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  1. It says "Lee Yeon-Seo who can't forget Kim Dan". So pathetic, so pretty, so adorable and lovable. Reminds me of Woo Seo-Ri crying in the theater watching violin performance. It's amazing how each new role brings out something from her face that I hadn't noticed quite like how I notice it now. What an amazing face oori-baby has.
  2. Wow, this thread went almost a whole day without getting any love. gif credits to shssavant , aka @immorethant Honestly speaking, that was better kiss than anything in 30b17 already. It's not surpassed the SangMin-YeonTae full blown kiss where she goes limp, but it's pretty close. Time will be the judge. I expect 100 more of these chingoos, pretty please!
  3. So welcome to the thread and thanks for your post @ShannonK! So then, Mathilde = original Giselle? Yeon-Seo = hologram Giselle rising from the grave and dancing? Then returning to the grave? JKW = Loys/Lord Albrecht? Kim Dan = ?? surely not the woodsman Hilarion, could he be? Well Giselle as the backdrop for ALM:L wouldn't quite make sense, but I agree with you that JKW the director/obsessed-over-lost-love man/angel/devil wanting to do Giselle instead of Swan Lake in the drama makes perfect sense! Thank you! Welcome also to @nat_phoenix88 @dramaninja @uglypearl again, and @jasminssiii Just can't get enuff!!
  4. Just wow wow wow you guys! This is so awesome, everything on this thread!! I got one more thing I just found, though! I just updated on the 1st page OST links the latest OST#2. While doing that, I read once more the OST#1 lyrics - got shivers! Guess whose song that is, sung by the older Korean legendary singer Lee Moon-Sae? If you're not sure, go to Episode 1 and notice when this song comes in for the very first time. That's right! The song belongs to none other than Ji Kang-Woo! He's singing about his lost love that, "as if by a miracle, has returned to me". Even the reference of "wandering the earth with a traceless path (loner) going hither and thither day after day" sounds like a lost soul in purgatory or the devil or something like that. So this definitely leads me to think that LDG (the actor)'s role of JKW is a very significant part of the story - we don't know between Mathilde and Yeon-Seo who is who and what is what and when it all happened, but as of now, LYS doesn't belong to Dan at all, not by the amount of time spent with her on his part, compared to the kind of all-consuming affair that JKW's (or his previous incarnation) was with the mystery 'hot mess' Mathilde. I want to pat myself on the back for the second time today for this one, Chingoos! Haha.
  5. OK @kokkuri33 since I had already credited you with being the first one to guess that JKW might be a fallen angel, I'll go along with your latest theory - except I do not believe Mathilde (I didn't hear this name but we'll use that) is YS's mother. This doppelganger was supposed to be in America / NY with JKW, and she spoke some English (I found her saying 'hot mess' quite hilarious but adorable), but I highly doubt we got a k-drama with a guy wanting mother and daughter - we can't go there yet, SK not that progressive, LoL. This was another Dae-Bak episode - the best one so far, in the most enjoyable drama experience of my relatively short k-drama fangirling life, with more than a couple of 'cider moments' (my terminology from watching SHS's previous drama MGL, where your frustrations mount from the story but then are gratified fully by a resolving scene), so many of them, all between YS and Dan. Yeon-Seo's apology was soo precious. Her walking into the press conference in her white dress like a supermodel... And the kiss, oh the KISS! I can't believe @immorethant hasn't posted 327 versions of it already here. I lovvvved the Dan and JKW teaming up to pull a Kim Sang-Min (from 5children) to steal Lee Yeon-Seo (not Yeon-Tae)'s shoes and she ends up riding piggyback! This episode 4 (7-8) even had a big blooper. But it was such an amazing episode, and I am so happy and even a bit proud that half of my far fetched predictions came true, too (like the bits about Dan's handkerchief being 'magic' in at least 2 scenes). There's so much more, and I haven't the time to respond to everyone's precious thoughts too, especially @titania1000 who's positively gushing again like some tap broke open but I'll be back! Welcome to this thread, all you new lurkers likers turned lovers and posters @screwdila @Ana Paula Cionci @rainbowinspirit @turtle0217 and thanks @turtlegirl and @briseis and others for tag team live recaps with texts and pics and everyone else too many to mention!
