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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQsedBS3d5pduzbKEAPAWw Link to Shin Hae Sun International YouTube Channel. Subscribe! Yayyyy!!! Let's all look forward to March!!!! It better be real this time!
  2. Yeah! You gave me a even better idea! Secret training in a children's pool! Im guessing it's some character that does a lot of physical exercise training and that she's been actually attending physical exercise classes since. Whatever wild guesses we have, just hoping for some good news soon!
  3. Hyesun's autograph for a children's swimming school? So can i make a wild guess that her next project is that of a swimmer or a swimming instructor? If not, why would she be at a children's pool LOL! Forgive me for this nonsense while still waiting for her new project announcement!
  4. Hyesun was embarassed but she wasn't uncomfortable. In my eyes she was having fun though she was embarassed. Her shrieks was so real and cute and I'm glad the whole audience at the awards got to see how Hyesun had come so far in just 7 years. I actually loved how KBS showed this clip in an award she is hosting. It just goes to show how Hyesun has grown in leaps and bounds from a newbie actress with barely a few lines who debuted in this very same station and went on to get a Excellence Award and a Top Excellence Award. It's such a significant milestone in her career. And I'm sure she felt that importance that KBS had intendedly planned for her as a host and as an actress who had shown her worth from her KBS debut School 2013, right up to Five Enough, My Golden Life and Angel's Last Mission: Love, all from KBS. Though I might at times be pissed at KBS ( you guys my old friends will know why) but I have to say this School 2013 Debut Flashback was all good and done in a fun way. Im not a fan of that MC too but I don't think he meant any harm. It was all done in the spirit of fun. I totally feel the same way as you and much as I hate to admit, yes the spirit was lost. @meechuttso isn't posting and translating as much and i totally understand she's busy. Many old friends have left and the spirit is lost. Many of us were left hurt from that misunderstanding and I wish it never happens again. Cant help but feeling much guilt from contributing to the misunderstanding that time as well. I guess that's life. Things happened. But you know what, nothing is going to stop me from supporting Hyesun and I know you are on the same frequency as me too.
  5. Whatever it is, I just hope Innocent gets its due release. It is Hyesun's first ever lead role in a woman empowered film and there's nothing more than I wish for this movie to be released and shown to movie goers and proving Hyesun's mettle as a worthy movie actress. My only wish in 2020, please let Innocent be screened soon! I'll be waiting patiently no matter how long it takes!
  6. I'm so happy for our dear Hyesun for getting the Top Excellence Award! It's definitely a well deserved one. Without bias, she did well as an MC too! Love the debut moments and the KHN interaction too! Only gripe of the day was she was once again denied of a proper Best Couple moment when DanYeon Couple was totally skipped and left out of the interview which left me baffled. Who accepts an award without a speech!!! I am pissed. By the way Hyesun looks absolutely stunning and oozes a class of her own in her two beautiful dresses of the night! Love her image and her hair down. In the meantime, I just can't wait for her new drama announcement! I will definitely make a call for @immorethant to come out back here again then!
  7. Dear old friend and fella Hyesun addict, Don't say goodbye. Most of us are all busy with our own lives and work but during our free time we'll just pop by as and when, and when Hyesun is back to action. Though it is quiet now, we're always peeping at this forum once in a while though not as often. Do the same as us too ok? I know you miss @meechuttso ... we all miss her too. Hope you two will be back soon. Hyesun needs all of you fans!
  8. @immorethant i forgot to add I love that No Time To Eat "movie"! You never fail to make me laugh! By the way I wonder where's everyone. The usual old regulars aren't here anymore after some ugly mess in here the other time. Are you all already done with Hyesun and cured? And where's our minions head @meechuttso ? Hope all of you there are doing well and, Hyesun for goodness sake please announce your new drama soon and update your sns!!!
  9. @immorethant i just voted. Didn't take 7 days to process the account though, just 1 day! But after selecting who to vote, I'm supposed to click OK, but there were two tabs and they are in Korean! Gosh! One was a blue tab, the other was red. I assumed the blue means "OK" and after clicking it, it shows this message: 설문에 참여하셨습니다. 감사합니다. So my big question is: Did I click on the right tab and voted correctly?
  10. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/2019dramaawards/mobile/board.html?smenu=652d74&bbs_loc=T2019-0425-01-634540,list,none,1,0
  11. Don't give up! I don't understand Korean too but I managed to register for an account. It's easy. Do it on your pc. Just translate page to English, fill up your particulars under Foreigners staying Overseas, attach a photo of your passport photo identification (with a alpha-numeric filename) and you're done. 7 days later, you can vote. Every vote counts. If everyone gives up, she's not going to receive any votes or win these awards. Do it now, there's still time!
  12. Exactly! I did not hear her saying yeong hwa that's why I thought she didn't say the word film. I interpreted this from baidu's subs so I may be wrong. Thanks for correcting me! Anyway it just means she's got a new project and that's the most important and best news for us! Hurray! I just hope to hear her accept a new drama soon. Miss her badly on my tv screens. May her next role be a doctor and cure us all here of that incurable addiction Yes let's do. Afterall we are already incurable lol!
  13. Actually she did not say it's a film. She only mentioned she has a new work that she can't reveal too much details yet and that it will begin filming next year. As for dramas, she's still in the process of looking through and choosing. Hello good friend... high five! We are in the same boat. First thing I do every morning is to check naver, soompi news, IG, weibo, twitter then scroll thru ShinHyeSun/ShinHaeSun/신혜선/결백/컬렉터 hashtags for any new news. I'm not sure how to advise you either because I've not been cured at all! I guess we'll have to continue being crazy lol.
  14. I would think the Daesang is not just about acting, but also comprises of other factors such as popularity, seniority, ratings, reception and the buzz generated during the drama's broadcast. I've not watched When the Camelia blooms, and thus am even so unable to comment without bias. Totally agree with you on the more demanding role of Lee Yeon Seo which other than the emotional and crying scenes that both roles requires, there's also an added demand of ballet training/expressional facial acting during ballet; and many other layers to Yeonseo's role, plus doubling up as Seolhee as well. I may be biased but Hyesun's acting is on par with KHJ if not better. But based on those other factors, sadly the Daesang will not be within Hyesun's reach yet. I have to agree hands down that Hyesun's performance as Lee Yeon Seo was much more superior. Taking this below tweet as an example, I do not have the same dilemma as her. Just by watching this two clips.... One tore my heart to pieces seeing her bawled her eyes out (that scene was just too real) while the other did not (maybe because I didn't watch the whole show). Not gonna compare. Both are outstanding actresses but I have only one clear choice. *Personal views*
  15. I agreewith you on KHJ winning the Daesang. And maybe co winning with another veteran actress in a weekend drama. I think they won't give the Daesang to Hyesun yet. My gut feel... though I feel she definitely DESERVES it. My prediction is she will win this! Yes, he better not do another stance of that unnecessary Jennifer Lawrence speech. That someone lost his major good cookie points from me because of that.
  16. You cracked me up lol I think it's going to be a long wait! But first, where is Innocent!? Thanks for the FE bts link, i don't think I saw that before! Made me miss Yeontae more...
  17. Same thoughts! Her first saeguk please! But now, just give me any new drama of her! (Plea of a greedy desperate fan) I can watch her in literally anything.
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