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  1. Omg.. I miss seeing them together!!! Thank you so much @zurah90 for the updates - Same! I love them both so much and i still ship them My ddongi heart became so alive when i saw the clip on twitter... i immediately went to this thread to see some updates too. Hehe. I miss ddongi couple so much and i also miss everyone in this thread (especially how active we are before) Still hoping for a ddongi collab... please
  2. @Lawyerh Thank you so much for the updates! i LOVE the fan made vids! I love the BTS especially the part where he was trying to help GSY get up. Haha! They are so cute and I really hope we'll see more of their interactions. The drama is ending next week Im not ready to let this drama go... and even tho SKJ has still 2 dramas... im not yet ready to see him with another on screen partner
  3. The new OST sounds so good... Also, I've read that Kangjoon has an OST for AYHT? Can't wait!!!
  4. Thank you for welcoming us here @Lawyerh! Agree, they really look so cute in the last bts and we can see how close and comfortable they are with each other. I seriously can't get over how beautiful our couple is and i hope that we'll get english subs for the two vlives cos i want to understand what they're saying. Hahaha! Anyway, can't wait for the episode tomorrow.
  5. Ahh finally! I've been looking for a kangjoon x seungyeon thread and im so happy to find this.
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