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  1. This drama looks so good, I'm loving the teasers. Looking forward to it.
  2. I really liked the reflections provoked by episode 4. In what level real time key words can affect people lives, especially when it comes to the life of the person who is in evidence. The questioning to decide whether that word should be deleted or not, all the consequences of it ... I had never stopped to think about it. I can relate all these things to the YG case in Korea right now. How search portals are dealing with this and stuff. Anyway, I also loved how Morgan protected BTM in the end of episode 4. I'm SO EXCITED to see BTM and Scarlet teaming up together, especially to beat men. I think @elizabeth is right, BTM’s ex-boyfriend is probably the one who manipulated the search and who will be spanked by BTM and Scarlet. I can't wait to see that scene lol
  3. OMG that's SO CLEVER!!! I'm in shock because I'd never suspect that lol thank you for sharing it with us!
  4. Ok, I really loved both episodes. It's so good to see a korean drama focusing on three powerful independent women. I'm so glad that netizens are praising it already. I think it'd be awesome if it really becomes the new Sky Castle. I'm also loving BTM and Morgan relationship. I got really surprised with their one night stand lol but I found it interesting. As much as I love Ki Yong I think his character is a supporting role as her romantic pair. And I don't find that bad at all! He's very talented and already has proved that he can play main roles. In this case I think it's perfectly fine for his career to support three great female protagonists. Specially if the drama gets great ratings. I can't wait for the next episodes, WWW fighting!
  5. My main reason to watch this drama is actually the plot. I think it's not very common to see korean dramas focusing on powerful independent women in business. When I read the synopsis saying that it's a drama about "21st century women, who chose to not be a wife or a mother and successfully work without discrimination or impediments." I was immediately sold. Then Ki Yong comes in second (I fell in love with him watching Kill It. I still need to watch Come and Hug Me). And finally, Lim Soo Jung (I really liked her in Chicago Typewriter). Adding all this, I think it's going to be a great drama!
  6. I'm very excited for this drama because of the plot, because of Ki Yong (finished watching Kill It, I cant wait to see him acting in a lighter way) and Lim Soo Jung (I really liked her in Chicago Typewriter). It looks like it's going to be a great drama!
  7. At least they had so much fun working together
  8. I'm heartbroken... ... that's it. I knew it would be tragic and painful but not that much. I agree that it was too brutal, he didn't deserve that. Thank you so much for this alternative ending, I will pretend that it was what actually happend. lol This is the second drama that the OCN makes me cry like a baby in the last episode. I'm getting traumatized...
  9. Ok, the plot has so many holes, I'm trying not to get mad about them. Episode 10 made me realise how much DHJ and KSH relationship is tragic. Is getting TOO PAINFUL to watch!! Seriously, they cleary like each other but their interaction doesn't evolve to something more concrete. And that just breaks my heart. The ending is near, I don't know what to expect. I'm trying to prepare for the worst. It's gonna be way too painful to watch, oh my God!
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