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  1. I think the "fans" making a big deal out of this are the non-Korean fans. I think in their culture, it is fine not to wear rings. I have seen many Korean celebrities who are married who don't wear rings.
  2. I still find it unfair that they have been affected by one person's actions. CTH and KJH was betting for fun and they even returned the money. It was a personal bet between friends. I can't believe how narrow-minded some Koreans are. Two decades worth of hard work down the drain.
  3. It's sad that this has come down to this. I wished Koreans are a much more understanding and forgiving as a nation. Even the issue of KJH and CTH was blown out of proportion and they were made to seem like bad guys for their private activities. And mind you, this private activity was clean fun and no money were exchanged.
  4. I feel like this is happening because they are very private individuals and controls what part of their personal lives are being shared. I do believe that people spreading these rumors about them should be sued and taken to court. But I guess, they're too busy to focus on that. Let's just focus on supporting their projects.
  5. I think those actresses also got some flak for kissing someone else other than their husbands. Anyhoo, I like YKS and I really felt bad for him when news of his casting for this drama got a lot of negative reactions, which I don't understand. I am not familiar with his reputation in Korea, so I've no idea. I also read some reactions saying that the 2nd was better that him. I really felt bad for him because he's a dang good actor and deserves to be recognized as such.
  6. Super enjoyed seeing the ChaChaCha siblings again. Soojin has grown so much and she's sooo sweet! Glad she made it during this trip!
  7. I've been rewatching DOTS lately after Encounter ended. I still feel the same feelings I had when I initially watched it. I've rewatched it several times over and their real life happy ending makes the series more "rewatchable".
  8. Late to react. But I was so surprised that YSY cried when LYY won as best new actress. I smell something fishy here. Joke! But it was a touching moment to see YSY cry when LYY didn't. What a sunbae he is! Super excited to see what 2019 brings to our gravity couple!
  9. I remember reading this some where and that, I think, was sort of an inspiration for the series.
  10. I am still at episode 6 as I've been too busy to catch up. I have seen the kissing scenes and they are hot! They have unbelievable chemistry. I can't wait to see that episode. This series is a bit of a slow burn, but I love how it gets to its destination. I get stressed out by the mothers (CSH's mother and MIL) in this series, but they are really effective in their roles. Haven't check this thread for a while as well since I don't want spoilers. But I saw their kissing scenes and I was done for! Hahahaha!!
  11. It's gonna be too unrealistic for them to get into a relationship this early into the game. CSH will be under a lot of pressure and she knows her lifestyle wouldn't match with that of KJH. She seems like someone who would like to think things through. This is a realistic direction from the writer and I agree with that.
  12. Just looking at the updates on this thread excites me! I can't wait 'til the weekend to watch this! The visual in this series is no joke!
  13. Pilot episode this week!!! I'm looking forward to seeing their stories told! Let's pray for the success of this series!
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