  6. I think @kokkuri33 called it first? I think JKW might be a fallen angel who desires to possess Yeon-Seo for himself and her soul, too. His telling Nina to "behave selfishly, above all else, you yourself are the most important" I had thought it at first as something he was doing as the great ballet director who will elevate not only Yeon-Seo but NiNa to new levels of artistry, but if you read into it a more theological bent (as @larrysouth may have touched on), it may be more of an offer of a Faustian bargain for NiNa and her soul, too - i.e., there's more to the angel, fallen angel, life and death realm than mere love, ballet and artistry - there is the struggle between good and evil, and I don't know if the writer will go there or keep it more light-hearted. We can guess from the script writer's hints thru Angel Dan's last report (quoted in entirety on page 1) I believe the drama will certainly, inevitably get to the cost of what Dan or Yeon-Seo or anyone else has to 'pay' in choosing for this elusive love (as explained by @larrysouth and @briseis ?) that we speak of, which is still taking shape as the story unfolds. Haha, that was true, until she found out that he's the one who held her hand in the car crash and held her brooch in safekeeping too. And now??
  7. Slapstick? Now, in contrast, like ballet, this is much more refined, yes, @thistle ?? No over-acting here, LoL. This was epic. Love how by now Yeon-Seo is merely using Dan as an arm-buddy although she clearly doesn't really need him to get around. So cute, her right arm wrapping around his left elbow almost as an afterthought. It's all good. I am enjoying the physical comedy a LOT. But please do feel completely free to speak your mind here @thistle - as in just about all soompi threads, this forum is safe for all opinions and critiques expressed respectfully and sincerely.
  8. No, not Go, Goo. Go-Reum is like pus. eeewww. Here pus, come here pus. No. I don't think so. Goo-Roo-mii is a great name for a dog with fluffy hair. Wouldn't it be great if the handkerchief and his incantation Dan uttered over it after wrapping it on her wrist heals her cut immediately, and she notices the next morning? Can't get enough! Very nicely creative IG post. They are inspiring so many!
  9. His name is 구름 - sounds like 'Goo-Rrrm' - means 'cloud'. Definitely the highlight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16OwZfC7oxQ won't embed either but voila! Do you see that smirk on Yeon-Seo's face??!! I am SOO HappY !! Wheeeee!! Soo happy!!
  10. Take heart, @titania1000 Yeon-Seo is a bit shaken by JGW now. And I guess no english subs yet? Fantastic ep 5-6!! Another Daebak eposode!
  11. hi @iffy21 this does matter, for the advertiser bids and such - both for the producers and the actors. The more buzz your drama or actor/actress creates they can command bigger $$$ from their sponsors. Mostly there's a good correlation between Nielsen ratings and this gooddata numbers. But another equally respected ratings is the rekorea.net star brand rankings, which comes out less frequently but is a more comprehensive measure of the brand value, be it an actor's name or household brand name. Example January drama actor brand ranking, which has Yum Jung-Ah at the top when Sky Castle broke every record for cable program for weeks. But soompi fans hardly noticed (just like the more recent priest drama) because the subject matter or the marketing didn't have a global appeal while it made every SK audiences glued to the tv. @immorethant posted the CPI rankings put out by CJ E&M, but I could never find where those are published directly. I do agree with @kokkuri33 that ALM:L will overtake BomBomb although still surprised to see both do so well from the very first week - Jung Hae-In is still huge in SK I guess. And the ajummas rule, when it comes to who gets the most buzz. Welcome to the thread, @nubianlegalmind
  12. Oh Gaawwwd From https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20577350&memberNo=33175148 Many more there! @immorethant it's eerie how you know exactly what I was thinking and the images you quoted when I started my rambling about 2.0. You took that scatter and put it all together into a very impressive whole and completed my 'thought' in a most epic-ly memorable post! You're a monster!! I am so proud of you!! LoL it'll be next week by the time you see this, it sounds like, @Man-O-Man , but man, o man, you'd better make sure your wife doesn't get too jealous! So fun reading this totally revealing testimonial - the picture I got in my mind reading your post is that of Mr Gong Woo-Jin, the wooly mammoth beared guy in the mountain out in the middle of nowhere and tearing up over his android phone full of downloaded SHS dramas. Sorry for LoL, but your post and @immorethant's epic trilogy of SHS 2.0 post just made me tear up laughing and crying just how moved I was by all the crazies (including yours truly, meechuttso - meaning crazy-i-am) that oori Hye-Sun-ssi has brought out from all over this beautiful world. Totally something to