sun-ssi. And when we do, we just have to stop in our tracks... and stare for a good long while. Thanks everyone for so many beautiful posts and for all your thoughts here! Not sure why my expectation of KBS was so low, but the production quality of what we've seen so far seems so high and hitting so many trigger points for me, it's impossible to not be hopeful about this series. Funny when we read the early reactions of how we started back in December upon first hearing about SHS taking this on - funny that we should have doubted our actress' judgment on what she wanted to do next at all. Here is a crazy 'acting genius' - she's not satisfied with mere popularity or titles - she is clearly pushing herself to try roles and scenarios that have to do with what we or others may have felt were not strengths in her resume. Example: This from:
  9. Yes epic in a new way. This is too funny - if you stare at it, had they been wearing leather you would think it's a cut from an S&M movie, Dan deriving so much apparent upper body pleasure from her vomiting venom - I approve of this SHS new look that I've never seen before, certainly not like this. Scary good, and highly effective in slo-mo-repeat. So much raw intensity and vitriol in all the violent let's beat up on the angel scenes, but very much like what you see in cartoons or batman - so this too, I approve! Now based on what has been revealed, Ep1 synopsis, prediction. Spoilers ahead! Yes I'm clairvoyant. LYS tries to kill herself by diving into the water blind? (another suicide attempt for SHS??) Dan was about to head back to heaven after an assignment, but just couldn't stop himself from intervening in earthly affairs by saving this hapless but stunningly beautiful femme fatale from drowning? (I've always wanted a SHS under-water scene, I finally got one!) Not sure why Dan said 'good bye sky', but I don't think he meant heaven sky, just earth's sky. EDIT - Or more likely, he's saying 'hello sky, hello world', in which case my predictions are even more silly. Seems that LYS goes back to the same bridge a second time, wearing her white blouse and blue tights, still crying while Dan looks on from the side quietly? LYS snaps out of it and walks to the park to enjoy her new lease on life and the spring sunshine, but two? thugs try to rob her blind (pun fully intended) - but alas they miscalculated and get their butts handed to them by the blind Lee nYnjaeon-Seo - I think the Zatoichi reference is apt - perhaps it's in SHS' contract to play this type of blind Ninja scene becoz of her love for manga. Actually maybe Dan intervenes here at the park too? She somehow seems capable of taking care of herself with the cane, but at any rate, they 'meet'. Where's the dog during the fight? Dan had to meet her becoz as Hoo told him, he screwed up by intervening in human affairs, and now he has to fix it by making her happy again, to love again. Was Dan around when she had her car crash that resulted in her going blind? That will probably just be a flashback. It doesn't seem like Dan puts his wings over her to protect her from something falling from the ceiling in this Ep 1? Ji Gang-Woo is every ballerina's dream, but his heart is already taken, by LYS. He's the striking, tall older male many have been waiting for opposite SHS, but unfortunately his stalkerish obsessiveness over LYS is already giving me fits from reminders of MGL. Fortunately LYS seems to have no space for him. I give JGW kudos, however, for calling me out by name - "미치겠습니다" (driving me Meecheottso) Like all k-drama episode previews, it's sufficiently convoluted and mashed up to make sure that perhaps less than 10% of what I predict will be the case. So I hope. I prefer the promised Unpredictable Crazy Heavenly Romance! It is true, however, that most of us here on this thread stand a high likelihood of being disappointed on May 22 from way too much early exposure and obsession to every little detail of this drama and our sky high expectations. But the torture of staying away would be far worse - so that's why I'm happy we're all here together.
  10. Subs for the Ep 1 preview. So much to say so many feeels... Thanks everyone for all the updates but of course especially thanks to @immorethant who's made this place the one-stop clearing house for all A'LM:L news and info! Crazy good. Thanks to the mod(s) for updating the top front page with pretty pics of the 6 leading characters. And @titania1000 my Chingoo, so nice to see you share your thoughts again with us!! EDIT: Dan's first line could very easily be or more likely is - "Hello sky, hello world."
  11. I'm speechless - @immorethant your BTS translation was very good! Soo much amazing work you've been doing girl - I wanna point that out and thank you and wish you a happy restful weekend - you need it! I don't have anything else to add, so I'm just going to... collect pretty gifs and swoon
  12. I'm almost speechless - too much of this pair is not enough? Thank you EVERYONE, and @Silver Fall Welcome!! Beautiful desktop icon you've created for us! @immorethant dear, how can I thank you - you are just one crazy cow-mode inspired one-shop soompi artiste!!
  13. Thank you everyone for such faithful updates on every little thing going on with this drama - what seems to me to be an epic fantasy story unlike anything I've seen. A unique happiness is this time leading up to the actual first broadcast! I'm celebrating every bit of it!
  14. Tomb Robbery | 도굴 (盜掘) Korean Movie Genre: Crime Caper Release Date: 2020? Runtime: n/a Crank-In Date: July, 2019  Director: Park Jung-Bae (박정배) Produced by: Siren Pictures (싸이런픽쳐스) Distributed by: ?? (??) https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/영화도굴/ Cast Lee Je-Hoon Shin Hye-Sun Cho Woo-Jin Im Won-Hee Lee Je Hoon, Shin Hye Sun, And More To Reportedly Star In New Crime Film Lee Je Hoon and Shin Hye Sun may be uniting for a new film! On May 8, industry representatives reported that Lee Je Hoon and Shin Hye Sun, along with Jo Woo Jin, Im Won Hee, Heo Sung Tae, and Joo Jin Mo, have been cast in the film “Tomb Robbery” (literal title) and are currently reviewing the details. “Tomb Robbery” is a crime/heist film revolving around a grave robbery in the city. It will be produced by Siren Pictures, which produced “The Fortress,” and directed by Park Jung Bae. Lee Je Hoon reportedly decided on “Tomb Robbery” as his next project after the cancellation of his previously scheduled film “Volcano.” “Tomb Robbery” will begin filming at the end of July after finalizing the cast. https://www.soompi.com/article/1322912wpp/lee-je-hoon-shin-hye-sun-and-more-to-reportedly-star-in-new-crime-film https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&aid=0002781992 Sounds like LJH has confirmed. Does that qualify for a new thread?
  15. I absolutely freeaking LOOOOOVVVE this poster - it's the most fantastic and the most perfect thing - EVER!!! Click on this one to enlarge and just stare at how stunningly mesmerizingly beautiful it is - L has never looked this handsome - young Frank Sinatra ain't got nothin' on this young Mr Kim here. And omygod - look at Yeon-Seo - is she so tragically beautiful or what?? I thought Yoon Shim-Duck couldn't be topped - I was WRONG!! Just tears of joy flowing down my cheeks from how beautiful this pair is, and how fantastic and perfect the lighting, the sparkle, the mood, how it speaks so much, this portrait - it's the most perfect movie/drama poster EVER!!! A Every day we wake up and swoon now...
  16. This is such a fantastic and utterly beautiful poster - I'm in LoVe.... (click for larger image and just behold!) Just stare at the colors and hues of that picture Chingoos! If there were any lingering doubts or concerns about whether oori Shin Hye-Sun-ssi had chosen the right next project - all melted away with that one portrait for me. A picture is worth a thousand words, indeed. So much I want to say, will have to pace myself.... A Quick - somebody make a logo like that from Dan's shirt!
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