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About Me

An Innercircle & a Gongvelyan :) 

I started watching kdramas online way back 2011/2012; Kdramas were already shown in our local networks back then but watched only bits of those dramas except for Queen Seon Deok, I really like that drama that I stayed up late at night just to watch it shown in our local tv. When lurking online (coz I was bored), I came across Pasta wherein I only tried it coz the male lead seems familiar and I think he was in Coffee Prince and the story was somehow related to making pasta :D.  Before I only watch kdramas when I feel like it and back then I only do it once a month, then I go watch an anime/hollywood or animated films. However, since I started stanning Winner,I've been stuck in the Korean world, watching kdramas one after another .. :D:D  

The Kdramas I've watched so far:

-Beautiful Mind     -Ms. Temper & Nam Junggi    -Painter of the Wind     -My Lawyer, Mr. Joe     -Pied Piper      -Kill me, Heal Me   -Falling for Innocence             -Producer     -It's Okay, That's Love     -Master's Sun   -All About My Romance    -Brain   -Lie to Me       -Dream High   -The Greatest Love      -Master of Study   -Thank You    -Pasta

-Fated to Love You      -Five Enough     -Yong Pal      -She was Pretty      -Birth of a Beauty    -Empress Ki      -Twenty Again    -Healer     -High School Love On   -Mr. Back   -My Spring Days   -Ohlala Couple   -My Love from the Star    -Doctor Stranger    -The Moon that Embraces the Sun    -Prime Minister and I    -My Daughter SeoYoung    -I do, I do    -Playful Kiss     -Dream High 2     -It started with a Kiss      -My Princess    -My Fair Lady    -Sangdo, Let's Go to School     -Hello My Teacher     -Queen Seon Deok     -

Korean Movies:

-The Beast & the Beauty    -The Priests      -The Silenced     - The Veteran   - Like for Likes    - The Youth   -Running Man   -  - Blue Swallow   -YMCA Baseball Team   -Couples  -Mr. Handy Mr. Hong   -The Servant    -My Wife Got Married      -When Romance Meets Destiny      -100 Days with Mr. Arrogant     -577 Project    -A Millionaire's First Love     -Love Fiction     -Boomerang Family     -Volcano High       -Dachimawa Lee       - Heaven's Soldiers     - Guns & Talks    -M      -A Bizarre Love Triangle     -

Variety Shows: 

-2 Days 1 Night S3       - Half Moon Friends      

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