celebrate! I have so much more to say now but will pause here so you all can pile on with 20 other amazing pics from the YNK post! One more thing, @immorethant if you have links to all the YNK bts pictorials from every fan sign events and all the other ones, please post - I'll repost all the links on the front top page too - they're so spectacular and getting even more so with each new one. Thank you, this is a request, not an order, sweetie, LoL. Oh, and welcome @Helenpm !! EDIT @immorethant regarding the radio show twitter post part 2 you posted in the ALML thread, the chatter between the two of them L&SHS was their arguing playfully about who knows the most hip new Korean expressions popular among younger people and netizens. L says SHS is showing off lately asking him, "do you know what 머박 (Maw-Bak or Muh-Bak) means?"**** And SHS responds by saying, he's the one who started showing off first, so she went home and studied up on it and now that she knows more, she was (kind of) rubbing it in his face. I think she relishes working with a younger idol and feeling like she's younger at heart. And the vlive show with the 4 of them later that evening, posted on twitter by @jakey09 however, was not nearly as fun as the 2 of them on the radio. It was, in fact, quite a forgettable hour actually, except for the L touching SHS parts. I doubt anyone would translate it. The host was truly lame, and it started after 7pm local time and the 4 guests had not eaten at all, thinking they'll be fed at the interview. The host said they prepared some dessert for them, so all 4 of them practically begged him to give them some food now, but he said, no, that would look undignified on TV. You could tell after that they were all tired and not in the mood to sing or dance. The radio host lady earlier had been so much cooler with her leading questions and setups for the 2 of them to really give us what we all wanted. ****Near the end of the hour, about the drama, Shin Hye-Sun used her newly learned expression and said it's - " 머박 머박 기머 기머 " (which sounds like "Maw-Bak Maw-Bak Ghee-Maw Ghee-Maw") Translation of this riddle-like phrase requires the knowledge of written Korean, actually. 대박 대박 기대 기대 (which means 'Dae-Bak Dae-Bak Anticipation Anticipation') (very big anticipation) 머박 머박 기머 기머 (has no meaning, except the letter 대 can look like 머 if you spell it sloppily) Really childish stuff.
  13. 1. Spring Night 2. Her Private Life 3. ALM:L , etc 1,2 - leads of BomBam , 3 male lead from HPL 4 - SHS from ALM:L ! 5 PMY 6 - KMS from ALM:L! From https://mygooddata.tistory.com/763 1st week results out! Slightly surprised - I thought this topicalness/buzzworthy ratings would still be dominated by the previous weeks' shows hitting the last weeks of their broadcast. And a bit more surprised by the much bigger age gap coupling from the MBC drama wasting no time grabbing top numbers. The Korean ajummas have spoken! Congrats to everyone, and ALM:L Fighting!! Dan-Yeon couple Fighting!!
  14. Thanks @Ni Wen I think the BTS clip hasn't been shared here yet? Apologies if it was already. Thank you for all the gorgeous pics of all the ballerinas, @briseis . They are to die for! I loved them all. I especially want to say I'm so grateful for the talents of Kim Bo-Mi and I wish the very best in all her future endeavors as a result of this awesome opportunity for her, clearly a case of 'luck = preparation meeting opportunity'! Welcome to the happy thread! @choco milo @Nymeria289 and @Sejabin
  15. Just wanted to copy paste and re-read those beautiful words and sentiments by all of us truly smitten by Hye-Sun-ssi. When someone does something far beyond our expectations it's only right to praise and celebrate her - I want to thank her mom and dad and her grandma - bless you, Hey-Sun's parents and grandparents!! (For more about her grandma, if you're interested, @Man-O-Man you can go read thru some of the longer interviews translated on pages 6-8 ! (there's much more on all 168 pages here, but those early ones from 2016 are still gems in my heart and mind.) And @Nymeria289 ! So happy to have you back friend! Welcome , welcome!! We want to hear more about your take on SHS' (and everyone's) wardrobe fashion, too, as long as you keep posting here, ok?!! Now onto another important topic. It is no less than the topic of Shin Hye-Sun 2.0! By way of introduction, let us begin with the chemistry and the psycho-dynamics of the OTP couple in ALM:L. This is spot on. Admiration. Yes, in awe, is the right word. Ting-gyu (튕겨, 튕기다, to bounce or push back). Nae-Sung (내성 , adj. introverted). It's slightly different noona-dongsang (누나-동생, oldersis-lilbro) dynamic than the popular trend these days, in that here she's the one in full control, doing the push-and-pull (밀당, 밀고-당기고) - this is different from 30b17 where the older bodied and younger minded Seo-Ri was much more in the looking up to the older-minded Woo-Jin who had the mentality of a beared man tired of the world he was running from. It's a weird behavior, one might say, if it were orchestrated, I think. It's totally natural in my mind, and Mr Myung-Soo actually doesn't seem to have full control over himself on stage with her! I totally believe that he's an introvert in RL. Maybe I am getting personal, but this is something I have seen way often in RL. He's like a shy school boy noticing his older sister's hot new friend and unable to control himself, so to speak. She's 'off-limits' to him, but it makes his spine tingle flirting with the goddess that his sister's friend is. In this type of dynamic, 'awe' and 'admiration' is the key, but on a 'physical' level - it comes from her sexiness, sex-appeal that is speaking to him (the boy) at a level that is less in his cerebrum and is more 'glandular' in nature , i.e., from the hypothalamus, LoL! His fangirls of course notice this right away - it's exactly what the words of the song say: ... noticing something sweeter they hadn't seen from L that they want! This could mean some heartaches for his fandom now. Or it could be that he gets many more noona-fans? Yes, you said it, too, exactly, @titania1000 - it's hard to know where the line is - blurred ... "make me think that all is possible" It's his gushing and unconditional praise of her, the gaze from his eyes; these are not fabricated, I believe. He doesn't need to act, and actually he wants to shout it from the roof top like a man in love does. Or a man-in-fatuation. So, call it a girlcrush (for girls) or noonacrush (for boys), but I think the main reason is this - Shin Hye-Sun has grown sexier! The girl next door, Yeon-Doo the hopelessly naive gradeschool teacher / librarian-bookworm who inadvertently had the narcissistic golf-pro by his dimpled round objects and is able to reform him even while being manipulated in plain sight, has morphed in her new version 2.0 - the goddess ballerina spewing venom. What's kind of fun is that the heart flutters we fans felt 3 years ago feeling befuddled unable to decipher the line between the SangMin-YeonTae couple (link), and the SungHoon-ShinHyeSun (SHSHS) dynamic on/off stage, is back. But back in a totally different way that I didn't expect. As alluded by one of us here previously, the natural chemistry between the couple is undeniable then and now. What's so sweet and what makes my heart and even my tummy full lately is that in the way that the actor Sung Hoon and the character Kim Sang-Min in all that they did and said magnified the person of the actress Shin Hye-Sun, L and Dan are doing the exact same thing - they (L-Dan) are acting completely in character on and off-stage to now extol the newfound (version 2.0) virtues of this librarian-turned-diva-ballerina from the building top, on stage in a grand theater, over the airwaves and from the wings of an angel high above the sky! I can go on and on, but why don't you all pile on and add your thoughts!
  16. Yes 1st letter of each line spells Lee Yeon-Seo going down and across it said. and one more at the end was Silly stuff Thanks for sharing this link in the ALM:L thread, @immorethant but it really belongs here, and even among all the beautiful pages we've collected here, this one belongs in kind of the 'hall of fame' of posts. What an incredible, remarkable and simply a beautiful achievement by everyone including Shin Hye-Sun the prima. This is a piece of television history, and even after 3+ years here, I just am dumbfounded that she's come this far. @Man-O-Man Welcome! That reminds me to shout out to couple of chingoos that should be here - @Daisy Str and @cadymcbronzie where are you girls??!! This past week and the start of ALM:L has been the culmination of everything we'd ever hoped and wished for for our Shin Hye-Sun-ssi, and you should all holler back if you're alive and well, even if you're not able to watch everything or read everything for RL reasons. We should be celebrating! This gif may not be a good one due to its jerkiness, but I love looking at her fingers and arms here - something so very painful and tragically beautiful about her.
  17. This is truly such a remarkable achievement. Words fail. This is turning into the Daebak drama of 2019! Thanks @immorethant for all the lovely articles and stuff. Soompi is making it easier for us, aren't they? They release couple articles today all translated. Thanks, @butchixanhdotcom for that lovely Kocawa interview clip, also nicely subbed. I guess nothing left for me to do but giffitti! These from earlier events, but these moments of overwhelming desire to touch one another but the fear of 'misunderstanding' barely, just barely, able to hold them in check for now - but well, as we know, further in the radio interview (when they were less conscious of the probing cameras) L just can't stop putting his angelic fingers on his noona. If I didn't know any better she's a bit salivating.... Probably my favorite. L says 'Omo' So many treats I didn't even expect on a mere Monday! Happy week 2 of bliss, Chingoos! EDIT - oh and welcome, @Lj and @Liting1 ! EDIT - welcome @athena22 and @Silver Fall and thank you for those fantabulous gifs!! More, we want more!!
  18. Yes, you mean like almost 100% of the comments here http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/angels-last-mission-love-episodes-1-2/ thanks to @immorethant for pointing that one out. Changing topic a bit, look at the noticeable improvement in her physique, too. thru ballet and training. Look at the definition on her back and shoulders! One of the things mentioned in the radio hour that wasn't translated is how she always walked with her shoulders sloped forward to look a bit shorter from self consciousness about her height, then thru ballet she started walking like a dancer (as well she should) and that is clearly what we and everyone notice! But I guess she's not spending as much time doing now (possible plot clue?) and she started stooping again, she noticed. But she said she'll continue doing pilate although not sure about ballet itself becoz it's so darn hard.
  19. Wow, this is so awesome that we get so much cool and rich analysis by you guys - it had never occurred to me that the plays mentioned in the drama themselves might hold the clue to the real keys - it's like the released publicity shots and background don't mention those specifically, but the seasoned sleuths among us can provide some possible unmentioned motivations for the inspiration for these stories. I just love it all. Had no idea it could be _this_ fun! Thank you, @briseis and @bebebisous33 of course, and everyone! Time to brush up on And my goodbye to the blind Yeon-Seo and her cane. I hope her new eyes give her new perspectives to see the beauty around her and all the love she has been receiving all along.
  20. LOL. No nice car. This is Aegyo/overt-cuteness/baby-talk that's throwing google off. A new look for her which I haven't seen share here yet. Yet another new standard set. Yes This did not feel like mere acting. Do you think she took unfinished energy from SF and channeled it into this scream? Where does a woman her age get the animus, the 'inner-pain' from, to pull this off?? I wasn't ready to say good bye to her blindness just yet, becoz it led to scenes like this one. Farewell caned-Yeon-Seo. May you soon be rid of the walking stick too and fly once more freely like a swan. And thank you, all you lovely Chingoos here, for all the beautiful things and thoughts you share here.
  21. Perfectly put. Thank you. Put it more lightly, can we say that Dan is the breath of fresh air she desperately needed? Acting is so good, she really looks like someone half asphyxiated in those pics you chose. Thank you @immorethant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj52h1kBGVg - linking once more the official OST released. My translation of the lyrics posted here, https://forums.soompi.com/topic/429321-current-drama-2019-angels-last-mission-love-단-하나의-사랑-wed-thu-2200-kst/?do=findComment&comment=21498465 since this official OST #1 is much better with the particular scenes that fit the words perfectly. For example, the part I get it now why it's a traceless path - it's speaking of Dan, who left no trail, previously when he was doing his to and fro as an angel. He was always observing humans, but they knew not, except in rare circumstances they may have felt his presence. The netizens have figured out from the Ep 3-4 end credits already who sings the next OST, the one we've been hearing from Ep 1, but we can wait for the official one. Or not. In the first OST, I counted the number of scenes when Dan is staring at Yeon-Seo from afar, without her knowing. About 7 different scenes including when he jumps in, wings and all, to protect Yeon-Seo. Then, Dan, instead of gazing from afar, he walks straight up to her and holds her cheeks in his hands to tell her he'll be the one who exists only for her. After that he begins to look shy when she notices him now. Yes, I think Dan can stare all day at Yeon-Seo from afar, and it's not creepy - not just becoz he's the best and most innocent looking Angel I've ever seen, but becoz supposedly he's able to look at her with pure eyes without any wrong thoughts. Begs the question what is the 'biological arrangement' for Dan's 100 days when he's human Kim Dan, but I won't go there. K-dramas seem obsessed with sibling love or creating grey areas (borderline incestuous) where we are not sure what we ought to feel, but I think they do that becoz it gives the writer the premise to ask the slightly uncomfortable questions that can be explored and so we all have something to discuss at forums like this and create a buzz, LoL. I think that Dan is staring partly out of envy. Yes, as @jakey09 said perhaps a touch of jealousy staring at JGW the normal human who can make Yeon-Seo love and help Dan get back to his celestial home, but I think he may just develop an envy over humanity itself, that we, with our warts and all, have something he as an angel does not. What exactly it is that we have, that even Angels should long for, I guess the answer to that question is what the drama is about, so we have to keep watchin Credit @Dinah the Cat Where there is light there is darkness And as where there is good there is evil So it is where there is life there is death. ... Peace always*** This is not too profound but well put and not overdone. Dan's gaze is full of curiosity but somewhat a detached one here at the funeral - L/KMS really has his various looks without words nailed, able to communicate so much with his eyes. And welcome, @angelbeast90 and everyone !
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